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Dog Runs Over Man With Car In Florida

dog driving car

You hear sad stories all the time about a man or woman accidentally running over their pet. It isn’t often, however, that you hear about a dog running over a man.

The Florida Highway Patrol said today that James W. Campbell was killed today when a dog accidentally stepped on the gas pedal of his truck.

The FHP says that Iris H. Fortner, 56, and Campbell, 68, were returning to their home in Florida when the tragic accident occurred.

The News Herald reports that the two were backing their car up to the property when they stopped to open up a metal gate. Campbell got out of the car to open the double gate and Fortner was set to drive the car onto the property. Fortner said that she got out of the car “to see what side of the double gate he was standing on.”

That’s when Fortner’s boxer jumped into the driver’s side door. The dog pressed down on the gas pedal and the car backed up into Campbell.

Campbell got stuck underneath the front of the car. He died before the Florida Highway Patrol arrived on the scene.

NBC reports that police are currently investigating the death. Fornter has not been charged with any crime.

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27 Responses to “Dog Runs Over Man With Car In Florida”

  1. Felicia Wilkey

    Ok, that sounds impossible, because, if she had left the truck in reverse when she stepped out of the truck to see what side of the fence her husband was on, wouldn't she have had to put the van in park? So, not only would the dog have to press the gas pedal, the dog would also have to take the truck out of park and put it in reverse. Right?

  2. Robin Antjoesmom

    sounds like the dog is being set up to take the rap..clever tho..clever.

  3. Grant Ydg'n McKee

    Just goes to show you, when it's your time to go the circumstances no matter how strange doesn't matter.

  4. Pat Fox

    couldn't have been the dog? I don't know, he looks kinda suspicious to me,! but that ain't no boxer in the pic, pretty sure it's a pit or staffy, both of which can drive a truck! apparently better than the lady!

  5. Anonymous

    if the truck was backing in and he was opening the gate behind the truck how in the hell was he stuck under the front of the truck?

  6. Noah Mandel

    They left out the part where the dog screamed "this is for not buying that bitch at the pound," before he jumped into the car.

  7. Jamaal Currie

    This dog does not need to call al sharpton or jesse jackson I just heard scooby do when take this case into consideration.

  8. Eileen Curran

    mmuummmmmm Doris Duke ACCIDENTLY ran over her driver as he tried to open the gate to the billionaires estste…yup, sound like someone took a page right out of history. Duke was never charged. lots of tobacco money….

  9. Rosella Morton

    This sound strange? How did thee car get out of park. Or I'm I too believe one foot was on the break. What was the hurry, He could have told what side was open when he return to the car. Or maybe he decided just to go straight inside.
    Good luck in prison.

  10. Lisa Morin

    My condolences to the family…. after the shock wears off I wonder how are they going to tell this story with a straight face… I hope the dog will not suffer any ill will.

  11. Joseph J Shimandle

    Should have never taught that dog how to drive a stcik shift.

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