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Wanted: Adventurous Woman Surrogate For Neanderthal Baby

Neanderthal Baby Surrogate Wanted

Are you a woman looking for adventure? If so, look no farther than molecular biologist George Church. Church is looking for an adventurous woman to eventually become a surrogate for a Neanderthal baby.

While initially you may think that it may not be a big deal to be home to a neanderthal baby for a few months, instead of a human baby, but consider a few facts before making your decision.

Gawker reports that, according to a 2008 study of a Neanderthal infant skeleton, the head is longer than a human newborn, “because of its relatively robust face.”

Neanderthal women were also blessed with a wider birth canal than human women, making it easier for them to give birth to their babies. Neanderthal infants also didn’t have to rotate to leave the birth canal, making their birthing process much more simple than the one human women experience.

Der Spiegel recently sat down for an interview with Church, who told them that he he is attempting to recreate the Neanderthal race through cloning. While the birthing process may be difficult for the adventurous woman Church seeks (we assume that woman would want C-section), the next steps will likely be easier.

Church believes that Neanderthal babies grew more quickly than their human counterparts. The molecular biologist also believes that these babies will create a so-called Neanderthal craze, making humans want the ancient species instead of human babies. He told Bloomberg BusinessWeek last year:

“Let’s say someone has a healthy, normal Neanderthal baby. Well, then, everyone will want to have a Neanderthal kid.”

We’re not quite sure on that one, but Church could be right. Would you consider being a surrogate to a Neanderthal baby?

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12 Responses to “Wanted: Adventurous Woman Surrogate For Neanderthal Baby”

  1. Johnny Mars

    Octomom will do it. Her birth canal is as wide as the Lincoln Tunnel. NonaMom? NeanderMom?

  2. Paul McElroy

    I'd like to know where he's going to find undegraded genetic samples.

  3. Mark Teleha

    Cute. But at least the Neanderthal has a higher IQ than any democrat.

  4. Kathryn Serbanic

    This has got to be the no. 1 weirdest post of the new year. Count me out. Weird is weird is weird is weird. Weird is just weird.

  5. Christie Tee Tee Steele

    OK, count me out too. IMHO, cloning should not be messed with in humans…wanting to bring back a race or species just to study them, use them, or pick them apart is not nice. Why can't people with brains like that think of ways to better our air, planet and forests and animals? Seriously? Neanderthal baby???

  6. Anonymous

    Mark Teleha
    Adorable. I mean it is not like they are not throwing shit at each other doing nothing everyday right. Ever heard of the 2012 Congress. Ever heard of the 112th Congress?

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