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Here’s A Shocker: Django Unchained Slave Toys Have Been Discontinued

Django Unchained Dolls

Who would have thought that a group of Django Unchained action figures would fail to become run away hits.

The controversial toys were released just in time for the movies Christmas Day debut. Immediately upon there release the toys came under fire from various African American groups who called for their boycott.

Among groups attacking the toys were Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Project Islamic Hope.

After various groups began attacking the toys as racist the team at the Weinstein Company chose to pull the action figures from production.

The toy manufacturer that produced the toys apologized for the toys, claiming that it never meant to offend anyone with the creation of the slave based action figures. The toys included both slaves and slave owners.

While the Django Unchained slave toys may be out of production they may soon become a collectors item. The toy company only produced approximately 1,000 dolls before it shut down production.

Django Unchained toys are not the only controversial part of the movies race baiting. Actor Jamie Foxx told a stunned SNL crowd that his favorite part of the movie was “killing white people.” Foxx would later go on to make several more racist comments of his very own.

Despite the racist undertones of the Django Unchained film moviegoers have flocked to the film, making Django the number one grossing debut of Quentin Tarantino’s career. The movie has already grossed more than $120 million domestically.

Do you think the Django Unchained toys were racist or just part of the movies original theme which heavily surrounds racism in the south?

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5 Responses to “Here’s A Shocker: Django Unchained Slave Toys Have Been Discontinued”

  1. Christopher Koulouris

    Maybe what's worth wondering is whether the toys would have been pulled off had the offending subjects just been white and why for that matter the outlet knowing they risked infuriating the black community opted to go into production in the first place? Which raises the question maybe racism is very well and alive these days even by those who purportedly wish to expose it? Or is it just profit from it?

  2. Kaycee Is-loveable

    no I do not believe this toy was racist intention, but like anything it can be used for and against a situation.
    so in this case teaching how it really was when slavery was around, how ever you will get a few morons who will use it as racist , and others who will be offended by this.
    there are lots of examples of how something inisant can be turned into something unacceptable, like the noddy books, between the golly wog, noddy big ears goes to now books was edits to Golly to prevent racist comments, noddy and big ears friendship was also altered to stop inplying they were gay, even now they accept gay marrages lol and nobody crual children are hurtful about those with muscle problems and inperfection of the body, aka noddy and big ears, all been taken as affensive etc when it was not intended that way,

    these things are not invented for bad intention, nor are they intending to be committing a crime when doing this,, but like anything in the wrong hands it can go so very wrong,
    maybe a disclaimer with the toy would of been better explaining its for the film to understand a history of what slavery was like and its illegal and unacceptable now adays, and its a crime to act like the slave owners, or to be racist or to mistreat others,
    Also give infomation real facts on the history of slavery, learn from it,
    explain the law is clear its illegal to discriminat group race organisations etc etc,
    personally I think teens can learn alot from the infomation, did you know there is a slavery museum in liverpool helping children understand what it was like back when slavery was around, you could do a lot of education around this, Like I said its all down to the education surrounding the film too.
    So instead of writting bad start writting educational infomation about how slavery came about and how it changed and shaped socioty as we see it now.
    I mean if you watch les misarable are you goingb to kick up a fuss if they sell the dolls of the poor and the rich carators of the film, because really that was not socialbly acceptable mistreating people based on wealth, but it happened and we can only learn from it, or Batman and the joker figures because we don't want to encourage bad behvour through play,

  3. DeguLover Bean

    yes definitely 2 sides to things and often what people make of these toys can depend on what they are already thinking – a discussion about the history of slavery and the efforts to abolish it could be really interesting and i'm sure these dolls were not intended to be racist at all

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