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Frank Gore Fined For Socks? 49ers Running Back Hit With $10,500 Penalty

frank gore

San Francisco 49ers Running Back Frank Gore was fined $10,500 for a socks violation.

Yes, Frank Gore will have to pay more than 10 grand because he wore his socks too low during the NFC Championship game.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news on Twitter, writing:

“Not made up as much as it sounds like it: 49ers RB Frank Gore fined $10,500 today for wearing his socks too low in NFC Championship Game.

Of course, $10,000 probably isn’t too much money for Gore. After all, the star running back did sign a $21 million extension with the 49ers in 2011. Still, a $10,000 fine for the improper use of socks is a little excessive, especially when you consider the fact that no one would have noticed if the league hadn’t issued a fine.

Did you notice Gore’s socks during the NFC Championship game? Did you say to yourself: “I hope they fine Gore for being disrespectful to the game.”

No, you probably didn’t. And with Gore’s $10,000 fine you probably won’t have to say it, or even think it, when the Super Bowl rolls around in February.

Here’s a picture of Frank Gore’s socks courtesy of Fox Sports.

Isn’t that so disrespectful? Oh, can’t spot what’s wrong in the picture? NFL rules say that a player’s socks must go all the way up the leg and touch the bottom of the pants.

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4 Responses to “Frank Gore Fined For Socks? 49ers Running Back Hit With $10,500 Penalty”

  1. Deirdre Price

    Man this is dumb. Some of us chicks aren't into the game but we sure are into tight six-packs, tight buns, and a great set of legs. And Gore has them all.

    By-the-way, what color is his cleats? Black? So what is it with the white things that look like socks worn outside the shoe? And is the white thing part of the red thing which looks like a scrunched up legging? The scrunched up red thing looks like they slipped down off his great calves.

    Go ahead guys laugh, and laugh out loud. I don't get football, basketball, or golf but I do get bowling. At least I understand the concepts behind certain sports where the ball comes back to the user.

  2. Gilbert Mccoy

    Deirdre, the nfl has rules the way a uniform must be worn.all players are issued knee length game socks. Gore chose to push his down after he was told

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