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Ohio Teacher Who Allegedly Taped Students’ Mouths Shut Could Be Fired

Teacher could be fired for posting photo on Facebook

Akron, OH — An Ohio teacher risks being fired after she allegedly posted a photo of her students with duct tape over their mouths.

Melissa Cairns, a seventh and eighth grade math teacher at Buchtel Community Learning Center, has until Saturday, January 26, to respond to the allegations against her, UPI reports. On January 14, the Akron Public Schools Board of Education voted to pursue Cairns’ termination, and they are expecting to vote on her dismissal next Monday.

Cairns said the picture, which was taken last October, was meant to be a joke. She said she gave a student a piece of tape to fix her binder, and that the student then cut a piece of tape and placed it over her mouth. About eight or nine other students then did the same thing, and encouraged Cairns to take a picture. Cairns took a picture and put it on Facebook with the caption, “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!” She was adamant that she did not place the tape on any of her students’ mouths.

Cairns said she thought her Facebook settings were private and that only her friends would see the photo. However, another employee noticed the photo and alerted a supervisor. Principal Sonya Gordon asked Cairns to take the picture off of her profile and informed parents and students.

Cairns has since been on paid leave from the school, but she said she has gone unpaid for the last couple of weeks. She also fought back against allegations that she hurt her student.

“I would never in a million years do anything to harm students,” she said. She also said she didn’t feel one mistake should “cost me the last 10 years of all the good I’ve done.”

This isn’t the first time a school teacher has found themselves in a sticky situation like this. Last year, a kindergarten teacher in China was fired after she posted pictures of herself abusing her students. In one picture, a student has been taped to a desk and also has tape over his mouth and nose. In another picture, the teacher is pulling a student off the ground by his ears.

Do you think Melissa Cairns should be fired, even if she didn’t physically tape her students’ mouths shut herself?

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8 Responses to “Ohio Teacher Who Allegedly Taped Students’ Mouths Shut Could Be Fired”

  1. Louis VanGroll

    To start, leave it up to the media to make something out of nothing, they write a story stating the kids taped themselves, their story, but then headline reads she allegedly taped them? BS second, the school board themselves should be having a vote on whether they, themselves should stay or go! wasting time and tax payers money over something so trivial and harmless! Yeah seen some comments about posting without permission BS, Go see how many of those students and most students, have something posted , not to mention what they post? last but not least the other employee who started this whole crap, really tattle hmmm? woops one more thing, out to the media, really comparing this to the china deal,! REALLY! has the whole country gone on crack?

  2. Addison King

    Nonsense! A simple case of a teacher sharing a humorious moment with her "young adult" students. Educators and students need to bond.
    This was not some kind of Pamela Smart/Van Helen/Take out my husband crap!
    We have strangers walking into schools and killing our children.
    Laughter never hurt anyone! It bonds us.
    Come on people! This is why our country cannot make any progress! We're to involved in petty matters.

  3. Tony Grady

    NO she shouldn't be fired! Once again a teacher trying to show a human/friend side to the children is vilified. They put the tape on their own mouths and asked her (kids do this all the time) to take their picture. RIDICULOUS!

  4. Honky Ole Hood

    yeah any everybody knows duct tape aint gonna work long.ya gotta use kwick dryin cement just stuff it in they mouth and wala quiet kid.stuff like that makes me proud i might not be dumb as i think.before long they be lynch mob at ya door grady.teacher most dangerous job in the country right now.they outta give yall freakin combat medal.

  5. Boy Masiff

    I'm glad she is in ohio cause even as a joke if she posted my childs photo her teaching credentules would be gone and the school district would be paying glad one of her friends narked her out ought to consider having her tested for controled substainses as well. Notice none of her beloved students are coming forward to sey yes it was a joke and she had my permission to post my photo? we get one chance with our kids if this is the mesure of our education god help us all.

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