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Man discovers long lost dad is Charles Manson

charles manson son

A Los Angeles DJ got a bit of a family tree shock after finally discovering the identity of the man who impregnated his mother– serial killer Charles Manson.

Having been raised by adoptive parents, Matthew Roberts located his birth mother- a woman named Terry- in Wisconsin. Roberts corresponded with the woman and requested details about the circumstances surrounding his birth. Roberts learned that he was originally named Lawrence Alexander, but his biological mom remained quiet about the man who fathered her newly-found son for quite some time. Much to Roberts’ shock and horror, Terry finally disclosed that her son was the product of a “drug-fueled orgy” in which she says Charles Manson raped her.

Roberts, who describes himself as a vegetarian and Ghandi-fan, has tried to take the news in stride, but has suffered from intermittent depression since discovering the story behind his adoption:

“I’m not nuts but I’ve got a little bit of it. It’s scary and upsetting. If I get worked up, my eyes get really big and that’s really freaked some people out before.

“I’ve tried to tone that down quite a bit. I don’t like having that effect on people.

“I don’t even like the fact that I’m big. It makes me even scarier. My hero is Gandhi. I’m an extremely non-violent, peaceful person and a vegetarian.

“I don’t even kill bugs. I’ve had long hair all my life. I could make it go away, but I can’t let the world and their fears change me.”

Since the discovery, Roberts has struggled with the idea of having a relationship with his father, saying that while he doesn’t “want to love (Manson),” he doesn’t want to hate him either.

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24 Responses to “Man discovers long lost dad is Charles Manson”

  1. Elatia Grimshaw

    Roberts is a dead ringer for Manson. That is really crazy.

  2. Jeanette Foresta

    After doing a long stretch, when it was time for him Manson to get paroled, he begged them not to let him out.

    While he was in prison in his later years he meditated and read a lot, he was finally content. He knew he would not be able to make it out in the world since his life was always in prison.
    Prison was his father and his real mother was a prostitute who dragged her son around with her while she did her thing. I wonder how many more of his children are out there?

    When he got out he would sit and play his guitar and talk, he had answers from all the reading he did and became charismatic. People fell under his spell and started to follow him, he became their God, the way he talked about love and peace. He knew things nobody else knew. But, like many people we have many sides to us, and when he couldn't get the record deal he desperately wanted, he flipped. His dark side came out.
    When he was a kid in juvenile jails he was repeatedly raped, his screams mute to the guards. As he grew older he became the raper to the new boys who came in. This does horrible things to a soul, that is why he became interested in mind control, and Adam Levy, and joined Scientology after reading books on things like oneness of the soul, and changed himself on his long stretches of solitary. He liked being alone.

    Well, I got this info from the book, "The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control & the Manson Family Mythos by Adam Gorightly" because I heard him on a talk show and book sounded fascinating. Nothing like the book his Lawyer Vincent Bugliosi put out.

    Manson had put an X on his head because he felt like he was ex'd out of society. He was nothing.

  3. Gina Reames McAllister

    Roberts, if you see this know that it is the choices you make, not genetics. It sounds to me like you have used who you are to become a truly great person… I am sorry that you have had to face such a spiritual challenge but I am sure you will come out stronger on the other side. Namaste.

  4. Laura Beth C

    If you ever see my comment as well, don't worry about it. Don't judge yourself based off your ancestors. It's not like any of us were there to stop them from what they were doing. You can turn around and find out you are also related to Ghandi tomorrow. I'm sure everybody, whether they know it or not, has had an ancestor who did something they wouldn't be very proud of.

  5. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Maybe you should take a good look at a picture of Manson, Elatia.

  6. Jesse James

    So, you truly are a "son of a gun"….Hey..better to know who you are…you have made some good moves in your life!

  7. Carolyn Smith

    a while back I could shave my head an grow a goat t an look just like charles I don't think roberts does but regard less u r kin 2 some 1 a hole lot better that will never turn his back on u that is God keep your head held HI bro we all love u from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.

  8. Xtreme Phil

    Yeah he is… if anything the goatee actually detracts from the similarity. The wide geometry of the eyes, the definition of the brow, and the shape of the nose. Is there any doubt that his father is not Manson… DNA test would prove it once and for all!

  9. Xtreme Phil

    Yeah he is… if anything the goatee actually detracts from the similarity. The wide geometry of the eyes, the definition of the brow, and the shape of the nose. Is there any doubt that his father is not Manson… DNA test would prove it once and for all!

  10. Judy Goldthorpe

    I don't think you look scarey-its your choice of who you are not who your related to and you can choose your friends but not your relatives. I had good family members who I'm completely proud of and there was also pure evil and that's not my fault but we make our own choices, because we can.

  11. W Erick Boahn

    no big deal my old man was not a good person and I have made it my intent to be the man he should have been, you do the same buddy.

  12. Sherry Nahhas

    So was there a paternity test? or just the word of the birth mom? Not saying she's not telling the truth, but considering the times, I would want to be sure and get all the medical information about him and his family while you can. I have a friend who was adopted and ended up with a rare cancer and the info ahead of time would of made a huge difference, needless to say she is still searching for the medical information. Although some things are genetic there has always been a debate over nurture or nature, so there is no real reason to think you could ever be like that.

  13. Anonymous

    DNA tests were done & he is not Manson's son. His mother just 'thought' he was. She can't be sure because she was with 4 men that night. Wonder if she even knew the name of the other 3 men, since she was high on LSD & according to her biological son 'nuttier than a fruitcake'.

  14. Karl Sahiry.

    He didn't ask to be born. The woman could have aborted him and moved on. Most rape victims do this, keep the child. Cause they're not to blame. Hopefully he'll meet this ma , whether he likes it or not. He has a DNA donor. Not a father, but a dna donor. To call him father isn't necessary.

  15. Alice June Coons

    He didnt ask to be born,what every he chooses to do is his buisness,but he cant hate the man eitheer hate the sin he did years ago,what every he decides will effect his whole lufe ,so iam gonna pray for him.

  16. Diane Smith

    I.m sorry this all happened to your Mother.. NONE of this is your fault, and before you carry a burden like this
    I hope u had a DNA test done because she could be wrong. no one should blame you for anything he did

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