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Rex Ryan Car Accident: Jets Coach Issued Warning After Running Red Light [Report]

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan was involved in a car accident last week in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

According to TMZ, Ryan was driving his red mustang when he ran a red light and crashed into another car. The incident caused another car to lose control and crash.

No one was injured in the crash.

The New York Jets confirmed that Rex Ryan was involved in a car crash on January 14 but did not say if he was the cause of the accident. According to the team, Ryan was given a warning by the Bethlehem Police Department but was not given a ticket. The team also said that Ryan was not speeding at the time of the accident.

The details about the accident are a little sketchy at the moment but Ryan may (or may not) answer questions about the incident on Thursday during a planned news conference. Ryan is scheduled to be on hand as the Jets introduce new general manager John Idzik.

Ryan’s name has consistently been in the news this year due to the drama surrounding the quarterback situation in New York. The Jets coach has also managed to grab some headlines due to his off-field behavior. For example: Rex Ryan has a part Mark Sanchez, part Tim Tebow, part wife hybrid tattoo.

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8 Responses to “Rex Ryan Car Accident: Jets Coach Issued Warning After Running Red Light [Report]”

  1. Roy Neis

    Exactly how does a person cause an accident and not get a ticket? NY SUCKS!

  2. Khalil Charles Dosso

    The Jets coach ran a stop sign, was speeding, and involved in a car accident. All he got was a warning. This is an example of the inequalities in America. MLK dream still haven't manifested yet.

  3. Jeffrey S Foxwell

    A WARNING! I get tickets for going less than ten over the speed limit, and he gets a damn warning for running a red?

  4. Jeffrey S Foxwell

    Um I doubt this has to do with MLK, and more with the difference between celebrities and non celebrities.

  5. Khalil Charles Dosso

    if you disect that you have Black celebrities and white celebrities. The scrutiny is still more on black celebrities. I follow sports news, political news, and the laws pertaining to stop and frisking miniorities and even though people say its not about the color its about the money I suggest you read the book Willie Lynch. Bottom line this an example of inequality.

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