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‘Karate Kid’ Star’s Dad Wants Zip Line Installed At His Wild West Resort

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Karate Kid actor Ralph Macchio’s dad reportedly wants to construct a 3,500-foot zip line ride between two of his properties in upstate New York.

According to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Ralph Macchio, Sr. is planning on building the aerial rope-slide to “zip” tourists from the top of French Mountain to his Wild West Ranch in Lake George.

“It’s been working through the approval process for a number of months,” said Glens Falls attorney Jonathan Lapper, who’s representing Daniel San’s dad.

Per the report, Macchio’s proposed Bear Pond Zip-Flyer would include a 34-foot launch tower atop French Mountain and the ride would have a 700 foot vertical drop.

The total project, which also involves clearing a swath of trees at the top of the mountain, is expected to cost somewhere in the range of $1.5 million and would be the first of its kind near Adirondack Park.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Lapper said. “It would support the existing hotels and motels to just have another tourist attraction in Lake George.”

Zip lines have been growing in popularity, particularly in resort areas, across the United States in the last few years. Since 2001, the number of the high-speed elevated cable rides constructed has soared from 10 to more than 200, according to a May 2012 article in the Los Angeles Times.

Wikipedia reports that as of 2012, ZipFlyer Nepal (HighGround Adventures) is the world’s steepest, tallest, longest and fastest zip line. It has a vertical drop of 2000 ft (600 meters), total distance of 1.15 miles end to end and top speed of 87 miles/hour.

A video of ZipFlyer Nepal can be seen below:

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4 Responses to “‘Karate Kid’ Star’s Dad Wants Zip Line Installed At His Wild West Resort”

  1. Anonymous

    1) Not in adirondacks, near the adirondacks.
    2) There are many zip lines in the adirondacks just 30 miles north of there.
    3) He already got into trouble for taking down trees on French Mountain.

  2. Taylor Mock

    "…is expected to cost somewhere in the range $1.5 and would be the first of its kind in Adirondack Park." Only $1.50? I pay more for a cup of coffee!

  3. Heath Jenkins

    Actually I believe the property falls in the Park by a mile or 2. but you're right he did quite some clear cutting already with permission.

  4. Jennifer Jenkins

    If the concept flies, it'll definitely give a whole new spin on 'scenic' Lake George for sure. I can't imagine how much it would cost to insure this. Hmmm, wonder how long (time wise) it'll take to go 3,500 feet?

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