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John Cleese Forced To Sell ‘Monty Python’ Memorabilia To Fund Divorce

John Cleese Divorce

Monty Python cast member John Cleese is allegedly selling off a number of props and movie memorabilia in order to finance his pending divorce.

The comedian’s divorce has reportedly cost the man quite a bit of money, forcing him to part with a number of items he obtained over the course of his career. The Daily Mail reports that Cleese even embarked on the Alimony Tour which featured the actor doing stand-up in hopes of raising money for alimony payments.

Included in the batch of items being offered to his legion of fans and followers is a helmet he wore during the filming of Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Interested parities should be willing to part with roughly £999 for the prop.

John Cleese is also selling a number of signed photographs from a number of his television shows and motion pictures. One of the pictures features Cleese and several Monty Python members doing Silly Walks, while another showcases the actor during his time on Fawlty Towers.

According to This is Bath, all of the items are being sold through the Original Memorabilia Company’s website. A number of items have already been snatched up by his fans, though quite a few are still available for purchase.

The actor ended his marriage to psychotherapist Alyce Faye Eichelberger in 2008 after 16 years. A judge ordered Cleese to pay his ex-wife a grand total of £12.5 million as a result. This apparently doesn’t include the hefty alimony payments he’ll have to may for the next few years. The comedian will have to fork over £612,000 a year until 2016.

In addition to handing over their shared New York City apartment, John Cleese also had to part with his West London home.

Be sure to stop by Sipa Press to see a number of the items the actor has available to purchase.

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20 Responses to “John Cleese Forced To Sell ‘Monty Python’ Memorabilia To Fund Divorce”

  1. Chris Prior

    Is there is no end to this dishonest situation, she has done nothing to contribute to his name or wealth, its immoral and so is she for accepting it, women have no shame!

  2. Kelly Turner

    his wife must be some kind of real douche — not a soul in that woman — how sad for him that he married such a terrible woman — I hope she sleeps well at night knowing what she is doing. it must be difficult to go to bed at night planning on ways to be a bigger bitch than she previously was.

  3. Lisa Nowak Spataro

    Doesn't this woman work? She's a psychotherapist for goodness sake so why does she need alimony, especially if she hasn't got kids? This is absolutely disgusting!

  4. Mike Ranson

    This one sided decision proces towards women must some how benefit the lawyers and court system. Otherwise this would have been changed years ago.

  5. Thomas Comis

    What kind of judge would cripple a man like this? A grossly corrupt judge on the take is the answer. This smells like gross bias judgement and the case should be overturned and re-tried with another, 'untouched' judge who has nothing to gain in the settlement. I wouldn't pay this settlement if my life depended on it.

  6. Anonymous

    15.4 million pounds? I would have had that miserable Berk done up. Lots cheaper.

  7. Wendy Joseph

    I love John's career – an extremely funny and talented man – but do any of us know him personally? He could be a real sob behind closed doors and maybe has been using her money all the time? Something seems to have made her really bitter and vengeful – is it her nature or did he help make her this way? We don't know.

  8. Jeff Carter

    If I had any money I'd buy his stuff and donate it back to him.

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