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Car That Runs On Air To Hit The Road In 2016, Says French Company

car that runs on air

A car that runs on air could soon be hitting the road.

French manufacturer Peugeot Citroen believes that it will be putting an air-powered car on the road by 2016.

According to ANI, the car Peugeot Citroen is working on would actually run on air and gas. The company said that the car will be able to hit 43 mph using air power and could slash fuel bills by as much as 80%. The company hopes to achieve a car that can go 117 mpg by 2020.

According to the Daily Mail, the car would use a normal combustion engine coupled with compressed air cylinders and a customized gear box. In addition to the added fuel economy, the green vehicle will also be able to ditch the expensive batteries used in common electric cars. Peugeot predicts that a car that runs on air could be sold for more than $1000 cheaper than an electric vehicle.

A car that runs on air may sound a little strange but Peugeot is completely serious about its Hybrid Air Engine.

A spokesman said:

“We are not talking about weird and wacky machines. These are going to be in everyday cars.”

Peugeot said that the Hybrid Air Engine will be able to be installed to any “normal family car.”

The company unveiled a prototype of the vehicle earlier this week and plans to have the air-powered car hitting the road by 2016.

What do you think of a car that runs on air? Do you think they will be popular?

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19 Responses to “Car That Runs On Air To Hit The Road In 2016, Says French Company”

  1. Claire Keselowski

    What charges these air cylinders? Fossil fuel that powers the electric plant that powers the air compressor?
    Also, what kind of massive explosion will these ultra high pressure tanks have when the car gets into a bad accident?

  2. Henry Gregory

    the crooks in washington wont like that that will empty their pockets they will come up with a new tax to make up the diffrence taxation without representation.

  3. Darian Brignac

    This car has been blocked by American politics for years yet the other countries are going to smoke us in the new energy race now that they ruined that for us. People have been killed over this stuff here to stop America by American politicians over oil. It's about time we learned out lesson and I hope there is a firing squad ready to take out the politicians as they keep doing this to supportive Americans that actually trust their government. Dumbies.

  4. Anonymous

    Bottom line they would be a lot safer then those electric cars we have now……………………

  5. Andy Kaiver

    i agree. if i recall right, from something i watched about 5 years ago. they make the tank with fiberglass so it will split and not shrapnel.

  6. Jason Tipton

    My car has a flux capacitor it requires 1.21 gigawatts to get to….I said too much.

  7. Anonymous

    I think they should call it A DEADMAN WALKING Politicians are race'n to buy guns. Last heard Obama and Congress.
    Put 100,000,000 Bounty for his murder opps Natural causes a bullet in his mouthl.

  8. Jon Walter Jacoby

    The hybrid Peugeot looks like a simple design there fore it will work. As for the air tank rupturing the system looks similar to a hydraulic ram so if the same engineering is involved, catastrophic failure isn't really an issue. Politics aside there is no reason short of an ugly body design that it shouldn't be very popular.

  9. Tim Conway

    Thank you Claire, apparently we are among the few who remember anything about the laws of thermodynamics. Now the headline is fraudulent straight away, and then the 3rd paragraph corrects the headline but fails to mention that almost every car runs on gasoline and air. That used to be the job of the carburetor and is now handled by the EFI system. Does Yahoo or the Inquisitor have proofreaders?

  10. Bob Averill

    Well, obviously from the diagram it doesn't run purely on compressed air (like MDI's "aircar" investor scam) but rather it's a much more sensible gas/pneumatic hybrid; most of the time it runs on gasoline, but when you brake, the momentum of the car as it stops is stored by compressing air into that central cylinder, and then that energy can be re-used to get the car going from a stop. This is the same thing a Prius or any other hybrid does, except with a compressed air cylinder + pneumatic motor instead of batteries + electric motor.

    This works out pretty well. It would greatly boost your mpg, for a much lower price than a traditional gas/electric hybrid because batteries are the most expensive element in a prius on a $ per kg basis. Achieving hybrid like functionality without them would mean anyone could afford a hybrid instead of gas only car because the premium would be negligible.

  11. Paul Wilkes

    I had a ride in an air propelled car in 1957 but it was very slow and only made it around the block. This one that only uses the air to store the power normally lost in braking and in going down hills sounds like a winner.

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