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Rob Lowe Stars In Casey Anthony Movie This Weekend

Jeff Ashton

Rob Lowe turns in a performance as Casey Anthony’s attorney in the Lifetime original movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony. The flick is scheduled to air this Saturday (January 18).

Instead of telling the story from Anthony’s point of view, the upcoming legal drama chronicles her lawyers’ attempts to defend her in court. Rob Lowe will reportedly portray Jeff Ashton in the made-for-television motion picture.

According to Showbiz Tonight, Lowe said he was as shocked as everyone else when the jury handed down the not guilty verdict to Casey Anthony. The actor said he watched the trial faithfully and was stunned when it turned out the way it did.

Lowe explained:

“This was a circus, and I think Jeff [Ashton] is a gentleman of court. He comes from an era where certain things are done and certain things are not done in court. I think Jose Baez is the type of lawyer who just goes for it and the jury believed Jose.”

Even after spending time with Ashton in real life, Lowe admitted that he didn’t completely understand the trial or Anthony herself. The actor also said he believes that social media may have played a part in the Casey Anthony verdict.

The actor said:

“”I think that had a lot to do with the outcome. I think the country communicated immediately in a way that was not being communicated in the courtroom and the two never, ever intersected. We all have consequences to our actions, although there are certain people who like to pretend otherwise.”

Although he lived through the actual trial, Jeff Ashton recently told Central Florida News that he intends to watch the movie when it airs this Saturday. The script was based on his book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

He told the publication:

“”It’s going to be interesting. I am going to watch it with friends. My wife and I went to Winnipeg and watched a day of filming, and met most of the principal actors. I know there are parts of it that I am not going to like,” he said. “There’s a preview out there right now, where Mr. Lowe has a line playing me where he says something like, ‘When I’m finished with her, she’ll be the most hated woman in America.’ And when I saw that, I thought, ‘I never would say that.’ So I’m sure there are going to be moments when I go, ‘Oh, my God.’ “

A preview for the movie has been included below.

Are you a fan of Rob Lowe? Will you catch Prosecuting Casey Anthony when it airs this Saturday on Lifetime?

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4 Responses to “Rob Lowe Stars In Casey Anthony Movie This Weekend”

  1. Anonymous

    Ummm…Ashton was NOT Casey's attorney…he is too good for her attorney…Lying Jose Baez was Casey's attorney!

  2. Anonymous

    I will be the first to say that I will not watch this movie….I love Ashton and believe he had a sincere heart to get justice for Caylee, but just the sight/thought of Casey makes me want to barf….I will not use the word hate but I definitely detest this beast with everything I have in me…and will always believe she is a murderer! Shows like CSI (which I like) are clouding the jurors minds about justice….there will not always be solid evidence…that is why it is called circumstantial…the new Casey (Jodi Arias) has the same kind of jury…why ask…Did you find the gun/knife in Jodi's possession? Roommate alibi's? What the heck does it matter…Jodi admitted guilt and this jury needs evidence she done it? Come on people…remember CSI is a tv program…not real life….or justice system is in big trouble! Women should be convicted as a man would!

  3. Liuriam Carrandy

    I hope no one gives ratings to this movie. This is money and publicity being given to a monster that destroyed an innocent life . If anyone does this what world do we live in.

  4. Jeremy Montanez

    I saw the film am a rob Lowe fan and a huge Casey Anthony supporter and friend who will always believe in her. Ad for Ashton himself I respect him but am so glad he lost that verdict.

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