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King Parade Shooting Injures Five In New Orleans

king parade shooting

A Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade in New Orleans yesterday was the site of an outbreak of shooting, and several were wounded in the Monday fracas.

The King parade shooting happened in the Central City area of New Orleans, about 30 minutes after the parade honoring the famously non-violent civil rights leader had concluded. Reports indicate that the shots were fired outside a small grocery store in the vicinity of LaSalle Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the area, but authorities also say the gunfire appeared to be unrelated to parade festivities.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the King parade shooting happened in the early afternoon, and the vehicle from which the shots were fired headed toward the river:

“The shots were fired from the vehicle about 1 p.m., about half an hour after the annual parade honoring King went by. The shooting did not appear to be related to the parade, officials said.

… The car sped off in the direction of the Mississippi River, [New Orleans Police Supt. Ronal] Serpas told reporters at the scene.”

The irony of an outbreak of violence on a day meant to honor the revered rights fighter was not lost on Supt. Serpas, who commented after the King parade shooting on the sadly notable timing of the incident:

“It’s the state of affairs in our nation that young men do not heed the words of Martin Luther King Jr.”


At the scene, Serpas commented:

“So many young men in America are angry and bitter and here in New Orleans is no exception… And they use violence as a way to settle disputes as opposed to peace. So, anytime we have an act of violence like this on Martin Luther King day it’s really a bit more sad.”

No arrests have been made in the King parade shooting, but there is surveillance video of the incident currently being reviewed by police.

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11 Responses to “King Parade Shooting Injures Five In New Orleans”

  1. Anonymous

    Kim LaPrica, the headline is misleading. I do not appreciate your posting that the shooting was not AT THE PARADE. Just because you mentioned later that it was unrelated means that you wanted to attract attention to your post.

  2. Anonymous

    150+ years since Emancipation……

  3. Steven Hicks

    Typical. I suppose they'll blame it on the guns. Probably a group of nice upstanding black youths out for a relaxing drive, just listening to religious music on the radio and talking about getting home to do their homework assignments and wouldn't you know it, a bunch of darn guns leaped into their hands and began firing out the car windows into the parade. Those darn guns.

  4. Robert J Reardon

    How could they have been shot I thought O'dumbo took all the guns out of the hands of those that had them?

  5. Mike Warrick

    Very well put!!! Also, I wish the FBI would release the files on King, of course the black folk would say it was all lies but he had a pretty storied background and was not as peace loving as he has been made to look.

  6. Wade Austin

    I doubt that the shooter got his guns through a licensed dealer bhut on the corner. That mena they weren' tlegally purchased. Since he fired fomr a vehicle he prabably knew and disliked the people he shot. It wasn't random so it doesn't count as far as the "senseless" gun violence. He knew who he wanted to shoot. The only mental problem he had was he was criminally insane. What ever happened to that term. You never hear it anymore. It was society that caused that shooting. The society that promotes gangs or doesn't do anything to curb them. "But my lil boy don't be in no gang.". Wake up people they seldom make mistakes. I bet they do't try to find the gun dealer that sold them the guns. They'd rather bust a 7-11 employee for accidentally selling a pack of cigarettes to a minor with a fake ID that they used in a sting operation. Watch the news and see if there is any mention of where he got the gun.

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