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Father Buries Baby Daughter Alive Because Wife Refused Sex [Photos]

Father buries baby daughter alive

A man has been arrested by Nigerian police for burying his 2-month-old daughter alive.

Twenty-five-year-old Macaulay Onitcha went into some bushes and dug a shallow grave before throwing his baby daughter, Edna, into the hole and covering it with sand. Fortunately for the infant, someone witnessed her father burying her in the sand and unburied her after overpowering Onitcha.

The good Samaritan, Saturday Ekama, took the baby to the police station to report the incident. Edna had a neck injury and is currently being treated at Saint Francis Hospital in Asaba. Her father is being held in police custody at the State Criminal Investigation Department.

Onitcha told police that he had been trying to kill his daughter since she was born because his wife refused to have sex with him. Onitcha apologized for trying to bury Edna and said he did it out of anger.

While the article states that Edna is 2-months-old (4-months-old in certain sources) photographs seem to indicate that she is much closer to a couple of days to no more than two weeks old. However, the fact that there are photographs has also raised some questions about why someone would take pictures of the baby before pulling her out of the sand.

Some have speculated that the person who took the pictures believed the child was dead and had taken the photographs as evidence against the father. It is unclear at this time whether that was the photographer’s motivation.

The photos below may be disturbing to some readers.

Baby Edna Baby Edna buried

What do you think should happen to baby Edna’s father?

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31 Responses to “Father Buries Baby Daughter Alive Because Wife Refused Sex [Photos]”

  1. Dolly Ward Paice

    First, that is NOT a two month old baby, maybe one at the MOST, and I am in awe that we're being asked what should be done with the father…..Hmmm, sicker f**** should be shot.

  2. Michele Perry

    What do I think should happen? Put his ass in jail, in general pop. and let the other prisoners deal with him! If he wants sex that bad, I'm sure they'll be glad to help him out! Sick bastard!

  3. Deborah Hoff

    And he blames his wife, so he'll probably get away with it.

  4. Dan Ellis

    Shoot the bastard, but who the hell stops to take the second picture before digging the baby out?

  5. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    How about burying Edna' s father in a deeper grave and let's see if a Good Samaritan comes along to save him. Pamela Bunting Lewis March 16th, 2013.

  6. Jessica Patterson Harris

    This is repugnant. But in a world where we are supposed to value ourselves by the size and livelihood of our sexual organs… are we really surprised? Young men are being taught that their only goal is to get laid 24 7. Young women are taught that's all they are here to provide that service and not much else. Don't believe me? Watch The WB for a night. We cannot hyper-sexualize everything in our nation (and in turn have that rub off on other nations) and then go… "OMG, how'd that happen?". How many men does any one of us know that excuses cheating on a pregnant wife with "She wasn't giving me what I needed at home." This is just the next step. We are devolving into animals daily. Sorry, rant is over.

  7. Julianne Patten

    Abortion is just as bad…. we devalue life… don't be so suprised just because you see the image. Imagine what an abortion facility dumpster looks like? Do you care? No, because the MOTHER said kill him or her? And that is legal? Well, welcome to the real world. Once killing is legalized it will not stop. Don't be so self righteous.

  8. Behroz Shari

    Sterilization should be a punishment against all wife and child abusers and sex offenders!

  9. Chemi Whitlow

    This father is mentally ill. The ultimate punishment for him is to cut off his manhood!

  10. Linda Scarboro Romer

    First he should be beaten badly, then he should have salt water poured over his wounds. Next he should be buried alive! No one should be standing by to rescue him either. This is one very sick man!

  11. Laura Lena Falcon

    This happened in Africa. I'm sure they didn't "watch the WB." From the beginning of time, women have been devalued and abused. We're the only ones that can stop it. Raise your sons right and teach your daughters that they are worth more than their sexuality.

  12. Alan Harris

    wow, way to twist somebody elses ignorance around as a way to show off your own political stand point. do you feel better now. shouldn't you be off somewhere standing in a picket line, instead of working and adding money to the economic stability of your community? this man should be punished severely for his CRIME, not used as a sounding board for you to twist the immediate issue.

  13. Scott Bennett

    Abortion is just as bad…. we devalue life..

    Yeah so why do the crazy anti abortionist fire bomb abortion clinics and shoot people who leave them if they are any better? So you are ignorant enough to think they just toss aborted fetuses in the dumpster, yet want to be taken seriously. Go away !

  14. Comrade John Thorpe

    Well, at least you're responding rationally and not behaving like a savage or anything.

    Fucking people.

  15. Terrica Mccloud

    Scott Bennett they are not fetuses they are babies it is murder maybe someone should have aborted some of you idiots who think its ok….. but on the flip side julianne this is not the correct place to talk about legalized abortion its not related to this issue.

  16. Wayne McAllister

    Well since he's willing to bury what looks like a newborn baby for sex! Why don't they cut his damn organ off so he doesn't feel so the need for sex so badly that he's wiling to kill for it. Then throw his organ less ass in general population to get used like he uses his wife!

  17. Gaynell Jusleavmedafkalone Profit

    Bury his Ass lik he did da baby….PERIOD

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