Krazy Glue

Man Accused Of Using Krazy Glue During Illegal Butt Injections

A Florida man has been accused of performing illegal butt injections in a West Palm Beach motel.

Calvin Butler, also known as Tamieka Butler, is accused of injecting silicone into the buttocks of a “client” on several occasions. According to The Palm Beach Post, the man charged the woman $200 for each procedure.

After meeting up with his client in a room at the El Patio Motel, Butler would disrobe the woman from the waist down before injecting the silicone into her buttocks. Once the procedure was complete, Calvin would seal the wounds using Krazy Glue.

WPEC-TV reports that Calvin Butler does not have currently hold any medical licenses or certificates which allow him legally perform these injections. A sheriff’s affidavit stated that the man kept the silicone he obtained from a Florida medical facility inside a Pedialyte bottle.

After subjecting herself to several procedures, the woman began to suffer from open sores in areas where the silicone had been injected. When she approached Calvin about the problem, he told her to take a warm bath and massage the sores.

Butler’s client was reportedly taken to the emergency room after developing a fever from a bacterial infection in her lymph nodes. The woman was released from the hospital after six days of treatment.

According to NBC News, Butler is now facing charges of unlicensed practice of health care for his actions. Police have stated that at least two people have received the injections from Calvin, though authorities currently believe there could be more.

The victim said she has yet to fully recover from the bacterial infection caused by the illegal butt injections. She explained that she still suffers from pain and a chronic cough. Reports indicate that she was breastfeeding her baby at the time she received the injections, though the child is thought to be okay.

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]