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NCAA Changes Rulebook During Convention

NCAA Rulebook Changes

Directors from the NCAA Division One Board on Saturday began the process of changing the NCAA rulebook. The organization’s rules have long been considered too complex and oftentimes unenforceable.

During the first day of the NCAA convention, officials approved 25 of 26 proposals meant to deregulate many aspects of the NCAA rulebook.

President Mark Emmert said the sweeping reform will “set a completely new tone” for the organization while giving schools more responsibility and flexibility in dealing with their own student body.

Emmert says the new rulebook changes will allow the NCAA to “focus the rules on those things that are real threats to integrity of sport rather than things that are mostly annoying.”

One of the most sweeping parts of the reform will take place on August 1. At that time, coaches will no longer be regulated in terms of how much private communication they have with recruits.

According to Emmert:

“There was virtually no debate on it. Everyone agreed that those rules need to be changed. That was probably the least controversial issue in this whole process.”

The NCAA will also no longer place a limit on the number of coaches who can recruit off campus at the same time.

Athletes will also be able to accept up to $300 per year to attend non-scholastic events, and they will be able to receive monetary help to offset expenses associated with practices and competition with national teams.

The NCAA currently offers a 500-page manual, which will be cut down by nearly 25 pages thanks to the agencies sweeping reforms.

The only rule that did not gain acceptance was eliminating the time table for coaches to start coaching students between their sophomore and junior years. Under that current NCAA rule, coaches must wait to begin new coaching sessions until July 1.

Further NCAA rulebook changes are expected from the organization in the near future.

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11 Responses to “NCAA Changes Rulebook During Convention”

  1. Don Mumley

    So what rule deals with EDUCATION OF THE STUDENT. Which rule cover departing school early and not having to pay the school for the free educatiopn if theydo not graduate. NCAA is not about education it is about MONEY.

  2. Anonymous

    That is a good one Don and how about if the school has to pay the kid for playing football for them.

  3. Rob Bowman

    …and still there is no rule that permits them to strongarm the sanctions they forced on Penn State without any investigation or due process.

  4. Charles Underhill

    Rule should be put on students who get a full ride (4 year Scholarship) should graduate. If they leave early they should have to pay the school back.

  5. Anonymous

    so I can give them a new Mercedes to get to practice right? I mean if that leads to point shaving so be it right?

    what a joke.

  6. Anonymous

    Very true! BUT, this is a two way street. It's not like the student ATHLETES (football) don't have a hand in making these schools millions of dollars. (TV, merchandise, etc.)

  7. Tallulah Cusati

    What about just droping football. No one would play. Thousands would not go to school, able to get an education. And no one would be ready to enter the NFL.

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