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Adolf Hitler App For Android Provides ‘Inspiring’ Nazi Quotes

Adolf Hitler App For Android Provides 'Inspiring' Nazi Quotes

An Adolf Hitler app for Google’s Android Google Play app store provides ‘inspiring’ quotes from the famous Nazi leader. I just hope there is not a Godwin’s law for writers, since these Hitler apps have also inspired a fiery debate, prompting even the New York-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to chime in with their opinion.

According to Arutz Sheva, one Hitler app at the Google Play Store, “Adolf Hitler” by N-Frames Tech, tells readers, “All about Adolf Hitler. Get everything in one place – Bio, Pictures, Videos and Quotes. Not only can you get them in one place, you can share all your favorites with your friends in a click.” This Hitler app is rated “medium maturity” and the app has earned 76 Google+1s and an average 4.1 star rating with 58 reviews. Another one of the free apps, Infamous Adolf Hitler Quotes, has attracted 10,000 to 50,000 downloads in the past 30 days according to Google’s statistics.

The second Hitler app is the more troubling of the two, since it’s descriptions asks Android users to “enjoy the inspiration of Adolf Hitler on your phone.” Another app called Adolf Hitler Thoughts states in its description that “the wonderful leader has given a lot of quotes that could motivate people to conquer the world.” The Hitler’s Sayings app refers to the Hitler quotes as “beautiful sayings that we could benefit from in our lives.”

So what sort of “inspiring” quotes should we expect from these Hitler apps? According to The Jerusalem Post some include lovely gems like “Jews are like the mosquitoes that suck our blood,” and “I could have killed all the Jews in the world, but I spared some of them so you know why I killed the rest.” You get the idea.

People are apparently not just learning from history, they are reveling in it in an unhealthy manner. While some reviewers simply find Adolf Hitler “quite intriguing,” others are taking their interest to a whole new level according to Arutz Sheva:

“If we in the west had leaders with 1% of his guts we would not have filth, mud people plotting to kill us in our countries, their actions prove it.”

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League is attempting to get these anti-Semitic Hitler apps removed Google Play since they apparently violate Google’s policies regarding hate speech. The Huffington Post points out that “although Google has removed pro-Hitler and Nazi Androids apps in the past, particularly in 2010, new anti-Semitic apps continue to plague its app market and seem to have grown even more inflammatory in their content.”

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6 Responses to “Adolf Hitler App For Android Provides ‘Inspiring’ Nazi Quotes”

  1. George Scott Leon

    Yes, I think these apps are stupid & an unnecessary waste of space & time, however, what happened to freedom of speech, freedom of expression? Have we decided that is is more important to make sure that not a single person is offended than it is to have the right to freely express & make an ass of yourself? I have never seen these apps in the Play Store & I only found anything even related in the Play Store after reading this article & then searching for these type apps. Didn't your mother ever tell you to be careful what you ask for? If you go searching for something, you will eventually find it. If you don't support something, don't give it any attention, don't buy it, that's what the free market works & how it self-corrects. I may not want to read "quotes by Hitler", but I'd like to have the ability to research anything I like, the freedom to chose what I read & consume, whether it is Hitler, or a deranged app developer with a mental disorder.

    I don't want to lose the right to learn something because somebody finds things related to anyone infamous or evil, whom is a part of our world's history nonetheless, offensive or controversial. If we say you can't have Hitler apps, well then who is the next historical person that had a major impact on the world that we will try to forget or erase? Remember what is destined for those that forget the past.

    In closing I'll say that I believe everyone should have the right to express themselves. Common sense tells me that if you find something offensive, you are less likely you will be offended if you don't go looking for that which offends, but you will always be offended if you spend your life looking for that which offends you.