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Colin Powell Slams GOP, Challenges Party To ‘Denounce Idiot Partisanship’

Colin Powell slams GOP

Colin Powell criticized the GOP this morning, telling them to publicly denounce “birther nonsense” and other “things that demonize the president.”

In an interview with ABC‘s Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos during the network’s special Inauguration Day coverage, former Secretary of State Colin Powell slammed the GOP for spending the last four years steeped in the birther conspiracy and attempting to demonize President Obama.

“Republicans have to stop buying into things that demonize the president. I mean, why aren’t Republican leaders shouting out about all this birther nonsense and all these other things? They should speak out. This is the kind of intolerance that I’ve been talking about where these idiot presentations continue to be made and you don’t see the senior leadership of the party say, ‘No, that’s wrong.’ In fact, sometimes by not speaking out, they’re encouraging it. And the base keeps buying the stuff.”

Powell also criticized the GOP of killing their own party in their witch-hunt for Obama:

“And it’s killing the base of the party. I mean, 26 percent favorability rating for the party right now. It ought to be telling them something. So, instead of attacking me or whoever speaks like I do, look in the mirror and realize, ‘How are we going to win the next election?”

Despite Powell’s slam of the GOP, he is still a Republican. When asked why, he replied:

“I grew up under Ronald Reagan and Cap Weinberger and George Schultz and George Herbert Walker Bush – that’s the Republican party I know – the Howard Bakers of the world, and I think we’ve drifted from that. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to drift a little bit back. Not because it’s just good to be moderate, but because that’s where the American people are. They lost an election – two.”

Powell also saved some criticism for President Obama, whom he endorsed during his re-election bid in November. The biggest problem in politics right now is dense bipartisanship, and Powell places the onus to change the Washington gridlock on the president, as it is his responsibility to lead.

“I hope he can, through his own example, restore a sense of civility in the country,” Powell said, adding that he hopes members of both parties will find a way, “not to scream and argue with each other, but to come together.”

Powell slammed the GOP in a similar way during an interview with NBC‘s David Gregory several days ago, saying that there’s a “dark vein of intolerance” running through some parts of the GOP.

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65 Responses to “Colin Powell Slams GOP, Challenges Party To ‘Denounce Idiot Partisanship’”

  1. Alice B Winters

    The Birthers are right and you are totally wrong Colin Powel. Why are you hiding all of Obamas lies? How much money did you get from the liar?

  2. Richard Genco

    NEW ORLEANS — Five teenagers were shot in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans shortly after Monday's Martin Luther King Day parade moved passed the area. We are proud to be black one was heard to say.

  3. Alice B Winters

    The thing is I'm not black nor white. I can not like people that pretends to be a good leader when they lie to the American people. Tell me Robert what your president have done good to this country? Why can he come clean with his birth certificate, his Social Security number, his school records, about Solendra, etc.? That has nothing to do with his color?

  4. Robert Forrest Sr

    I base everything on record. What has Obama done in the last 4 years. Obama stated that Romney lied about jeeps being build in China, well, the auto workers union were advised that Jeeps will be builded in China costing about 130,000 american jobs. Obama stated no taxes for anyone earning less than $250,000 well, 77% of the workers were taxed 2% more after Obama stated no taxes would be raised. Obama stated that he wouldn't bother the 2nd amemdment and that he wouldn't take anyones rifles or handguns. He just signed 23 orders on the very subject. The man is a socialist and Powell should see that or he is siding with the color of his skin.

  5. Dale Pate

    The US Army made Colon Powell a general because they knew that he would not make a good private. Also he should never been seceratry of state.

  6. Anonymous

    If he dies he should be a democrat. As a Republican I sure won't give a damn.

  7. Merle Rutledge

    It is obvious that no one in this comment section that is criticizing U.S General Colin Powell will ever become Secretary of State. It is one thing to disagree with the man, but to call him names is beneath you. When you fight for this country, the one that each one of you live in, than you owe him your respect and courtesy to agree to disagree. The reason why you are not as accomplish or forward thinking as this man is the same reason why you lost the election. He is trying to move the GOP in a winning direction and you still stuck on the losing side. I would keep my mouth closed about him if I was always in the losing circle. When you decide to strap on some boots and go to war in another country than maybe you should have the right to say who really will live and die for this country. The only thing that you are encouraging right now is how you love to see others do it and than continue to step all over them. I did not like the fact that he was on President Bush cabinet, but I respected him for it. So stop acting like children and start becoming adults for once in your life.

  8. Michael Mackin

    Can anyone guess who will be Hillary's VP or is Colin's remarks too obvious? With the women following Hillary and the minorities voting for Powell the Repubs don't have a chance.

  9. Craig Brimmer

    Race or switching parties, is not the intent or expression of this Statesman. I met General Powel has a Lt. Col. He has always-always practiced "UNITY". I believe is short – his message is simple. Both Parties need to pull together and do something Right. I agree that the Republican Party needs a face lift! As a matter of fact, I really think Colin Powell would make an excellent President. Which would make him the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT ELECTED!

  10. David Scott

    "No group has a deeper sense of entitlement" … how about the president who raised entitlements rather than use the free market to spread the wealth. He can not use American values because the president doesn't believe in them. This is not about race. This is about ideology and class warfare — and the mode of politics of the left is to spread fear, uncertainty, and lies about the right. I've never seen a more racist president or administration … the more they spread their hate, the more they given out entitlements like candy, the more they enslave the American people who narrowly elected Obama if we can even believe the voter record after four years of the department of justice fighting fair elections. The majority of the American people want fair elections with identification. And using computers to vote for us opens all of our elections to fraud. The only thing a computer should do in an election cycle is print the ballot so it can be signed by the voter. Then they can be counted with the knowledge that the vote is the same one that was checked off in the ballot box. In California it took less than three minutes for hackers to break into voter machines and change the votes. And such fraud was reported in this election cycle. So how do you count what a computer supposedly can not change?

  11. Ronald B Reilly

    With all the disrespect shown toward our President by the Gop shills i.e. limbaugh, levin, hannity,, is it not a wonder that a majority of youth in this country are showing disrespect to all of us.

  12. Ronald B Reilly

    Hey idiot Richard…5 family members were shot and killed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They were all Hispanic and were murdered by their 15 year old son, with an AR-15. He said his mother annoyed him. His father was a pastor at a local church.

  13. Rod Beltran

    General Colin Powell should have run for president. He could have been one of the good ones.

  14. Anonymous

    Alice, you are truly a village idiot. A trailer park trash village idiot that is.

  15. Guy Montag

    Really Colonel? When have you seen the sr. leadership in the Democratic party call for stopping the immature and unprofessional behavior that is so rampant in the Democratic party. I've heard many a moderate call the Dems that party of childish pranks.

  16. Calvin Bruce Ross

    Colin Powell needs to leave the republican party. I would like to Ask one Question when Obama was a Senator did he kiss the republican's feet the answer is ( N O ) powell is black and Race is the Factor The american People are'nt going to stand for it powell needs to keep his mouth shut I would'nt vote for him ( powell ) for Dog Catcher.

  17. Rob Harrison

    He does not have to switch parties, he is already a Democrat who they say is a registered Republican. It's not how you register that counts, it's how you vote and your core beliefs, his are left wing all the way!

  18. Rob Harrison

    Your post is ridiculous, one black man to another. I am a conservative and don't need help from Colin Powell when it comes to conservatives winning again. Obama's continued effort to socialize America will all but insure a conservative president next time. He only won by 2% points this past election and that was with a pack of lies like I've never seen before.

    I was in the military too so I can call him whatever I want to call him. I guarantee you his job was no more important to this nation than mine but that's another story.

    Colin Powell is far from being a conservative and he is not interested in Republicans winning anything and neither are you.

    It is ridiculous for an Obama lover to tell me and other conservatives that we didn't win because we weren't left wing enough. That's a stupid statement, try to come up with something that makes sense next time you decide to post.

  19. Rob Harrison

    You think maybe the youth of this country learned from the meanest people on earth, left wing liberals and socialist how to disrespect a president when Bush was in office? Obama has lied about everything he talks about and you want us to respect him. No one respects a liar of that caliber, get a life before you raise the respect issue again.

  20. Rob Harrison

    It's weird to see left wingers talking about intolerance, give me some examples of left wing tolerance toward Christians, toward those who disagree with them politically, toward those who believe cuts have to be made to this out of control budget. The left wing in America has not tolerance for anyone who does now walk and talk in lock step with them. Jane you see that but probably can't admit it.

  21. Rob Harrison

    Why listen to a man who thinks conservatives are the problem when Democrats are blowing up the budget like crazy. You and Colin Powell might be able to think we ought to agree with doing that but it's irresponsible and should be contested the way we are contesting it. It's obvious most lefties can not add and subtract or they would know we're almost over a fiscal cliff and more spending without cutting will get us there.

    Tell Colin Powell to tell the president, he needs to curtail his out of control spending. You don't compromise when it comes to the fiscal liabilities of this nation but the honorable Powell can't see that because of the obvious color of his and Obama's skin. I'm black and I see it.

    White people amaze me when they are left wing because you're going to suffer the most under Eric Holder and Obama. Whites can be confronted at the polls in Philadelphia, tried, and convicted and Eric Holder let them go free. That would not happen if Obama did not allow it and it would not happen if a Republican of any color was doing that to black people anywhere.

    So much for Powell and his good sense, etc….The man has been a liberal for years and he decided to simply show his true colors. He can not put that Genie back in the bottle it's out to stay. Maybe he can convince Harry Reid and Obama to compromise just once this year since they could not find the intestinal fortitude to do it the past 4 years.

  22. Daniel Alvarez

    Rob Harrison

    "Colin Powell is far from being a conservative and he is not interested in Republicans winning anything and neither are you"

    Your interest is in the Republicans winning anything. It's obviously not for doing the right thing for the American people. Talk about stupid statements.

  23. Herbert Beamon

    Alice U, ROB and Robert get to the mental health Clinic, "Immediately". I Know U r a Racist, but I'm Sure U r eitheir DUMB, of "SEVERELY" MENTALLY ILL. Get help REAL SOON. Good LUCK.

  24. James Irvin

    Rob Harrison your right you don't need help from Powell, Maybe you should seek help at the local library or mental health clinic. You lost the election because no one wants another clueless rich person ,interested only in a small select group of other greedy rich people

  25. Glenda Dillard

    Likewise Mr. Powell. Democrats should denounce their inability to have an open mind, their scare tactics to the needy and unable, and, theirs and yours, playing of the race card. You should be ashamed to look yourself in the mirror every morning.

  26. Jim Odom

    dear Mr. Powell , please just read the following comments and you will understand why the base of your party is – and you say the Republican party needs to drift back toward the Ronald Regan ideology – to call that a drift , one would have to traverse the country from east coast to west coast , and call that a drift – you sir are currently standing in the middle of the Democratic with your current positions!

  27. Mark Gillar

    Robert Trebatoski The only cognitive dissonance I'm experiencing is the post purchase cognitive dissonance (also known as buyer's remorse) that we're all experiencing with this president.

  28. Mark Gillar

    The youth can go to hell. What do they know anyway? Have you seen those idiots at the OWS rallies try to complete a sentence? How many rapes by youth at OWS locations? Ever see those young liberals throwing rocks and bottles at people they do not agree with?

  29. Mark Gillar

    Speaking of intolerance, how about all those idiotic global warming liberals who want people who don't believe their nonsene to be put to death? Yes those are some really tolerant people. Conservatives could learn so much from them.

  30. Mark Gillar

    James Irvin So the 53% who actually pay taxes is a small select group of rich people? What does that make the 47% who don't? James, you're so programmed by the media I actually feel sorry for you.

  31. Mark Gillar

    Herbert Beamon So when democrat LBJ said all his civil rights efforts and his welfare programs were so N – – – – – s wouild vote democrat for the next 200 years, was he being a racist. Sad thing is, over 50 years into it, and blacks are still voting the way he said. White liberals keep blacks poor so they can control their votes. White liberals are the racists and they make highly racist remarks all the time which hypocrites like you ignore.

  32. Merle Rutledge

    Mark Gillar, who won the election? 53%won and not just the 47% lost. You are so programmed by the media I actually feel sorry for you that your math is wrong!

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