Penny Floor in Bedroom

Chicago Couple Glues 60,000 Pennies To Bedroom Floor

A Chicago couple has glued 60,000 pennies to the floor in their bedroom.

Ryan Lange and Emily Belden didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars to put in a new floor in their bedroom, so instead they used $600 in pennies.

The idea came to Ryan as he discussed flooring plans with Emily and the couple soon realized they had a full jar of pennies in their home.

In case you are curious, 60,000 pennies covers 234-square-feet.

In an interview with CafeMom, Ryan said:

“We’d been looking up options and were thinking about being green when I said we should just tile the floor in pennies.”

The couple spent so much time gluing the pennies to their bedroom floor that they even managed to find some rare coins including an 1873 Indian Head penny.

Sure, a penny costs the US Mint two cents to make, but now that extra one cent can help create copper floors for people with a lot of time on their hands.

If you are curious to know how the floor was created and what a mesmerizing 60,000 pennies looks like, here it is: