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Nearly Nude Driver Gets DWI In New Jersey

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A nearly nude driver was charged with a DWI this weekend after driving into a wall in New Jersey.

According to the Washington Examiner, a woman wearing nothing but an unzipped jacket crashed into a stone retaining wall in New Jersey. The woman attempted to drive off but was arrested a few minutes later.

Officer Joseph Pensado pulled 36-year-old Catherine Giaquinto over to the side of the road. After noticing that Giaquinto was nearly nude, and seeing the damage on the front of her car, Pensado concluded that the woman was probably driving under the influence.

WTSP reports that Pensado questioned the woman about why she was naked. Despite only wearing an unzipped leather jacket Giaquinto denied that she was nude.

Sgt. John-Paul Beebe said that the woman was badly slurring her words and could not remember if she had been in an accident. She also didn’t know where she was going or why she was naked.

After noticing some clothes on the passenger seat the officers asked Giaquinto to get dressed. Beebe said that it took Giaquinto about 10 minutes to get dressed and when she was finished her dress was on inside out and backwards.

At this point the officers were pretty certain that the woman had been drinking but they still had to issue a field sobriety test. Needless to say, Giaquinto failed.

The nearly nude drive was placed under arrest and was charged with a DWI, refusal to submit a breath test, leaving the scene of an accident and careless driving. Giaquinto was also cited for not wearing a seat belt.

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9 Responses to “Nearly Nude Driver Gets DWI In New Jersey”

  1. Patrick Lynn

    go hard or go home I guess… LOL! Just take a cab next time.

  2. Bob Garrard

    talk about a crme going down, or at least off! lol not to mention being a Fashion disaster because she wasnt wearing her clohing belt either! Mabe the Fashion Police will cite her. Doubt she'll make eitrher the Project Runway show Or LL Bean's new line of light jackets. Can yall wait for the video to be pirated?
    Gaines please give a cop a break. he was just trying to adjust his eyes and his brain to the situation. Bet you've never been in it, either.
    Now, I wonder how long the cop waited to tell her to put her clothes on.

  3. Patrick Lynn

    I wouldn't have told her she she was naked until she realized that she was naked….ya and the temp at night in Jersey is??

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