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$270K Corvette Sold At Auction For Charity


A 1958 Chevrolet Corvette was sold this weekend for $270,000.

The $270K corvette was owned by GM chairman and chief executive Dan Akerson. The money will be used to benefit Habitat for Humanity Detroit.

Akerson said:

“We’re going to auction it off for the benefit of the Habitat for Humanity. I believe everyone, Individually and collectively and every company should do their part to help rebuild Detroit. It’s commitment to Detroit, and specifically the Morning Side neighborhood, which we’re trying to raise money and help for.”

Akerson wasn’t on hand at the auction, which was held in Scottsdale, Arizona according to Detroit News, but he was able to watch it live from the Detroit auto show.

Chevrolet built 9,168 Corvettes in 1958 and only about 500 of them still exist today. The car was designed after one of the first American sports cars, the C1, and features four headlights. Akerson’s model was a Regal Turquoise hardtop convertible and is considered a rare collector’s item.

The Washington Post reports that the $270k corvette was purchase by Richard Hendrick, a corvette collector and owner of Hendrick Motorsports.

This isn’t the first time that Akerson has made a donation to the Habitat of Humanity. The GM chairman is a big supporter of the charity. Akerson and his wife Karen have donated more than $1 million to the organization.

Here’s a video about the $270k corvette.

The $270k corvette isn’t the only Chevy car making news lately. The company recently unveiled its 2014 Corvette.

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7 Responses to “$270K Corvette Sold At Auction For Charity”

  1. Pat Hubbell

    for another $60,000…..he could have had G.W. Bush's 3/4 ton Ford pickup….

  2. David Levy

    with a car like that th ladies would be lined up to give me bj's.

  3. Smith Sheldon

    Gents that wasn't even the main story the 2014 Corvette Stingray raised 1 million in charity at Barrett Jackson, bought by the owner of Hendrick motors and it hasn't even made it to production it will be delivered 2014 with the serial number 001….

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