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Steve Jobs’ Widow Promoting Dream Act, Immigration Reform [Video]

Steve Jobs' Widow Dream Act

Steve Jobs’ widow, along with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, has launched a website in an effort to promote the Dream Act. Advocating immigration reform, the website shares videos in an effort reveal the real faces of immigrants facing deportation.

Millions of children are brought to the US illegally as children. Undocumented status prevents them from becoming productive members of our society and they live under constant fear of deportation.

As reported by Yahoo News, the Dream Act would offer them legal protection. The law would apply to those who entered the country illegally when they were under the age of 15. The undocumented immigrants, if under the age of 30, could apply for legal status. Applicants would be required to either attend college for two years or serve in the military. Anyone with a criminal record would be excluded.

The Dream Act was turned down by the House in 2010, when it failed by five votes. In June of last year, President Obama directed his administration to halt the deportation of undocumented immigrants who were in the military or possessed a high school diploma. In a program he call “deferred action,” he further limits the protection to those who entered the country under the age of 16. The program allows work permits that can be renewed every two years.

The website created by Jobs’ widow promotes the Dream Act and encourages President Obama and members of Congress to make immigration reform a priority. The website refers to the “deferred action” currently in place as a “temporary fix.” As stated on The Dream is Now, for some of the children, the US is the only home they have ever known:

“There are an estimated one to two million undocumented young people living in America who were brought here as children. These young people have grown up here, attended our schools and learned to speak English just like their classmates. The U.S. is the only country they’ve ever known. Current law provides no path for them to remain in the country lawfully.”

The website provides a forum where undocumented immigrants, brought to the country as children, can share their stories. The submitted videos are like filmed confessionals, some of which are heartbreaking.

Although immigration has been a point of contention between Republicans and Democrats, the Dream Act is largely supported by both parties.

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One Response to “Steve Jobs’ Widow Promoting Dream Act, Immigration Reform [Video]”

  1. Dave Francis

    The Imperial court of President Elect Obama will be in session very shortly and many issues are on the Congressional list. Heed the warning that in the coming days that he is adamant on pushing through some form of amnesty for the 10 to 20 million plus illegal aliens already in the United States. The majority of people who remain unconcerned with politics, means that that they are unaware that conventional methods of being voted on in the House of Representatives, is being bypassed under this regime and not following the edicts of the U.S. Constitution? First it was the lone Obama authority to give a free pass to children of illegal aliens, which has been called the Dream Act. With the origin of the Dream Act which is children being smuggled unborn or in infancy across the thin, poorly guarded borders and agents unable to detect pregnant women arriving by plane from foreign countries that have arrived here for decades. Once on our soil they can gain as an inheritance citizenship for their progeny, which really was for the emancipation of slaves after the union and gray war. Americans must take fervent notice that their futures are in peril, with even more encouragement of illegal migrants and immigrants finding away to gain unauthorized entrance into our sovereign nation. In this 113 session of Congress the ardent listeners in other countries are going to try and reach the mainland.

    Birthrights Citizenship is under constant bombardment by activists who believe an amendment to the 14th Amendment will save ultimately TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Citizenship given to children upon arrival is skyrocketing in free baby deliveries, free health care for all family members, and free education for all the children born now and later. Only the American citizens can financially reprieve us from this constant threat of females smuggling in their unborn and the U.S. Taxpayer carry the financial burden—without end. Then once the child applies automatic citizenship, it’s hard to return the Mother to the country where she belongs. It’s like a wordless guidebook of how to beat the welfare and immigration system, which eventually leaves to ILLEGAL CHAIN MIGRATION of the extended family. After more pregnancies the mother can collect substantial amounts of money for each child, plus low income housing. Then once settled, more relatives vanquish the border or alight undetected from a plane, this one way visitor, moves in with the family already here, finds a job and vanishes.

    Then we have the unknown numbers of illegal aliens in the workplace, while at least 23 million American and residents are either looking for a job, or have no choice to work in part-time employment. This should not continue and citizens an permanent resident holding green cards, should contact their Senators or Congressmen/women and demand they bring to the floor of Congress, the mandatory E-Verify “LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL”, so Washington must act of ridding illegal aliens who have your jobs. You can stand firm for all Americans by either using the Internet, your telephone book to see who is you servant locally, state or federal and make these laws active. Stop the special interests and Washington from selling you out. LEARN A LOT MORE AT JUDICIAL WATCH AND NUMBERSUSA.

    ATTENTION: Obama lets Chinese own U.S. energy resources.
    Beijing is acquiring major ownership in oil, natural gas across nation. (Dr. Jerome R. Corsi) – The Obama administration is quietly allowing China to acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas. The decision to allow China to compete for U.S. oil and natural gas resources appears to stem from a need to keep Beijing economically interested in lending to the U.S. The Obama administration has run $1-trillion-plus annual federal budget deficits since taking office that likely will continue in the second term. As World Net Daily reported Monday, Beijing has been developing a proposal in which real estate on American soil owned by China would be set up as “development zones” to establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work. All this and more will be revealed at TEA PARTY.ORG.

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