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Phil Jackson Rumors Start Again As Kings Near Move To Seattle

Phil Jackson Said To Be A Target For Brooklyn Nets, But He May Not Be Interested

The NBA’s favorite rumor subject is back in the news. Phil Jackson may (or may not) be heading to Seattle.

News broke last week that a majority stake in the Sacramento Kings had been purchased by the Maloof family and that the team could land in Seattle by 2013. In addition to getting a new city, the team will reportedly be getting a new font office. And at the top of that list is Phil Jackson.

Jackson is reportedly a “lock” to take over the general manager position from Geoff Petrie when the team moves to Seattle.

Longtime NBA writer Peter Vecsey writes:

“Source says almost living lock Phil Jackson will become front office face of Seattle-bound Kings’ franchise. Won’t coach. Will mentor choice.”

And the Kings aren’t stopping with just one NBA legend. Rant Sports reports that the team is also reportedly looking at Larry Bird to join the front office. San Antonio Spurs general manager R.C. Buford is also reportedly on the list of options for Seattle.

Of course, all of this is a little premature. The deal to bring the Kings to Seattle hasn’t been finalized yet and Jackson hasn’t made any comment about becoming a general manager.

Jackson, who retired in 2011, nearly returned to a head coaching position with the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this year. Jackson reportedly wanted the job so it isn’t too far of a stretch to see Jackson stepping out of retirement again. But will it be in Seattle?

What do you think of the Phil Jackson rumors?

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17 Responses to “Phil Jackson Rumors Start Again As Kings Near Move To Seattle”

  1. Anonymous

    I put no stock in ANY of the rumors. The only thing I took from this article was the statement, "Of course, all of this is a little premature."

  2. Anonymous

    You should learn how to proofread first: "new font office?' Mr.Dan Evon.

  3. Ron Coulombe

    The Maloof family is SELLING the Kings, not buying them as the article states. That demonstrates the value of the rest of the info in the article.

  4. Anonymous

    Phil Jackson is an awesome coach, for sure. Who could argue with his accomplishments. That being said, he hasn't taken on any rebuilding challenges, which is what this would be. He seems to like inheriting teams that have a high talent level going in and molding them into a champion. Still a difficult task, but its a different skill set in my opinion. I would say he is not a good fit for this.

  5. Anonymous

    No big surprise here. The state of Washington's recent legalization of marijuana makes Seattle a perfect fit for the heavy pot smoking Phil.

  6. Robert Davis

    Phil Jackson never coaches for a losing team, he only goes to teams that are contenders, not rebuilding, he will never go to Seattle or any other NBA team that isn't loaded with super starts.

  7. Philippe Robichaux

    I am NOT a LAKER Fan, but even I will say it was a MISTAKE to not hire JACKSON in LA. They went with the second choice and have plummeted ever since. Nothing I like better than to see the LAKERS implode, but they had to have known with Jackson they could at least be over.500. I mean Kobe is a ball and spotlight hog, but Jackson knows him and can deal with his "poor me" big baby attitude. I hope to see Jackson go to Seattle, turn the team around and see the new Seattle Franchise win 50+ games.

  8. Ed Fortelny

    So… If I read the article right…. The Kings were both sold by the Maloofs and then bough by the maloofs… also, they got a new "Font" office… this is good so now they have a place for all their fonts… Looks like one of my grand kids wrote this….

  9. Jackie Bovard Shorrow

    Adrienne Maloof and her husband have filed for divorce. I don't watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for nothing!!!

  10. Andy Harvey

    She can stay home with daddy while her husband goes off to work. haha

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