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Car Thief Reports His Own Crime After Finding A Seven Month Old In The Back Seat

After a car thief found a seven-month-old baby in the backseat of the car he stole in England, he pulled over and reported his own crime.

The blue Subarau Impreza was found near the Waine family home in Orrell, Wigan on Tuesday. The baby’s father, Tom Moulsdale, left the car briefly to discuss a work opportunity. The thief jumped in the car and sped off.

Luckily, the thief reported his own crime 15 minutes later, the abandoned car was found abandoned, and baby Leo was unharmed in the backseat.

BBC News sat down with Leo’s mother, Louise. She tells the harrowing story:

“My friend was driving down the street, the car overtook her and she thought it was Tom in the car – but he was driving erratically. She thought he couldn’t have been driving like that with a baby in the car. I felt paralyzed and panicky. To me, this wasn’t real, this wasn’t happening.”

Louise went straight to the abandoned car and found Leo in the backseat sleeping. According to her report, she was so panicked she forgot shoes.

BBC News also talked to Detective Inspector Graham Atherton, who says it was not a targeted attack:

“It simply was an opportunist crime where someone has took the car and realized the baby was in the back. Maybe he was afraid to stop there and then – he has gone to a second location, abandoned the car and backed it up with a phone call.”

Luckily baby Leo will never know the horror that his parents had to grow through. Another case of missing children was recently solved in Palmdale, California.

Are you surprised the car thief would report his own crime after finding the child in the backseat?

[image via ShutterStock]