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Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Indicted On Corruption Charges

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New Orleans, LA – Former mayor Ray Nagin has been indicted on 21 corruption charges. The federal allegations levied against Nagin include bribery, wire fraud, and money laundering. The charges stem from a corruption investigation at New Orleans City Hall.

The New Orleans corruption case already resulted in four guilty pleas. Two former officials and two businessmen pleaded guilty in the case, USA Today reports. Before being elected as New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin was a cable television executive.

Nagin is accused of taking gifts and bribes from city contractors, the Times Picayune. The former mayor is also charged with using his power to leverage a contract from Home Depot. The charges also include nine counts of deprivation of honest services. The former mayor is charged with four counts of filing false tax returns.

Nagin was elected to office in 2002. When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Crescent City, Nagin was thrust into the national spotlight. The former New Orleans Mayor’s colorful phrasing often landed him into hot water. During an interview after Hurricane Katrina Nagin had this to say:

“Get every doggone Greyhound bus line in the country and get their a***s moving to New Orleans.”

The mayor publicly apologized in 2006 for stating that New Orleans would be a “chocolate city” during MLK Day speech. A surge in violent crime in NOLA after Hurricane Katrina and the city hall corruption investigation took a toll on Nagin’s popularity.

Ray Nagin’s Twitter profile noes he is an author, green energy entrepreneur, and a public speaker. Nagin self-published Katrina’s Secrets: Storms After the Storm, after leaving office.

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10 Responses to “Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Indicted On Corruption Charges”

  1. Gregg Park

    Where's the "surprised face" picture of that E-Trade kid when I need it.

  2. Kevin Johnson

    Not once in your article do you mention that Mayor Nagin is a Democrat, I think that is an important bit of information don't you?

  3. Eric Lapham

    Maybe he and kwame Kilpatrick can share a cell. Two corrupt cities equal two corrupt mayors, nice!

  4. Jerry Stokes

    Q: how many public lies were going on at the same time? Does his survival allow Obama re-election. When our kids were sitting around watching tv when Clinton confessed saying its just about sex? How did this effect footall lies and biking competiiton lies? sp

  5. Truman Wright

    Why is it that middle class people are elected to public office, and in no time they turn out to be multi millionaire's? Corruption is systemic in our leaders. Money is the mothers milk of politics. I'm so disgusted I could puke. First step, VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE AND START OVER, AND HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE THE VERY FIRST TIME A LOBBYIST GREASES THEIR FILTHY HANDS.

  6. Sterling Knight Davis

    That is fighting against human nature. There are old sayings and political philosophies stating that whoever is elected will either use their power directly or indirectly in favor of bettering their positions during or after office. It is childish to think anything else. If they break the law though they need to be prosecuted and persecuted.

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