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Blue Monday 2013: The Most Depressing Day Of The Year Falls On January 21


Happy Blue Monday! According to a questionably scientific formula, the most depressing day of the year will fall on January 21 in 2013.

Blue Monday was created by UK psychologist Cliff Arnall back in 2005. Arnall looked at various issues that can cause depressing and found that the most depressing day of the year falls on the third Monday of January.

Why? Well it’s a Monday for one. Arnall also says that this is the time of year where holiday shopping bills are due, New Year’s resolutions are starting to fall apart and the weather is typically miserable. So yes, Blue Monday may seem like the most depressing day of the year.

Yahoo notes, however, that Arnall’s scientific claim has been questioned by many since it was created as part of a marketing campaign for a travel company.

Arnall admits that pinpointing an exact date as the most depressing of the year isn’t particularly helpful to anyone. He does, however, appreciate that people use Blue Monday as a time to re-examine their lives.

Arnall told the Telegraph:

“I’m pleased about the impact it if it means people are talking about depression and how they feel but I’m also encouraging people to refute the whole notion of there being a most depressing day and to use the day as a springboard for the things that really matter in your life … I see a lot of clients who are just fed up with materialistic lives, trying to play catch-up with your neighbors and forgetting what the important things are.”

What do you think about Blue Monday? Do you think it is the most depressing day of the year.

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75 Responses to “Blue Monday 2013: The Most Depressing Day Of The Year Falls On January 21”

  1. Tammie Blood

    Don't believe it! Here in the states, the third Monday in January is MLK, Jr. Day, so many people (including us school teachers) have the day off from work. Nothing depressing about that!

  2. Mike-Carrie Staton

    Yea this is a good day for the presidential inauguration. :(

  3. Amy Waldron

    Most of Ameircans have work off (honoring MLK Jr.) , so many are not depressed at all! I do understand why those other factors make sense, so perhaps Blue Tuesday in the states?

  4. Albert Rodriguez

    depressing? well, just reboot! —stay in the present cause satan has nopower in the present!

  5. Anonymous

    Do I think it's the most depressing day of the year? I do now! thank you.

  6. Rechell Vidanes

    This sounds like the violins are playing for "First World Problems". Quit crying! Most of you people are off for MLK Day. And most of you couldn't even handle being president at your current employment, so go stuff your faces with rare twinkies you negative people. After all you can just down some Prilosec when you feel that after burn. MURICA! WOOT. lol Seriously, people go through crap all the time. Just keep moving forward.

  7. David Wood

    Martin Luther King Day is the most depressing day of the year……………………nice!

  8. Denny Tom Crane

    You're obviously retarded. That man has done more for this country then your pal George W. Bush ever would or could. When 9/11 happened back in 2001 do you recall him shedding one tear?? How many children died on the planes and in those towers, cops, firefighters and just everyone being so innocent and ALL of us being violated by the scum of the earth, Bush didn't give a rats ass cause he knew about it. President Obama cried during a speech after what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary, and we all know 3,000 people didn't die, but 26 did. Fair comparison? You bet. So you have a baby as your background picture. You obviously have a little one. Please quit your bitching and do your part for the country. He won fair and square both times. He has one of the hardest jobs on the planet, PERIOD. Especially what he got handed down to him back in 2008. You know that saying, "Be a part of the solution not the problem." Adrian which one are you?

  9. Jeremy Uphoff

    Well there is alot of people that are getting money back too.

  10. Dirk Barrett

    Denny Tom Crane I'm glad you made that post. Without it it would be VERY difficult to believe that people that stupid even existed!

  11. Anonymous

    Living a materialistic life is not about catching up with your neighbors. It is getting what is right for you. I have cool stuff but I haven't even owned a TV since the OJ trial. I am catching up with no one, but there are things I need to make my home pleasant and my interests happen. That is not a bad thing. You are a loser if you just go and buy stuff because other people do, but having lots of things you appreciate is awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different.

  12. Anonymous

    The inauguration is awesome, now instead of another recession like the two Bush gave us, or another Bush war over nothing like Iraq, we can continue on with the recovery Obama started even with all the conservative opposition, he still gave us a recovery and health care.

  13. Anonymous

    lets all pray that war criminals george bush and dick cheney get anal cancer and die.

  14. Brenda Carter

    Dirk Barrett, I truly am glad you came up with an immature quip to mock Denny's post. no really without your childish post Dirk it sure would be VERY difficult to believe that we here in America have far too many mentally unstable citizens not receiving the proper care. xoxo

  15. Sam Spencer

    So I'm supposed to be depressed by what? Obama's re-inauguration festivities, MLK, Jr. Day, or just because it's effing Monday?

  16. Diane Lesauskis Harrison

    Of course it is Blue today……Obama is still president and 2 of my 3 sons voted for him. Where did I go wrong?

  17. Cija Foster

    At my job if you don't work, you don't get paid. I am being forced to take today off even thought I don't celebrate MLK day so I am missing a days pay. I admire what the man was trying to do but so many have set that dream back and I think he would be ashamed of what he made progress in has gone terribly wrong. I hope everyone enjoys your day off, I am spending mine doing housework, gah.

  18. Jeffrey Parker

    Denny Tom Crane Your the one thats obviously retarded, If I broke into your home and took everything but handed out a few crumbs to the locals would that make me a great man??? Your a libby loser, you sucked the Clinton peepee for so long you got stupid, remember Clinton, the guy who was behind all the financial problems of this country for robbing Social Security to balance his budget and he did it illegally and against the law and not one dime of dumbocrat stolen funds has ever been returned, sound familiar??? Clinton is the one to look to for deregulating the banking system that led to the housing fallout but no mention of the libby sainted Clinton, now we have a African born (this is proven by so many people its a fact) black man as prez cause the parasitical libbytard elite feel the guilt of doing nothing and getting alot for it and now want to make up for the past by electing the worst possible prez of all time, just cause you give out the taxpayers money to the poor doesnt mean your good, just means your a thief and cant create resources yourself, typical libby. When the money is all gone, the credit is shot and you wonder where your next meal is coming from go ask a libby, oh wait, they dont live in reality and have time to think of pesky things like what happens when you make appeasement payments to pay off violent minorities to get their vote and then you have no more money to make payments, I guess you libs gonna have to dig down deep and give alot

  19. Heather Barry Hawkins

    What a shame, on the greatest day of our democratic society you offend each other so shamelessly! You so poorly represent any grace we have for respecting others' views….and I am a Democrat. Be ashamed of your comment…all of you…without regard for the topic….those struggling with sadness and depression. Way to show your ignorance!

  20. Lana Savin

    Interesting the most depressing day of the year happens to fall on the same day the Tyrant and Liar in Chief is being annoited for his second go at us.

  21. Catherine Lavallee

    Denny Tom Crane- If you hate Bush so much then why the love for Obama? They are so similar in their policies.

  22. Tracy Autin Doucet


  23. Eddie Kozyra

    I'm not sure where you went wrong, but at least you admit your parental shortcomings.

  24. Steffanie Jones Wolfert

    you can't help but raise a few idiots… I mean with liberal teachers, media, etc you can only do so much… reward the one good one with everything you have… tell the others it's called a monarchy and you're passing it on… just an idea…

  25. Steffanie Jones Wolfert

    Zakena Soloudbutsoreal seriously? I don't want my son to be president. I may be as disappointed as Mama Obama in all the idiotic policies my son would make… all the giving away of the peoples money and raising taxes… no thanks… I'm going to raise him to do something good for people… hmmm maybe a doctor…. now that's inspiring…. obamas an idiot… I would never want to think that of my lovely son…

  26. Anonymous

    Adrian………………..Snap out of it……………..You clueless person..

  27. Jackie Greene Johnson

    I heard that this morning. There's a made-up day if ever I heard one. For those who know you, this is "Tracy Autin Doucet" Day, a day for which we are all grateful that you ave crested the top of another year and we still have you in our lives. That supercedes MLK day too.

  28. Aline Nguyen

    Denny Tom Crane i doubt that he has the most difficult judge in the world now you are just exaggerating. Obama may have been better that George W. Bush but he has done nothing to help the economy. Taxes have rise and so have the gas prices. And the job rate has barely even rise. So please if you are going to say something please make it true or at least intelligent.

  29. Mandi Barber

    I completely agree with this and I agree with Adrian Hill it really is a depressing day!

  30. Shawnte Crawford

    if you feel that way…you are entitled…but for one as an African American i am proud that he is representing not for only my race, but for ALL races…and he is a representation that Dr. MLK, Jr. dream lives on..

  31. Mysti Adams

    I would love to have today off, but instead I'm working. And I'm very bummed. I'd do anything to be home doing housework. Count your blessings, not your misfortunes.

  32. Shawnte Crawford

    no its depressing that people like you post something like this..I am proud he is president for not only the first time but SECOND TIME…Barack represents that any american black or white can become something great!! so talk something great or dont say anything at all

  33. Christeena Mccall

    you do realize that he is white as well. So he is just as much our race as yours, and when we start voting on race instead of knowledge thats when all hope is lost.

  34. Jeff Zborowski

    Im all for Obama, I voted for him, BUT, he represents my country, not a race. And as a United States Marine I will always follow my leader, not a race :/

  35. Christopher Kettner

    Go hate niggers somewhere else Diane. I bet you missed the days of segregation, too.

  36. Christopher Kettner

    Lol at all the racist white people hating BO in this thread.

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