More and more military wives are following in the footsteps of the original pin up girls.

USA’s New Pin-Up Girl: Military Wives’ Sexy Photo Shoots To Support The Troops

While the ban on women in combat has been recently lifted, women in the military are finding themselves more involved in life as active duty solider. Now, the women who remain at home while their men go to war have found a way to sent their husbands off with love and support. In a mix of traditional military history and adventurous sexuality, women all over the nation are posing for boudoir-style photo shoots and sending their partners off to war with little reminder of what it is they’re fighting for.

Scores of soldier’s wives are signing up for boudoir photography sessions and surprising their spouses with the results. Some say its a means to keep the fire burning while couples are separated. When asked if the husband like the surprise, Brooke Armendinger — a photographer based out of Beale Air Force Base near Sacramento, California — exclaims, “Oh, yes!”

Armedinger spoke to The Inquisitr about the intimate shoots, noting that most of the photos “never see the light of Facebook,” but are just for couples to share.

“It’s not like Playboy,” she notes. “It’s classy. It’s a good confidence builder for women.” When asked if she enjoys the shoots, she says, “It’s fun.” While the photos come off looking sexy and intimate, the sessions themselves can start off a little awkward.

“I tell women to take a shot of alcohol before the shoot, just to relax.” Armendinger confides, noting that its only about the first twenty minutes that can be uncomfortable.

Hawaii-based photographer Daphne Hargrove agrees. “They are stepping out of their comfort zones,” she says of the women courageous enough to pose. She notes they are “very excited about doing something for their husbands to see them in this way.”

Hargrove admits that while the women are often self-conscious at first, they end up “romping around like Bond girls.”

The photo business has increased since men are deploying more and more.