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Subway Uproar Demonstrates Power Of Social Media, Facebook

subway uproar

A Subway uproar has broken out after a single Facebook user posted a plaintive plea on the official Subway Facebook page — demonstrating that his, and possibly many others’, Subway footlong measured only eleven inches.

Australian Matt Corby inadvertently kicked off the Subway uproar with the simple yet telling pic of what was presumably his eleven incher, a damning tape measure, and the brief query: “Subway pls respond.”

As the Subway uproar commenced, jokes were cracked about being lied to about how many inches things are in actuality, among other things. And Subway was forced to respond to the online fracas, issuing a statement about the missing inch of sandwich goodness that inflamed many web users:

“We are committed to providing a consistent product delivering the same amount of bread to the customer with every order. The length however may vary slightly when not baked to our exact specifications. We are reinforcing our policies and procedures in an effort to ensure our offerings are always consistent no matter which Subway restaurant you visit.”

Marketing experts have weighed in on the Subway footlong scandal, saying that, while such a claim would perhaps have languished in obscurity not too long ago, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have amplified the individual reach of disgruntled customers.

Allen Adamson, managing director of branding firm Landor Associates in New York, says:

“People look for the gap between what companies say and what they give, and when they find the gap — be it a mile or an inch — they can now raise a flag and say, ‘Hey look at this,’ I caught you.”

Subway sandwich

Although the chain responded, the Subway uproar has persisted in social media, with many still quipping about the unfortunate footlong findings. Below, a few tweets reacting to the stunning news that a Subway footlong may not actually be a foot long:

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96 Responses to “Subway Uproar Demonstrates Power Of Social Media, Facebook”

  1. Gary Oldham

    $5 WHAT we had that for like a month, and now have 2 nasty sandwiches for $5….Foot long or 11 inches to us men its still over a foot.

  2. Nick Lehmkuhl

    I know it's the point of the matter. They're supposed to be 12" long. But in all honesty it's an inch of bread we're talking about here. They put the same amount of crappy meat on it either way.

  3. John Sussdorff

    My Subway doesn't make that mistake, and I only eat where there are no meals taxes so its a better deal, no lousy county dipping in your wallet.

  4. Eric Marshall

    Over a year, if you buy one "subway" per week @ 5.00 you are cheated out of $21.25 per year. If two million people buy one "subway" per week, the profit from this shrinkage is $42,500,000.

  5. Anonymous

    Who really cares! I'm still going to eat there! I like subway. Does this Douche measure everything he eats? Come on lets grow up here! What is he going to sue over 1 inch of bread?

  6. John Sussdorff

    Here it is in the next county where they are the only ones left with no meals tax, and I love it! They may charge 5.5% sales tax, but not the 11% meals tax which really adds up if you eat out a bunch.

  7. John Sussdorff

    The way not to get cheated is ask for extra vegetables on the side wth your order, and take them with you. It will save alot on taco dinners, and salad ingredients.

  8. Schroeder Schroeder Schroeder

    I bet it's mostly women complaining about that lost inch.

  9. Allan Butch Beane

    Maybe it's a footlong pre-baked length like when you order a 12ounce sirloin it sure don't weigh 12oz when they serve it to you. Subway should just post a sign saying that it's pre-baked length. Get a life Aussie!

  10. Cecilia Law

    Who needs the extra inch? As long as it satisfiies your appetite, it's a meal. If you need the extra inch, you need to join weight watchers. : )

  11. Anonymous

    Buy your own bread, make your own sandwich and stop whining about how the big, bad fast food chain, robbed your D A**.

  12. William Reid

    I guess now it is time to go after the lumber industry and Home Depot and Lowes, when was the last time you got a 2 x 4 that was actually 2-inches by 4-inches. Heads should roll.

  13. Jennifer Kowaleski

    Another article concerning this matter mentioned a franchisee claiming that the meat in the Subway sandwiches has also been reduced by 25%. Food prices go up but the Subway prices have remained flat. How do they do that? Decrease the amount of product.

  14. Jack Levin

    People are all ready pissed off about the state of society in general, so they have begun to question everything, as well they should. Subway got caught. Like more than one contributer said, you notice the sandwich is NEVER 13 inches.

  15. EL Patron


  16. Ray Smith

    The fuck is wrong with society these days? Bitching & whining & crying about things that are so damn irrelevant & not important in any way, shape or form. Bitching & whining about one inch of your sub missing? Get a life, you pathetic whiney ass crybaby fat fuck. Plain & simple.

  17. Jason Creasy

    BIG freaking deal! bread bakes different, who cares how much BREAD you get with a sub? Subway cut meat packs 25% should be the issue, NOT the length of a fresh backed bun…

  18. Vinnie Papperelli

    And that is exactly what Subway is doing, screwing the public on the long haul of shorting sandwich sizes. Great observation Eric. Subway should have to make them 14" for $5 for 5 years to make up for it.

  19. David Smith

    I stopped using Subway when I watched the lady counting the peices of onion she was putting on my sandwich, she said the boss only alllowed so much onion, told her to keep the sandwich and walked.

  20. Jason Creasy

    Vinnie Papperelli
    make the bread 24 inches, who cares???!!! you are a MORON The meat is the same 10 inches or 16 inches, do you need bread THAT much??? F** IDIOT

  21. Robert Taylor

    all this bull over 1" and most of it from guys like Eric Marshall do you work 8 hour days or do you take five minutes here and there you cheated is every loaf of bread the same size and Eric when you told your girlfriend it was 10" you short changed her a couple inches should she make a grandstand on facebook get over it and don't go there you wont be cheated 1" where can you go to get a sub for five bucks.

  22. Anonymous

    so why can't the error be in the favor of the customer? Never heard anyone complain about a 13"footlong. Why do companies always have to short the customer? Someone should now look into the amount of meat, cause it's lame! I don't go their anymore. Also Jimmie Johns. New to the franchise. I ordered a, by their description, medium rare roast beef. When I got the sandwich the roast beef was well done. Called the manager and asked why I didn't get med rare, he responded "all are beef is that way, it's never medium rare" Really?

  23. Anonymous

    I work at a major retail superstore. and we have a Subway located in our lobby.Once a week I buy my lunch there.Its been a standing joke now for over a yearI take out my tape measure and measure it.To be truthfull there has been a few times its been short. But only by a 1/4 in. or less. Also its been over by that much a few times also. It seems to me it all evens out over the long run, but I suppose some people ain't got much more in their life but to bark at shadows in the night.l.

  24. Sue Diederich

    I'll grant you its false advertising – one inch is a big deal in most things I guess – carbs, chemicals, pig intestines (IF its real sausage/salami) and their effects on our health and waistlines notwithstanding, of course!

    THIS they complain about… Let's all just ditch Subway for McDonalds and the burger and fries that never EVER mold instead! Maybe Darwin DID have a point……

  25. David Clark

    Just eat it! I'm sure the next time you order a five dollar foot long they want say anything if you short them on the money alittle, Right!

  26. Alvin Fayette

    Who's to say that they didn't push the ends together and then measured it at 11" if you are going to cry for 1" you probably need to lose weight instead of crying you should thank Subway for the lost weight, FAT ASSES.

  27. Phildo Young

    My wife asked what the big deal is over one inch, I replied, what if I cheated you out of an inch in bed, she got upset!

  28. Samantha Sky Stevens

    Is that extra inch really that necessary? I eat a 6-inch perfectly fine.. Footlongs are a lot anyway.

  29. Smorgasbord Johnson

    Connie Holsinger wait…who's the one really getting robbed. Subway offered a 12 (i guess 11) inch sub for 5 bucks with almost anything on it with no extra charge. Besides what's the big deal over 1 extra inch. the meat, cheese, and ect are still the same! If anything we were robbing subway. This is probably why subway is slowly phasing 5 dollar footlongs out.

  30. Dan Leidal

    I understand the "its only 1 inch of bread" argument… Legally, this is a "truth in advertising" issue… 1 inch less of bread allows 1 inch less in other ingredients and toppings… The company is profiting from this shortfall… I know the toppings are pre-proportioned, but an inch less of bread means these can be smaller… The reality is: these sandwiches need to be at least 1 foot long, or Subway needs to quit advertising that as fact! If Subway lengthened their bun by one inch, then most would be at least a foot long; validating their response to this "scandal"…

  31. Ingrid Swen

    I hope there is more of such uproar, concerning…your rights and liberties in this country. But no, it's about food. You have no idea what's coming to American while you fill your stomach with one more inch of a sandwich.

  32. Dan Leidal

    Yes, it is just bread… BUT; it is also an act of deception, or dishonesty; it could also be a reckless mistake, a company trying too hard to ride the razors edge… Truth in advertising laws dictate the product be delivered as described, as they claim, as it claims match industry standards, as they profit from…

  33. Michael Manichia

    There are more important things in this world to get upset about then missing an inch off of a sandwich. Come on people!

  34. Dan Leidal

    I believe this varies from store to store… A media outlet bought subs at various stores in Manhattan, and found many to be 1/2 to a whole inch short… Your store is likely putting more effort into the quality of their product than many… Yes, there are more important issues out there, but they are required to deliver as their advertisements claim; its calld cheating, or theft!!!

  35. Dan Leidal

    You have the issue in perspective… Never 13 inches… And yes, there are many issues out of place in our society…

  36. Michael Eric Cook

    A 2 by 4 is not actually two inches by fours inches and so on. NO ONE at Subway stated that their sandwiches were a perfect twelve inch measured with a ruler. How many guys think they are endowed with eight and look like a Vienna Sausage? ALL OF YOU!@! SHUT THE @#%$ UP!

  37. Anonymous

    an inch is an inch, how the consumer get's ripped off enuff, wal mart will do it every time, you have to watch every ring up, an they like to start ringing up while you are still unloading. They are famous for that.If one company will do it so will all of them.Look at the picture's at subway an on TV, there sandwich's look nothing like that not even close.

  38. Ed Gaddy

    Thank you Ingrid for throwing some sense into this nonsense debate. First if you look at the sandwich you can see the bread on the right is shriveled and it was also cut and put back together. BUT, with my paycheck shrinking, my health insurance rates rising and my liberties disappearing after the guy who won spent billions and six months campaigning telling me that's not going to happen, do I care about Subway and 1 inch of air filled bread! NO. Should all of you? NO. Worry about your gas prices, heat prices, taxes, who's going to mug you after the government takes away your right to defend yourself, whether your kids can afford college. Real issues and worries. Come on already, get angry about something real, and just grow up.

  39. Steven Calhoun

    if the toppings, cheese and meat hang over the ends of the bread, you have a footlong. quit bitchin. you people should look up a mare mules ass and predict the price of butter. you all must don't have a life. for five bucks it's the beast meal you can get. do you all count the # of fries that comes with a happy meal? do count the amount of pickles on a hamburger? do you weigh the cheese on a hambirger? get a life! if you're going to complain about something, complain about how crazy the world is becoming due to social media!

  40. Ingrid Swen

    Hey, Ed Gaddy, I'm glad you see it, too. The "Subway" uproar shows that People have the power. Why isn't it used for the right and noble cause of preserving our rights and liberties and our Constitution? Wake, People, NOW!

  41. Ryan M Voss

    Kinda funny that Subway has been serving the same length of subs all these years, yet people are just now complaining about it.

  42. Frances Wood Mayfield

    What a bunch of whiners. Anyone who makes bread understands bread is not always the same each time you make and bake it. You people are just looking for a reason to complain. Leave Subway alone, they give a good product for a good price. Freeloaders!

  43. Jody Fitzpatrick

    A couple of things people need to realize is this – regardless of how long the bread is you receive the exact same amount of meat, and all of the veggies you want. Most subways (if not all) bake their own bread, and if directions are followed correctly the bread will bake to be 12 inches.Also note Sandwiches are placed in a bag in the vertical position which will cause compression and will shrink although slightly. Subway is not trying to defraud you. They do there best to provide a great and fresh eating experience.

  44. Deborah Woodall Jemai

    Yeah – Subway has to follow a formula in order to keep the calorie and fat info. true to every sandwich. Too bad all of the greedy people want a whole salad bar on their sandwich. This person who complained about a stupid inch of bread should be dropped off in a starving country to live there a while then just maybe he would be more appreciative of what he does have.


    Eric the bread might be 1" short but all the meat and ingredient are weighted and measured so you might be short of bread but you got everything inside your moneys worth and what you ask for.

  46. John Paul Parks

    No, he is not going to sue. He has exposed Subway for what it is.

  47. Michele Jantzen

    o…Why is bread bad for you?
    There are different schools of thought at work here. Some say that even whole wheat commercial bread is better because it is loaded with fiber and its glycemic index is lower. However, what I’m concerned about in processed bread is a pretty nasty ingredient- bromide- and the fact that all the naturally occurring nutrients have been stripped out in the factory process.

    I don’t buy the argument that commercial/processed whole wheat bread is still healthy because all the vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, vitamin E, etc) are added back to the flour as part of the process. Its still no match for the naturally occurring nutrients that were there in the first place! Also, the companies are using them in their synthetic form, which are not able to properly adapt to our bodies.

    Processed bread is treated with a variety of chemicals from the ground to production in order to “bleach” the flour and prevent it from sticking- such as:

    benzoyl peroxide or chlorine dioxide (known to cause cancer).
    methyl bromide
    nitrogen trichloride
    ammonium carbonate
    nitrogen peroxide

    These “hidden ingredients” can cause:

    allergies that manifest as bloating, diarrhoea, eczema, asthma, headache or general malaise or lack of energy.
    leaky gut syndrome.
    growth of unfriendly toxin generating bacteria in the gut.
    slowing of bowel transit time, so toxic substances are in contact with the bowel for longer.
    It sure makes me crazy that someone would buy a refined, processed “whole wheat plus fiber” bread at their grocery store, hoping it is what they need to support the gastrointestinal tract and help flush out toxins. When they are getting the opposite!

  48. Sherie Wiese

    Oh, please, people. Is a Quarter Pounder really a quarter of a pound of beef? Yes, before they cook it. Is a Subway foot long really a foot? Yes, before they bake it. Do you really get a gallon of gas for $3.25 and 9/10's of a penny? Yes, before they round it up to $3.26.

  49. Janet Sima

    I was at subway on Thursday…my footlong was actually 12 1/2 inches long…should I complain about that? They say it's 12 inches, but it was actually bigger….people are bored.

  50. Peter Allen

    I'm sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous! Stop and think about it, people! Subway gets it's bread in premade loaves which they throw into an oven to bake. Each loaf has the same amount of bread in it so who cares if it actually rises slightly differently. If it comes out of the oven an inch shorter but half an inch thicker all the way around, it is still the SAME AMOUNT OF BREAD! Then comes the fact all of the meats and cheeses are pre-measured, so you get the same amount of those on each sandwich as well, no matter what the bread looks like. EVERYTHING is measured so you are always getting what you paid for. Only a true idiot would take a tape measure to a fast food place to measure his food! GET OVER IT!

  51. Dena Landers

    Plus being a yeast bread if busy stores pull it out of the proofer a touch early that can happen!

  52. Peter Allen

    You didn't lose any bread either … Subway stores do not make their bread, they receive pre-made, frozen "logs" of dough which they defrost and then bake in the store. Since the logs are pre-made to have the same amount of dough in each one, every loaf, no matter what measurements it comes out of the oven, has the SAME amount of bread in it! Same amount of bread, same amount of meats and cheese, all of these are pre-measured, therefore there is NOTHING lost!

  53. Peter Allen

    Actually, how do you KNOW that none of the loaves of bread ever comes out to 13 inches? Since all loaves (pre-made frozen logs of dough, NOT made in the stores) has the same amount of dough in them, it all depends on the oven settings, time in the oven, any number of things. The key point is this … who the HELL actually goes and measures their sandwich? This is clearly someone who was TRYING to create an issue. We should ask how many sandwiches did this guy buy that WERE 12 inches before he finally got one that was "short" so he could take the picture?

  54. Peter Allen

    Wow, are you serious? Think about this for a moment … have you ever baked anything in your life? If you have, maybe you will have noticed that even if you have everything pre-measured so that you use the same amount of dough, things STILL come up different sizes. Use cookies as an example, with the same amount of dough some will be a larger circle but thinner while others will be thicker but a smaller circcle … not to mention the ones that are not circles but ovals, which means they might be LONGER or SHORTER! Oh, hey, doesn't that sound familiar in this ridiculous debate?

  55. Frank Smolen

    Funny, I remember commercials run by Subway advertising that the sandwiches where a foot long.
    They even had a ruler in the commercial to prove that they were a foot long.

  56. Richard G. Van Pelt

    In related news it has been discovered that a huge amount of lawyers are now buying at Subway. And it has been observed that many of them are carrying tape measures and rulers.

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