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Ryan Leaf Heads To Prison After Getting Kicked Out Of Drug Treatment Program

ryan leaf

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf is heading to prison now that he’s been kicked out of a drug treatment center.

According to Sports Illustrated, Leaf, who played for the San Diego Chargers, was kicked out of a treatment program for behavioral problems including threatening a member of the staff. He will now be transferred to the Montana State Prison.

Great Falls regional probation and parole administrator Dawn Handa, said:

“The Montana Department of Corrections terminated Leaf from the treatment program and placed him in prison after he was found guilty of behavior that violated conditions of his drug treatment program. The violations included threatening a program staff member.”

Leaf plead guilty in May to breaking into two houses and stealing prescription painkillers. Leaf was sentenced to five years including nine months in a drug treatment facility. The Port Clinton News Herald reports that, if Leaf had completed the 9-month stint in rehab, he would have likely been given parole and would have never had to gone to jail.

After his arrest, Leaf said:

“I’ve made some mistakes, and have no excuses. I am using the tools I’ve learned to move forward rather than backwards, and will be open to talking about the details in the days to come. I am confident that there will be further understanding when the facts are revealed, and feel very blessed for all of the support, especially from my friends and family.”

It’s unclear how long Leaf will have to serve in Montana State Prison.

ESPN reports that Ryan Leaf was the No. 2 pick in the 1998 draft. He was out of the league in 2001 and is considered one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

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110 Responses to “Ryan Leaf Heads To Prison After Getting Kicked Out Of Drug Treatment Program”

  1. Humberto Salazar

    He still hasn't learned…..
    How do you go from having almost everything you could ever want to wearing the latest in prison fashions?
    Millions of $$$, a Smoking Hot girlfriend who's father is one of the top money manager sin the business? WTF?

  2. Steve Smith

    The due had a charmed life and the world at his feet and screwed it up

  3. Anthony Fricano

    The dude only has himself to blame and people like that never seem to learn. Most of these people tend to blame everybody or everything but themselves. You hear about him other people in the public eye, but there so many people in this world just like him.

  4. Anthony Fricano

    The dude only has himself to blame and people like that never seem to learn. Most of these people tend to blame everybody or everything but themselves. You hear about him other people in the public eye, but there so many people in this world just like him.

  5. Julia Morrow

    The support of family and friends should of included an ego intervention. Maybe if he didn't get a lifetime of people telling him how special he was, he might of be able to see what a jerk he is. I normally do not support incarceration for drug offenses, but in Ryan Leaf's case, I will make the exception, because nothing else seems to work.

  6. Anonymous

    Very sad really. Over-hyped in college, he bought into all of the hype. In reality he was a below average NFL QB and could just never accept that reality. Weak personality steered him to drugs as a coping mechanism and the rest is history. So sad.

  7. Stephen Schlanger

    To think what he could have had in life. Instead his life continues to spiral (no pun intended) out of control. It's truly tragic.

  8. Rob Billeaud

    Absolutely. Thing is, even as a below average NFL QB, if he had played his cards right, he could have parlayed that into a decent career in something else. Look at Heath Shuler. Another highly hyped college QB who never really translated to the NFL but then he became a U.S. congressman and now runs the one of the biggest real estate firms in Tennessee.

  9. Wolfgang Madison

    And there you go, irresponsible media.
    You have a whole article about what's happening and then end it with "one of the biggest busts" of the NFL. What kind of life did you expect this young man to have?
    I recall a decade ago when he was chided, made fun of and ridiculed. What a stupid, ridiculous nation we've become when we have to tear down someone that in the very least "touched" what most ever dream of.
    We used to be a nation of supporters or in the very least we had better etiquette.
    It's a shame, he could have done something with his life.

  10. W Erick Boahn

    these guys need to be tamed.human rights causing their lack of fear is what keeps them imprisoned in their dysfunction. a few months of torture would have saved him from himself and he could have gone on to be a successful millionaire quaterback.

  11. Ron Curtis

    Drug addiction sucks, everyone be sure to judge him though, because finding somebody whose more messed up than you can be so rewarding and fulfilling.

  12. Anonymous

    "Over-hyped in college, he bought into all of the hype. In reality he was a below average NFL QB and could just never accept that reality"…Understatement…kinda reminds me of TT…well at least up to the above point.

  13. Anonymous

    "Over-hyped in college, he bought into all of the hype. In reality he was a below average NFL QB and could just never accept that reality"…Understatement…kinda reminds me of TT…well at least up to the above point.

  14. Kenneth Hooper

    why all the sympathetic comments.if this guy was black, all u people would be ranting that he is a ghetto bum. so let me revise all your comments……he's a pill popping low life good for nothing BUM!

  15. Cameron Troxel

    Another loser who was handed everything on a silver platter and pissed it all away. The guy was and still is a total jerk. Maybe this is the wake up call he needs, but I personally won't lose any sleep.

  16. Anonymous

    The Bears should bail his butt out and bring him into camp next year! Anything is better than Cutler….

  17. Anonymous

    The Bears out to bail his butt out and bring him to Chicago. Anything is better than Cutler…

  18. Anonymous

    Tragic, when you have a natural talent. Drugs… and the internet have terrible consequences.

  19. Anonymous

    @ Kenneth Hooper….The racist in you is oozing man. I'll wager it has a distinct odor too.

  20. Curtis Lloyd

    Hey hooper…your reverse racism is duly noted….but then everyone knows that black people are the most racist people in our country. Fact.

  21. Anonymous

    Even "jerks" have need of help managing their lives. I hope he gets help, and is able to save himself and his family any further pain from this very sad course he is on.

  22. Keith Stevenson

    some of these comments are a little unfair … read an SI article about him a few years … said he got hooked on painkillers while trying to play through shoulder pain while in college and into the NFL. Didn't get much support from the Chargers and/or the NFL. He may be a jerk but the drug problem is not all his fault

  23. Chris Leak

    Unless you know he is a jerk, then don' call him one. But, whatever he is, is his own doing.

  24. Chris Leak

    Drud users are a national security risk and should be treated as such. You, me, yours, mine. It shouldn't matter. Drugs are killing our national soul.

  25. Dewey Beck

    He has no one to blame but himself, nowits time to pay the piper. one peace of advice for him, don't bend over to pick up the soap while washing his ass. FBI calls that a clue.

  26. Kovi Button

    Curtis Lloyd…..And everone knows that white people are the most vicious race in the history of our country. fact. And u guys holler about reverse racism….LMBAO!!!

  27. Trubow Spiritwind

    Sadly Micheal, it does happen daily. We only hear about it when it affects someone who has made it to the national focus. It happens all too often in the college and high school ranks then we would care to count. The Drug problem IS a national problem. I am not sure the government can control it. It has to be handled at the State level and with the gloves of someone who has been there. People who have walked that road can shine more light into someones eyes then some college educated nobody who has had a sqeaky clean life. No will face the fact they have a problem until they look into the mirror and admit it to themselves.

  28. Anonymous

    The least this guy could do is change that "I’ve made some mistakes" speech of his, he sound like a dam tape recorder.

  29. Anonymous

    Talk about a dichotomy. The number 1 pick in that draft was Peyton Manning. I remember all the hype at the time. The never ending discussions about who should be taken first. That argument was settled before training camp was over that year.

  30. Anonymous

    Let me fix that. "Druids are a national security risk and should be treated as such. You, me, yours, mine. It shouldn't matter. Druids are killing our national soul."

  31. Anonymous

    What's REALLY sad is that none of the racist commentors above are willing or able to recognize their part in spreading racism. Racism is alive because people on BOTH sides want it to be. Stopping it is as easy as refraining from negative, generalized comments. Kovi, I'm white and I'm NOT a racist! Curtis, not all black people are racists! My advise to BOTH of you is that IF, and I do mean IF you REALLY want to stop racism, then stop doing it yourself. By BOTH of your comments, its clear to the rest of us that your intentions are to throw gasoline on the fire and keep it burning. In reality, you both have one thing in common; stupidity!!

  32. Lucius Austin

    IT's more drug attitude. People choose to be on drugs, especially illegal ones.
    And the government uses it as as tool for it's own obssion with power.
    The AMerican War On Drugs was a party for people who want people to be on drugs.
    And this country doesn't want to end the drug problem anyway. Too many financial portfolios would disintergrate if it did.

  33. Jack Boone

    What a loser! So many people only wish they had the chance he got and he threw it away. Hopefully he will at least be able to have a regular life someday instead of suicide or continuing this bs!

  34. Robert DeForest

    Maybe the Warden will have him play with the prisoners against the guards..

  35. Cuyler Edwards

    The biggest bust in NFL history, in my opinion, that being said I hate to see someones life go down the toilet, hope he gets his life together eventually and becomes a productive person to our society.

  36. Michael Gayon

    He got all the Breaks a guy could ask for. Montana does not play. Enjoy the next 5 years at Deer Lodge. MSP sucks.You will find out the hard way pal.

  37. Anonymous

    Um……no, actually, he'd make Cutler look like Joe Montana.

    Always remember a vintage Leaf performance against the Chiefs. He went 1 for 15, for a total of 4 yards and two interceptions. That's a QB rating of ZERO.

    Has there ever been a worse performance? This guy is a head case.

  38. Anonymous

    Kovi Button …. and your brothers in inner city Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland L.A. etc. are the epitome of non-vicious "peacekeepers" this country has ever seen! LMWAO

  39. Anonymous

    @ Curtis Lloyd … That statement is incorrect buddy where do you get your facts from ?!?! And to the ppl who gave you a thumbs up well you are just as naive or dumb either way … Thumbs up !!!

  40. Bigdaddy Kahuna

    Why couldn't this dipshit kill himself instead of Junior #55???

  41. Joseph Cohen

    Every time I see a show of the NFL's biggest busts Ryan Leaf is always #1. But the thing is no GM would have passed on taken him. Everybody had him rated high. The Colts went back and forth on who they should pick: Manning or Leaf. If the Colts would have picked Leaf the Chargers would have had Manning. Now THAT would have been interesting.

  42. Jeremy Uphoff

    I'm really unsure why race has to be brought up all the time. Why can't we live in the words of MLK. There is too much hate in this world.

  43. Randy Crater

    I look at the comments once in while following an article such as this and its always the same. a bunch of freakin jackass's dog piling on somebody when they're down. I've seen more than one promising person get sucked in by drugs and it sucks just like all you idiot ballickers.

  44. Michael Gayon

    I have to ask, why can't we get beyond skin color? It seems so childish. I mean if you really want to hate someone, most people have plenty you can hate about them as an individual. Hate is kind of a waste of time tho. I think it is better to find the things that bind us together, than to focus what can set us apart. You all seem like intelligent guys. Why don't we all work at getting along?

  45. Gregory Zickafoose

    @ Keith, What the hell do you mean it's not his fault? Yeah, he may have not gotten all the help in the world but neither do others and they are able to get away from drugs. I am pretty sure that he has a mind of his own and no one forced him to take pain killers and get hooked.

  46. Anonymous

    That's really too bad; I sympathize for anyone who can't get that monkey off his back until it's too late. Hopefully he'll turn his life around with some help.

  47. Douglas Roberts

    um. yes, it is his fault. it always was and especially now that he's gotten himself kicked out of a drug rehab. stop enabling people.

  48. Douglas Roberts

    we need more midgets dancing around stonehedge. that should solve a lot of this druid problem.

  49. Merlin Nielsen

    I have always thought. Ryan Leaf comming to the Chargers was the worst thing he could do. Eli Manning has 2 Super bowl rings, would not have been possible in SD. With the right guidence and understanding on another team he might have made it. Your in the system now Ryan. Get it right or it will never end. Look at Lohan.

  50. Kathy Pickett

    He was offered the future of many young men's dreams. Instead of being smart about it, appreciating the opportunity and working at making his life a success, he insisted on being the dumbest SOB he could be. His life is what he made it. No one else is responsible.

  51. Anonymous

    He and Tod Morenivich should open a drug treatment center. All the other drug freaks in the NFL would probably make theire business a success.

  52. John Nicoletti

    Kovi Button. would you please document your thesis. Typical black racist comment. You obviously, are a very unhappy, and maladjusted black man. It is time you left your Civil war, and anti white mentality, and join the 21st.century. We have a BLACK PRESIDENT, or did you not notice his skin color.and origin of his birth.?

  53. Kurt Jones

    If you want to look at the upside of this you could say that Mr. Leaf can now participate in the real life "Longest Yard". Burt Reynolds or Adam Sandler should jump at this opportunity! Stay tuned!

  54. Anonymous

    Why does anyone have sympathy for Ryan Leaf? This guy is the definition of d-bag a-hole. I remember this story after he got drafted, while drunk at a bar he told a fan how does it feel that I can buy your whole family? Haha, enjoy prison scumbag. Hope you have enough money to stave off the prison rape.

  55. Lee Hickey


  56. Don Dishman

    this guy is a bum! He has had more opportunities to straighten up his life than he deserves. He was a creep when he was playing football and hasn't changed. His parents did a poor job of teaching him about responsibility. Well, he couldn't follow the rules so now he gets 5 years to think about it and he deserves every minute!

  57. Daniel Johnathan Kimble

    Except Tebow knows his weaknesses, and plays to his strengths. Leaf just surrendered to his demons and let the choose his path. Tebow has a winning record as a starting NFL qb, and notched a playoff win. Leaf did none of that, and he also could not run if he got flushed out of the pocket. Your comparison is ;laughable at best. Also, Tim Tebow has 2 Heisman trophys….how many did Leaf have??

  58. Daniel Johnathan Kimble

    that could be the most ridiculous comment ever. Please tell me that was a joke

  59. Wayne Cayford

    Chris Leak What drugs are you referring to? Alcohol has been and likely will continue to be the most destructive "drug" in human history. And just so you know, drags are killing our national soul.

  60. Anonymous

    No comparison. Tebow lead the Bronco's to an 8-8 record after the team started 1-4. The team was 7-4 with Tebow as starter. 6 game winning streak with 4 or so fourth quarter comebacks with 14 TD and 6 picks.. And don't forget the unbeilvable win over the number 1 defensive rated Steelers. Tebow is a 'poor' QB but has shown the ability to win games when given a chance.

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