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New ‘Phil Spector’ Trailer Teases Al Pacino’s Performance [Video]

Phil Spector Movie

A new 20-second trailer for the upcoming HBO movie Phil Spector has been released online. Unfortunately, Al Pacino fans still won’t get to see their favorite actor in action.

Although the clip teases Pacino’s performance by offering up some of his dialogue, the actor is pretty much absent from the trailer. HBO is probably keeping this close to its chest until the movie’s premiere date draws closer.

Written and directed by David Mamet, the film explores the relationship between the legendary record producer and defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden during his first murder trial. Helen Mirren, Rebecca Pidgeon, and Arrested Development alum Jeffrey Tambor co-star in the Barry Levinson-produced feature.

According to Cinema Blend, HBO is set to debut Phil Spector on March 24 at 9 pm EST. A home video release will likely follow before the end of the year.

Before production on the biopic began, Al Pacino said he wasn’t interested in speaking with the iconic producer. Although Spector reportedly made himself available to the actor, Pacino refused the offer since he was more interested in portraying the man before he was sent to prison.

He explained to the New York Daily News:

“It would have been meeting a different person. Now he’s been convicted and he’s in prison. I play him before his first trial. The play’s the thing. I was looking for the truth of the drama.

Pacino said that all he knew about Spector prior to filming was that he made an “awful lot of great music.”

Co-star Helen Mirren’s husband reportedly worked for Phil Spector at one point during his career. According to, the actress gained quite a bit of knowledge about the producer from simply talking to her spouse.

She said:

“I’ve heard so many extraordinary stories about him. My husband actually worked for Phil Spector, so my husband had some incredible stories about him. You get the sense of someone who permanently lived in a dream.”

The 20-second trailer for the upcoming film lies below.

Do you consider yourself an Al Pacino fan? Are you looking forward to catching Phil Spector when the film debuts on HBO this March?

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8 Responses to “New ‘Phil Spector’ Trailer Teases Al Pacino’s Performance [Video]”

  1. Gp Spector

    Let me see, this film comes out next month at this is the best they can do for previews? It really must be as bad as I'm anticipating it to be. A complete work of fiction and not worth my time. I will wait for a real film on Phil Spector.

  2. Steve Escobar

    Funny, I'm really not even interested in seeing the trailer, because it was written by a guy who never knew the man, and never talked to any friends or relatives about him, so I'm supposed to see a movie that reenacts everything we saw on the news??

  3. Gp Spector

    "so I'm supposed to see a movie that reenacts everything we saw on the news??" Nope, this is a work of fiction based on a "What if" premise. So there is even less of a reason to see this film. Besides, if you did watch the preview, you still would not have seen any part of the film as there were no scenes fron the film in the preview. What does that tell you? Even the worst films show the best scenes. It must be all bad to show no scenes (other than the above pic), so close to release.

  4. Louis Spector

    You don’t have to see it, but me, my curiosity won’t allow me to not see it. It wasn’t a preview they showed, it was just a teaser. I’m sure closer to the date of March 24 they’ll show some previews but as of now, it’s just a teaser and yes, they have done that for many movies. In one of the Spider-man movies all they showed was a web. I say, don’t judge it till you see it.

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