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Jerry Rice Agrees That Bill Callahan Sabotaged Super Bowl

Jerry Rice Agrees That Bill Callahan Sabotaged Super Bowl

Jerry Rice is joining other Oakland Raiders who contend that coach Bill Callahan sabotaged the team back in Super Bowl XXXVII.

The first accusation came from Tim Brown, who said this week that Callahan changed the team’s gameplan on Friday. Callahan had prepared for run-heavy attack, taking advantage of the Raiders stout offensive line against the smaller defensive line of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But Callahan suddenly changed, against the objections of his players, to a plan that called for 60 passes.

Brown contended that Callahan had a deep-seeded dislike of the Raiders organization and may have wanted to throw the game to Jon Gruden, who he had worked under the previous year.

Speaking to ESPN’s NFL Live, Rice agreed.

“In a way, maybe because he didn’t like the Raiders, he decided to, ‘Hey look, maybe we should sabotage a little bit and let Jon Gruden go out and win this one,’ ” Jerry Rice said.

Rice said Callahan’s gameplan did more than send the Raiders to a blowout loss to the Buccaneers. The Hall of Fame receiver thinks it also contributed to a breakdown in the already unstable center Barret Robbins, who left the team the day before the Super Bowl and disappeared to Mexico.

Some think there are ulterior motives to Rice’s accusations. points out that Rice has stated in the past that Callahan did not like him when he first came to Oakland, making Rice’s Super Bowl accusations come off like he had “a score to settle.”

Others have said that Jerry Rice seems off in his assessment. Why would a coach remain with a team he hated so much, they ask, and what would he have to gain in losing the most important game on purpose?

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13 Responses to “Jerry Rice Agrees That Bill Callahan Sabotaged Super Bowl”

  1. Robert Glancy

    Well, I know one thing, Callahan handled the Barrett Robbins incident completely wrong. Instead of quietly keeping it in the lockerroom he made a complete show out of it to the point it became a major distraction. I have always wondered why he did that.

  2. Dion Ka'apana

    Makes you think. Even a horrible coach knows his advantages in a game. The running games was their bread and butter all season, than a sudden change. Callahan knew Al Davis wanted a big name coach. The credit would of went to Al Davis and everyone knew how the Team ran. As far a Rice who knows, Tim Brown knew all about the Raiders so his words hold weight. Either way the Raiders have not been the same.

  3. Frank Valdespino

    Riiiiight, guess it had NOTHING to do with the three pick-sixes that Rich Gannon threw in th gamel or that Gruden had Oakland's audible scheme down cold…it's also interesting that an ALL-PRO Oakland RT Lincoln Kennedy doesn't remember it like that and he says it was his worst game of the season and the only game all season he allowed more than one sack. Truth? Most of these guys simply hated Bill Callahan.

  4. Frank Valdespino

    Oh, and Barret Robbins went missing for most of the week leading up to the game and ended up in the hospital, so it wasn't like the guy was there and then disappeared at the last second.

  5. Steeve Cantave

    I'm not claiming that Tim Brown and Jerry Rice are right, but wouldn't the fact that Gruden knew the audible scheme further evidence that Callahan was throwing the game. Why didn't Callahan change the audibles when he knew that Gruden already knew them like the back of his hand.

  6. Lee Duhachek

    He still is a terrible coach, and a poor excuse for a human being when you look at how he cares for his team, their fans, or any traditions.

  7. Roger Dillon

    Leaving your opening drive gameplan on a restraunt table the night before the Super Bowl didn't help either.

  8. Frank Valdespino

    Steeve Cantave – "Why didn't Callahan change the audibles when he knew that Gruden already knew them like the back of his hand."

    Hmmm, MAYBE it's because:

    1) Your original SB game plan was to RUN the ball to take advantage of your O-line's size.
    2) You found yourself down to the Bucs by 20-3 at halftime and the coach decided he had to throw the ball in the second half.
    3) There was no reason leading up to the game (because it wasn't your plan in the first place to throw) or enough time at halftime to change up your audible schemes.
    4) That Callahan wasn't a particularly good offensive coach (his background was that of an O-line coach from Nebraska) and he simply decided to keep what Gruden already had in place.

    The REAL blame belongs to Al Davis for being such a cheap pr*ck with his coaches. seriously, who the hell TRADES his coach for draft picks because he doesn't want to pay him? It's no small wonder that the Raiders have STUNK on ice for more than a decade. It's gonna take awhile to get the stink of Davis off the franchise.

    Note: It seems that Brown is changing his story now. What a moron.–nfl.html

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