Ben And Kate Canceled, Twitter Fans React To Fox Decision

Ben And Kate Canceled, Twitter Fans React To Fox Decision

Ben and Kate is canceled, according to sources within Fox. According to Extra, the future looked bright for Ben and Kate, a comedy about a practical single mom played by Dakota Johnson and her quirky older brother played by Nat Faxon.

Ben & Kate garnered early buzz, good critic reviews, and was picked up for an additional six episodes in October for a total of 18. No word yet on when or if the remaining episodes will air, although it’s possible that Fox may release them as part of a DVD box set.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Fox has decided to kick Ben & Kate to the curb. In replace of the dead space, the network plans to run Raising Hope, and Hells Kitchen. The former show makes sense considering its a comedy, but Hells Kitchen is a reality show, and it will give the rest of the sitcoms like New Girl and The Mindy Project a horrible 9 o clock lead in.

The Fox television network has yet to officially cancel Ben and Kate, but co-star Echo Kellum tweeted an opinion that just confirms the bad news for Ben & Kate fans:

“My network and I just broke up. She is a great girl, and I’m glad she gave us a shot as long as she did. I’ll miss you. #fox #benandkate.”

Series creator Dana Fox wrote on Twitter that the feeling is about the same:

“I’m heartbroken but will get back to being funny soon. Thank you to everyone who made this the best experience of my life!! #benandkate.”

With Ben and Kate canceled other fans have taken to Twitter to share their dismay:

What do you think about Ben and Kate being canceled by Fox?