Antibiotic Apocalypse

Experts Warn: Antibiotic Resistance May Lead To ‘Apocalyptic Scenario’

Britain’s chief medical officer has issued a warning that antibiotic resistance may lead to an “apocalyptic scenario.” Dame Sally Davies has suggested that overuse of antibiotics has lead to an issue that could lead to a global emergency situation.

Antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents have been available for 70 years. The drugs have saved millions of lives and reduced the impact of countless infectious diseases. When used as intended they are a highly effective treatment for infection. Unfortunately, inappropriate use has created big problem.

As reported by the CDC, infectious organisms, exposed to antibiotics for many years, have adapted. The organisms have build up a resistance to the drugs. Antibiotic or antimicrobial-resistant infections are incredibly difficult to treat and can lead to death.

The CDC has released a list of diseases/pathogens that have already become resistant to antibiotics. Included is Gonorrhea, which only has one antibiotic treatment left. Resistant strains of E. coli and tuberculosis have also been noted.

As reported by BBC, Davies has warned that antibiotic resistance could lead to an apocalyptic scenario. The medical officer has grave concern that effective antibiotics will cease to exist and the development of new antibiotics is not likely:

“It is clear that we might not ever see global warming, the apocalyptic scenario is that when I need a new hip in 20 years I’ll die from a routine infection because we’ve run out of antibiotics.”

“There is a broken market model for making new antibiotics, so it’s an empty pipeline, so as they become resistant, these bugs, which they would naturally but we’re breeding them in because of the way antibiotics are used, there will not be new antibiotics to come.”

Davies, who is completing a report that will be issued published in March hopes to include possible solutions to avoid an “apocalyptic scenario” brought on by antibiotic resistance.