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Sandy Hook Hoax: Were Websites And Facebook Groups Published Before The Massacre?

Armed Guards At Sandy Hook Elementary School After Reopening

Sandy Hook hoax theories have been persisting on the web, beginning right after the Newtown school shooting and gaining momentum as Americans “question the official narrative” regarding the massacre — but one of the most pervasive bits of evidence involves websites seemingly published before the event expressing condolences or collecting funds for victims in the wake of the killings.

The internet collective known as “Sandy Hook truthers” have pointed to some pretty compelling evidence such as a United Way site devoted to victims in Connecticut as well as a Facebook page memorializing slain Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto — published several days before the shooting that killed 26 students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary.

How could this be? How could website be published to the internet before the event in question? Isn’t this evidence of advance knowledge of the attacks and perhaps collusion on behalf of the US government to cover up what appears to be a false flag attack?

Not exactly.

To understand the Sandy Hook websites that seem to have been published early, you must first understand the way the internet reconciles dates as well as how Google crawls them. If a page is repurposed to host other information than it originally displayed, it may show up as having been “published” earlier.

Further, servers and sites often have incorrect dates. Having used a number of WordPress panels in my career, it is a job to keep track of where dates and times are set in order to avoid publishing in the past when scheduling a post, something that could be at play and an easily explainable factor not often acknowledged by Sandy Hook truthers.

And given the fact material can run afoul on an individual computer, a site’s panel and then a search engine, sites like the United Way’s Sandy Hook page could easily register as a prior date on Google.

(Reddit breaks it down in minute detail on this thread — even explaining to Sandy Hook truthers that source code from the United Way’s page indicate it was indeed repurposed for the Newtown incident after it was initially created for a different reason.)

But what about the Vicki Soto Facebook page, created days before her death? Much like the situation with Sandy Hook sites on Google, Facebook’s dating system can be messy in establishing a timeline.

sandy hook website published before massacre

Everyone looking to make money off Facebook seeks the next big social story, and the Newtown incident was very, very well trafficked. A person seeking to create a group that is simply popular could have easily converted an existing group to a memorial page for Victoria Soto and the time stamp wouldn’t match the timeline.

Much has been made of the Sandy Hook websites allegedly published early, but the simplest explanation is often correct — and Sandy Hook truthers have perhaps selected the most unstable bit of “evidence” to support their conspiracy theory.

victoria soto facebook page december 10.png

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106 Responses to “Sandy Hook Hoax: Were Websites And Facebook Groups Published Before The Massacre?”

  1. Anonymous

    those who knowingly deceive the American Public sure do expect a swell payday.

  2. Teresa Nolivo

    That just goes to show you how much Americans care about other Americans. Something bad happens and people who don't even know you will search for the truth just to make sure the bad guy gets busted for it.. I hope to God If something bad were to ever happen to me people would care enough about me to research everything to make sure what is reported is what really happened. I really love America and the people in it.

  3. Michael Pierce

    The "truthers" are all being thrown into one group similar to "anonymous". Anyone can claim or be accused to be part of one of the groups, because there is no membership or hierarchy. Unfortunately this makes it easier for the media to attribute anything that relates to a broad number of activities (conspiracy theories or political hacking) to either group.

    In my opinion there are some very good questions being asked about the tragedy as well as at the same time more extreme views or conclusions being made that usually surround "conspiracy theorist" drawing events. It's easier and safer for the mainstream media(MSM) to criticize the weaker or more doubtful arguments being made about what we've been told, such as this one with the websites. In other cases I've seen the MSM flat out misquote or misrepresent what I believe are some good arguments showing that we're not being told the whole story.

    Sadly I'm able to say these things because I've done some research on my own, and the majority of the American public will take Anderson Cooper's word or articles such as this one "debunking" the questions being asked at face value and go on with their day. Most don't realize that they're reading or watching sources from the MSM explain away or debunk questions about the official story that was given to us by in fact, the MSM.

    Everything you can read or watch on the internet, from tinfoil hat wearing websites to Governmental websites to the most accredited News Organizations must be taken with a grain of salt. Most of us aren't on the ground in Connecticut and able to go around and ask questions and see things with our own eyes. The computer screen is a window, which most of the time has a filter on it working in someone's favor.

    Before you attack someone for making outrageous accusations ask yourself, "Have I really taken a look at this?" The implications of this incident are already being seen in our nation, and it's only the beginning. If you don't have the slightest iota of a feeling that there is something we haven't been told about the events that occurred at Sandy Hook, before you turn on that next episode of American Idol or Honey booboo I suggest maybe taking that time and giving this a second look.

    And if you think I'm nuts too, then whatever. That unmarked white van is probably going to come and get me one day anyway. God Bless.

  4. Michael Frame

    Are you brainwashed by the government too Kim? Youre a fool if you believe Kim in this article. Just another person trying to make the people believe this happened how the media portrayed it. And on the Facebook portion of it, everyone posting on here has a Facebook, so lets ask… Have you ever commented on a page and it show the wrong date and time? I didn't think so. Facebook doesn't use a time server, it uses your local time Kim. You're just as foolish and ignorant as anyone that didn't believe it's going to be a 1772 civil war all over again if osama, i mean Obama gets this ban.

  5. Kim LaCapria

    Michael, the Facebook part specifically refers to how a group name can be changed. Try it. Make a group, let it sit, change the name and it will still have a creation date of the old group. I could make one called "spinach fans," then update it a week later to be "lottery predictions" and make it appear to people I predicted the powerball numbers. It's just a quirk.

    Facebook should release a statement about this.

  6. Michael Frame

    Yes they should. And people need to understand this entire situation/hoax. The government did not plan this or stage this. The government is shaping this into their own story and giving you so called "facts" to make you believe banning assault weapons and ammo clips larger than 10 rounds is the best thing for this country. No it's not! How about instead of banning weapons, lets try this, just give the states the right to murder someone who murders another human being. You kill, we kill you. I think that's fair and i think that would put an exceptional amount of fear into someone and make them think twice before shooting someone over a bar fight.

  7. Roman Mestas

    You sure say "could have" often in your article. The PROOF that my eyes show me is that numerous pages/sites were created before this event, I might believe it were a "glitch" if it were one, maybe even two, but 9 or 10? Just does not add up to me. I am in no way a conspiracy theorist, I just have simple questions that need answering about this situation.

    I see the proof that makes things not sit right with this event, I do not see the answers to oppose this proof.

  8. Kim LaCapria

    As I see it, the only facts anyone gets upset about are 20 dead kids. It doesn't matter how it happened, and not a lot of information has yet been disclosed. I don't see why it matters how it happened, as it happened. And these sites are denying these parents their grief, mocking them and casting aspersions on them during a time they are experiencing something that is the worst thing anyone can go through.

    It's disgusting. If you think nothing should change in law, fine. Say that. Say this is horrible but it doesn't mean change the law.

    It's not okay to lie about the murders happening to support a shaky premise. Do you see the difference?

  9. Christopher Gage

    Yes, maybe a page was repurposed to be a memorial page but that does not affect comments. Many early comments on the pages were posted before the shooting, saying "RIP". The parents are being mocked because their reactions are completely fake. If my child had just been brutally murdered I wouldn't be able to smile or laugh for a long time. But Emily Parkers father is shown laughing and carrying on just a day or two after until he realizes that the camera is on him, then goes on to forcefully change his demeanor to appear sad. You are truly a sheep.

  10. Kim LaCapria

    Where did you get your psych degree from? Do you know that people don't laugh in grief? I have, plenty of times. It's painfully normal and well documented.

    I have reached out to Facebook for comment on the inconsistencies. However, their press contact system is shaky. If they respond, I will update.

  11. Kim LaCapria

    On the contrary, I'd say numerous pages prove the opposite — that this is a common caching quirk rather than conspiracy. How messy would the perps be to make MANY pages that pre-published? It's junior league.

  12. Meredith Marr

    OK, so *maybe* the timestamp thing is plausible, but there are a number of other inconsistencies in the MSM narrative that DON'T make sense. For example, they claimed that Adam Lanza had his brother, Ryan's, ID on him when he was found which is why Ryan was originally ID'd as the shooter. However, Ryan stated that he had not seen his brother or mother in several years because of his brother's alleged mental illness. So how could Adam have had Ryan's valid ID? Next, the day of the shooting, numerous media channels stated that several HANDGUNS were found next to his body & later in the day they showed LIVE VIDEO of officers pulling a SHOTGUN, not an AR-15 as later stated, from the TRUNK of Adam's car. Yet the medical examiner, who by the way acted like a total idiot during the press conferences, said that the kids were all shot with a semi-automatic rifle. Now how is it possible for him to shoot 20 kids & 6 adults with a gun that he didn't even have (even in his trunk)? I'm not about to buy into some of the other conspiracy nuts that say it didn't happen at all & they're all just "hired actors" but clearly this story has been hijacked by the liberal loons.

  13. Kim LaCapria

    Meredith, everything you cited can be chalked up to incomplete reporting. But let's say it's not.

    So this is all indicative of something — what? Either those kids died (which they did) or they did not die (which they did.) In the event they did die, there is no need for conspiracy on any level. The action in question unequivocally took place, and what guns were found where or how the Lanzas were confused in the media has no bearing on the facts of the matter. The facts of the matter are 20 children and six adults were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    It's baffling you think this is a partisan issue, it is not. Regardless of the details, the facts of their deaths occurring are the ones at stake here. And if you believe they are not real or did not die, that is a level of conspiracy that is near certifiable.

  14. Roman Mestas

    Junior league or human error. Same difference. Like I said, there is no evidence I see that has come against the questions raised surrounding this story.

    How can numerous pages prove the opposite?

    Make ten web pages and ten FB pages lets see if any of them come up with incorrect dates/info. And you expect me to believe that 10 out of 10 all failed at keeping the correct dates/info? Highly unlikely.

  15. Elisha Williams

    Not to mention, no one is going to change the name of an already existing Facebook page to that of a memorial page. You are going to create a NEW (MEMORIAL) PAGE all together.

  16. Michael Milewsky

    Do you have a link to the comments posted prior to the shooting? I'm interested in looking at that. That is someting that updates in real time.

  17. Michael Milewsky

    Kim LaCapria "what guns were found where or how the Lanzas were confused in the media has no bearing on the facts of the matter." Saying that he had his brother's ID, a brother he hasn't seen in years, is… big deal, what happened happened and that's a fact? Really? The fact that the "second shooter" (man running through the woods in camo pants away from the scene) was never mentioned again is somewhat troubling, no?

  18. Colin Korson

    Kim, how can you be so ignorant of the media agenda here? Do you think it's just a coincidence that it was incorrectly reported that an A/R was used in the shooting when our president is trying to get the weapons banned (I'm not saying whether they should or shouldn't be)?

    I think Michael Frame summed it up best above: "The government did not plan this or stage this. The government is shaping this into their own story and giving you so called "facts" to make you believe banning assault weapons and ammo clips larger than 10 rounds is the best thing for this country". People already find it hard enough to believe what our government tells us sometimes, and reporting "truth" that has numerous obvious holes is not helping their cause. That is what people are upset about.

  19. Eric Mcfarland

    Kim, you're the only one that makes any sense in these comments. I guess I thought we as a society were smarter than this; boy was I wrong.

  20. Holly Elise Miller

    Sometimes stories don't always seem consistent; that does not mean they didn't happen. I am a high school teacher and sometimes fights and bullying incidents occur in school. You can ask all the staff members and students that were around and receive differing responses from each. This doesn't mean the incident did not happen. Multiply this on a scale of mass hysteria, and it's easy to see how confusion can occur. But I do agree it is hard for the average citizen to make sense of the media and things do need better clarification, this incident and otherwise.

  21. Kim LaCapria

    Michael Milewsky As I said in some of my posts, we were one of the first outlets to report on this story from the outlet and have followed it closely since.

    If you have been watching consistently since, you know WHY those things seem that way. I was one of the first people to post Ryan Lanza's picture due to the misinformation.

    A lesser reported thread of the initial reporting was that Adam had taken Ryan's ID to buy a gun, as he was not yet 21. While the two had lost contact, I know from my early college days old IDs were often passed around among siblings and cousins. It was initially reported that Adam was still carrying the ID when he was found. Far more plausible than a coverup that CAN'T EVEN GET ITS PATSY STRAIGHT.

  22. Kim LaCapria

    Michael Milewsky Second shooter. We carried this report as an individual post. Given the large amount of information that day of greater importance, when it was revealed the man initially taken in was a Sandy Hook parent named Chris Manfredonia (who had been reported as trying to rescue his daughter from the school) the thread was dropped because it was a non-story.

    All this information is readily available across the web.

  23. Cody Duval

    really? I have literally never seen a sites date of creation "change" because they changed one of the pieces of information on it. Can you explain the videos of the "medical examiner" and his shakey explination of which gun actually was shot? he says how he knows more about guns then most people do, yet he says "they uhm… were shot using the uhh… long gun" I call bull shit. go look into it some more.

  24. Kim LaCapria

    Colin Korson I think that's woolly at best. You're being fleeced here. No one is shaping a narrative, 20 kids were shot. THAT IS THE NARRATIVE. No one cares about what they were shot with, why, or liberal or conservative politics.

    20 kids were shot. Is the narrative. That is all there is.

    Have you considered there is more than one AR in the world? The kids were shot with a Bushmaster.

    There. A conservative site. EVEN IF YOU THINK this is not a reason to ban ARs or high-capacity clips, THAT IS TOTALLY FINE. SAY THAT. Do not say it didn't happen.

    It did, and it happened as it sounds like it happened, and that doesn't mean we need to change laws. That is a valid position. But it happened, and it happened with a Bushmaster AR-15. Lanza shot HIMSELF with a pistol.

  25. Kim LaCapria

    Holly Elise Miller Thank you for your comment. I will posit that the media has been lambasted a lot here and there are two big factors no one is considering. One is that it is our job to tell the story as it stands at that hour. Like on 9/11, reports were coming from everywhere, and even credible sources like the AP were very, very wrong.

    Secondly, this situation is unprecedented in the media blackout at first because it is my belief they wanted to assemble the parents in person before any learned details on the web. I think this is why the details of the murders have been so quiet, because the police made it their greatest priority to protect the parents in a world where, unfortunately, parents have heard of a child's death on Facebook before the cops get there.

    I feel this explanations is the most believable.

  26. Michael Pierce

    First off I am an agnostic on whether or not all of the "official" information we've been told is true. Second, I'm finished for a while with this after digging through these different sites dated "before the massacre" for far too much time today along with some of the probably 1000's of blogs with less than constructive analysis of the alleged cover-up. I managed to find at least one explanation, unless of course the lizards planted it there.

    Theory Source – Fellowship of the Minds blog post 08JAN2013:
    Sandy Hook RIP/donation webpages created BEFORE the massacre.

    The "suspicious" webpage in question I will be addressing on the blog is "3. Sandy Hook Elementary Victims’ Fund" in which the blogger provides two images and a video as evidence of a conspiracy. The fund's page as since been taken down.

    Please direct your attention to 1:58-2:10 in the video, and please notice the first sentence of the update being shown: "On Dec. 19, Lisa Fernandez of NBC Bay Area featured me in an article she wrote on how the Bay Area responded to the sandy hook tragedy."

    It took me a bit to find this, but here is the article she is referring to:
    19DEC2012 NBC Bay Area – Bay Area Responds to #26Acts of Kindness.

    The explanation is not in the article, but in the facebook enabled comments below it:
    Vicky Dotson: "Created by Desaree Juarez on December 13, 2012? How did she know the day before it happened that it was going to happen?"

    Desaree Juarez "I created the page on dec. 13 to raise funds for my breast cancer campaign but when I heard about the tragedy I changed the page to try and help.
    Changing the info on the page didn't change the date it was created."

    In conclusion, her facebook has been there for years, and as someone who obviously checks the comments on an article that includes her (or as someone targeted with harassment on facebook prompting the checking of said comments) I doubt she is a disinformation agent or a lizard person. Ironically the blog posting was created the day after she had commented to explain the page's early date on the article that she mentions featured in the video on the blog.

    That's Jenga! I spent time on this because this was one of the first articles I read this morning, and I enjoy research and analysis. Now imagine if every person who is taking these theories at face value and indiscriminately reposting them on the internet really took a look at the information.

    Good Night

  27. Patricia Brock

    I agree there was to many to be a glitch, and it is so very funny that when I or anyone of my 500+ friends post something on face book it always is the right date.

  28. Alicia Morley Klorres

    To ask Particia's question again…why did the pages mysteriously disappear when people began questioning the dates

  29. Kim LaCapria

    We would need a list to verify this claim. I do know several pages were taken down at family requests, as there were certain family reps who wanted to keep the social media presence for their loved one in one place. Which is reasonable.

  30. Kim LaCapria

    Elisha Williams A woman actually told the media she did just that. If no one did it why would Facebook even release the feature?

  31. Chris Bryson

    boo. Your concept of lottery predictions does not work. You'd need a post with the time stamp, which is accurate only to your local time. Plus there would be a record that it changed.

  32. Ryan Potente

    Michael Frame "give the states the right to murder someone who murders another human being." This is capital punishment, which many states already have. Statistically, states without capital punishment have much lower murder rates.

  33. Robert L Snyder

    Kim LaCapria did you see the alleged performance? Who's mocking who? I don't want to believe this either, but I can watch it objectively and see some disperity.

  34. Robert L Snyder

    It does matter how it happened because the democrat part has used this issue to attck our rights. You may never want to use you 2 nd amendment rights, and thats up to you but what you seem to be missing is that this is not an attack on the NRA, by liberal politicians. This is not Anti-gun vs Pro-gun. This is an attack on all the rights of every American. Without the second amendmet you don't have a first amendment, or any of the rest.

  35. Kim LaCapria

    Again, to that I say psychiatric professionals have said time and again that grief does not follow an absolute pattern. Grieving people absolutely laugh.

  36. Anonymous

    Elisha Williams, not only that but Robbie Parker (the dad of a victim accused of fake crying in an interview) had his memorial page up for his daughter before the details of the shooting emerged. At that time they hadn't released the names of any victims. Later in the day Robbie posted an update on that page specifically stating that they didn't know for sure if their daughter had been murdered. None of that makes any sense. Parents don't create memorial pages before confirming if their child has been murdered. Seems weird and I cannot explain it. If anybody can provide reasonable explanation I would appreciate it. I think some of the theories can be explained away but this doesn't mesh.

  37. Sandy Brock

    My heart goes out to the parents who have to put up with idiots who believe this crap.

  38. Joshua Witherspoon

    Facts that are first reported aren't always correct. Since the 90's came around with 24 hr news stations and the internet, it has become who reports it first not who gets it right. So if first reported things turn out false or story's change it's because people just threw whatever out there to be first.

    I'm buying into people changing group names. Not only is that possible but do you really think the gov would be stupid enough to do something like that? Also don't you think people would have picked up on those pages and said something in the days before it happened if they were up there?

  39. Matt Suniyani

    Do you really believe this website tries to debunk this information?
    But what about the Vicki Soto Facebook page, created days before her death? Much like the situation with Sandy Hook sites on Google, Facebook’s dating system can be messy in establishing a timeline.

    Really that's there argument, that FB can be messy in establishing a timeline and are saying and Sandy Hook truthers have perhaps selected the most unstable bit of “evidence” to support their conspiracy theory.

    Like I have said until you give a good explainable answer and not such bogus, like it was a FB error, then why remove the page and re-create another one.

  40. Thomas Barnes

    But you can't deny that 4 people who appeared on news interviews are in fact actors and have existing resume's..I searched their names, "real names" and found that they are actors who specialize in things like this. They have profiles you can find online, the only people mocking the parents is the media.

  41. Joshua Witherspoon

    Thomas, I can deny that until I see facts that back up your claim. I'm yet to see any so until then link or GTFO.

    Steven, no it's an attack on the president by some and others that swear up and down that everything is a conspiracy.

  42. Bobby Damron

    No, that was pulled off by George W. Bush. Do some research…….

  43. Andrew Wolf

    If media would say they don't know when they don't have facts this would not be a problem agree

  44. Andrew Wolf

    Kim let me ask you what makes you an expert on this subject to portray the media and unbiased how many of them gave any heroic defense shooting since these ct shooting or likewise Somthing is not right here

  45. Roger Ritthaler

    I'm not saying that the event did not happen, BUT, what proof do you have that ALL of it happened as the MSM says it did? Have you seen all of the alleged victims?

  46. Roger Ritthaler

    Kim LaCapria Once more, I am not saying that this event did not happen. But, how can you call it "mocking", if they are just questioning the MSM reporting of it? How do we know they are all "grieving" unless we see them?

  47. Roger Ritthaler

    I think that the "smarter" is that we don't question things enough. How many times have lies been told, and then the truth has finally been admitted?

  48. Roger Ritthaler

    Kind of scary – and terribly unreliable of Facebook and computing in general – to think that a "dating system can be messy". If my programs and programming system did this when I was still programming, I would have been looking for another programming system and my employer would have been looking for another programmer.

  49. Roger Ritthaler

    I would hope that – in this case for sure – they wouldn't be "stupid enough" to do so. As for anyone noticing it at first, why would anyone have even thought to look for it?

  50. Red Mauldin

    I find it so unbelievable that system clocks of servers on the internet can be days off from real time. there are so many free apps that can be ran as services on these system to keep them within a half a second of real time, and check them several times a day. hell, I have them on my systems, and I'm a nobody.

  51. Ed LaBrosse

    Kim LaCapria ,already proven 3 of the grieving parents are actors,2 parents with false names work for DHS
    were were the 400 to 600 kids that went to the school?? did they vanish into thin air?any many many other problems with the official story

  52. Albert Carroll

    Sandy Brock My heart goes out to the idiots that DONT believe just how low the government will stoop to push their agenda. You and Kim drank the kool-aid didnt ya.

  53. Albert Carroll

    Michael Milewsky Actually, that 2nd man WAS mentioned…he was an off duty SWAT member. HE was probably the shooter. I saw a video showing Adam died the day before the shooting. Send me a PM and I will try to locate that video

  54. Tiffany Cristine

    Kim, I have noticed you post on every single article on this site and then some trying to defend the Sandy Hook shooting/hoax/whatever. Why so defensive about something you were not involved in? You seem awfully sure about something you weren't there for.

  55. Kenny Aldrich

    Kim LaCapria I haven't seen one person "mock" another in this event YET! what I have seen have been questions posed because "something didn't look right" and you have to admit the parents don't "look right" in certain interviews maybe it's all very easily explained (I'm the wrong guy to pick sides in stuff like this I stay out of ALL of that) I tend to examine the people who claim these events to BE hoax or fake..I think they bring up a good point with regard to how the "parents" are acting..believe me these questions aren't taking anything away from any grieving family member to believe that is to believe these people accusing others of being actors actually "count" they do not count so therefore they do not help or hinder the grieving process one lil bit.

  56. Kenny Aldrich

    Sandy Brock the parents don't have to put up with anything, please don't schill it's weak. the people saying the parents are "actors" aren't stopping any grieving process and are not asking the parents to put up with a're using the parents in the same way only in the opposite, by mere virtue of the fact that you have brought these parents up at there ya go

  57. Kenny Aldrich

    I believe this happened I believe the people died I believe the govt. is using this event as lerage to go through with a useless gun ban..there no conspiracies just AB=AB truth of the matter ASIDE who was the guy in cammo running in the woods who was allegedly in the purple van dressed as clergy..why did the police NOT know where the bodies were taken they were never taken to griffin hosp. in derby which was to be the hospital they were to be taken to ( I have the scanner tapes of that day) so there are fair questions out there and many more than these MANY more..all people want are answers nothing wrong with that now..or IS there?!

  58. Kenny Aldrich

    she makes good points but then so do others however because these are only opinions (on both sides) you're just picking a side that YOU happen to agree with nothing more in other words she is only as correct as the others saying the opposite and the reason is there is no hard factual data to back up her claims..see kim is making claims the others are asking questions so are YOU saying the people asking questions aren't making ANY sense? are you really saying that? hahahahahaa good luck with that line of thinking

  59. Jordan Gonzales

    Go to YouTube and watch Sandy hook shooting- fully exposed you can either believe or the evidence or not but I believe It's just a hoax

  60. Broc Glover

    Why is this called a "conspiracy theory"? There is no "THEORY". Facebook pages created prior to Sandy Hook only scratches the surface of this bullshit false-flag event.

  61. Falcon D. Stormvoice

    I have done this a couple of times before. It is easier to edit an old Facebook page than to create a new one, especially if the topic is similar or the old page is no longer active.. Once for when I relaunched an old website with a new name, and once for when a new entry in a video game series came out.

  62. James Brooks

    Kim LaCapria that doesn't explain a father's page for his daughter beforehand and his posting about his daughter during the schools lockdown mere hours after the incident began this explanation is not sufficient whatsoever…the father must be examined.

  63. Brian Diffenderfer

    Ah, I see now, so Victoria Soto herself, created her own Facebook page on Dec. 10th, and just happened to be killed in Sandy Hook 4 days later, and then her mom went on her Facebook and changed it up from "Victoria Soto" to "RIP Victoria Soto"… yea Ill believe that, because everyone gives there FB login/password to there parents so they can make changes when necessary.. NOT. And the biggest argument this article makes about weird dates is "the internet can be messy at times"…. OK

  64. Jason Wilson

    Don't hold your breath, Roger Ritthaler. I hate to not give you the benefit of the doubt, Kim, but you are stretching for easy answers here. The multiple glitches Are Highly unlikely. And we're not mocking parents, we're asking questions. Stop trying to shut us down with arguments used after 9/11 to cover that up. Those victims families are among the 9/11 "truthers" and have been for some time. I don't know what happened at Sandy Hook, and apparently professionals are similarly baffled, and being threatened to stop investigating!

  65. Jason Wilson

    WE HAVE NO IDEA if the government staged it or shaped the facts afterward. That's why we need to dig. I can tell you that intelligence agencies or another group having staged it CANNOT be ruled out. If we are being lied to about who did it and how, its stands to reason that others could be responsible for the massacre or the black operation or whatever happened there. The number of inconsistencies suggest a black operation followed by a desperate cover-up, complete with monetary payoff to the community. And lets talk about Dawn Hochsprung :)

  66. Jason Wilson

    I'm not mocking any grieving parents but you're insulting our intelligence when you say it doesn't matter who killed the kids. If they were killed, its very important to find the assailant(s). In other words, Kim, don't tell us the truth doesn't matter. It matters perhaps more than anything. You can't have justice or progress or even a good relationship without it!

  67. Jason Wilson

    Bobby Damron, I don't know about Bush. Maybe Dick Cheney had a more direct hand. Either way, the buildings were demolished and the footage and physical evidence were covered-up

  68. James Christian

    Good comments below. Something other than the official story happened here. Facebook and other internet sites dates can be checked by computer experts. James from Newtown. Grew up there until I was 19.

  69. James Christian

    I am just starting to find out more of what happened in my former hometown. My brother's wife goes to the Saint Rose church in newtown with her daughter. Why are they threatening Mr. Halbig? Is that how you spell his name? That brought it back into the news. Stupid move. My brother says his friends child died there but I don't have the name. has some stories on the coverup.

  70. Jason Wilson

    Interesting thank you. I will check on it. Is your brother quite familiar with the child? Convinced of the official story? I'd be interested to see how locals feel about all of it.

  71. Robert McCabe

    What happened to the 600plus kids that were supposedly there? There is not one picture of the evacuation or of their parents.

  72. Kyle Simmons

    i haven't seen any of the pages, but FB login/pw is beside the point. most people leave their facebook logged in on their home computer, their browser saves username/password (go into your settings in firefox/chrome and you can get a list of every websites username AND the password if you ever click 'remember this password')
    id imagine if i was killed, my parents would have complete access to my facebook account and just about any other online account i leave logged in/allow autofill to remember my password.

    edit: By the way, I just edited this comment, because, you can, in fact, edit comments on facebook. I dunno if it will actually say "EDITED" like your comment does, but at the very least you can click the "EDITED" text below your comment and see the original revision. i dunno what the deal is with the page your talking bout, havent looked at it, just pointing some things out….

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