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Three-Legged Dog Caught Stealing Dog Food From Store [Video]

dog steals dog food from store

A three-legged dog was caught stealing dog food from a store in Invercargill, New Zealand. Just like with human criminals, the dog food thief was caught red-handed (or red-pawed) by surveillance cameras. The dog materialized “out of nowhere” at the Alray Dairy earlier this month and snagged a $5.40 roll of dog meat.

The three-legged dog walked over the meat cooler, selected a “dog roll,” and then quickly exited the New Zealand store with its dinner, Channel 3 News reports. Customers were left standing in dumbfounded silence as they shook their heads and questioned what they had just witnessed.

Alray Dairy owner Esmay Hay had this to say about the three-legged dog stealing food from her store:

“The video is so funny, just to see the look on their faces, they just couldn’t believe it. They were standing there with their mouths open. Being a Friday night, locals were coming in in droves to order their fish and chips. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens were coming in the door to place their orders and the dog ran a wide circle around them and ran out the door. It’s quite hilarious. We suspect he came through the open back door and trotted through the shop because the next thing, he appeared at the dog roll chiller.”

Once the owner and the customers regained their composure, they went outside to look for the hungry three-legged dog. Although the crafty canine thief was nowhere to be found, the dog food wrapper was spotted about three blocks away. The poor creature must have been very hungry to walk into a busy and strange place looking for food, which was very quickly devoured.

Since the first dog food robbery was so successful, the presumably homeless three-legged dog appeared five days later to give his thievery another go. This time the hungry dog was tied up outside the store until later in the evening. No one arrived to claim the pet, so the store owner’s grandson took him home and fed him again.

The three-legged do is believed to be a 10-year-old German short-haired pointer. The dog, now dubbed Oscar, is living peacefully at the pound with tons of adoption requests pouring in daily.

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23 Responses to “Three-Legged Dog Caught Stealing Dog Food From Store [Video]”

  1. Pamela J. DeRoy

    It's so hilarious he got dog meat instead of just going to the meat department and grabbing a steak. So glad he'll find a loving home – such a smart dog! Made my day!

  2. Barbara LeBouton West

    They took him home over night but now he's at the dog shelter.Let's hope it isn't a shelter like most of us have in the US or he'll end up in doggy heaven because no one claims him.

  3. Anonymous

    They took him home only to release him to a kennel until he can be claimed by his owners. Why not just keep him out of the pound and hang onto him until being claimed?

  4. Angelica Goldstein

    What sort of inhuman idiots would go on vacation, and leave their dog to fend for itself? Please, DO NOT GIVE THIS POOR ANIMAL BACK TO THE HEARTLESS FAMILY THAT ABANDONED HIM TO VACATION! And how did he come to have a leg AMPUTATED? Neglect, or ABUSE, perhaps?

  5. Clydeine Oglesby

    Dog was hungry! Smart guy! He would have a home with me if needed!

  6. Clydeine Oglesby

    Dog was hungry! Smart guy! He would have a home with me if needed!

  7. Ruth Perez

    Poor baby was hungry! He is not a thief cause Dogs don't know what stealing is.

  8. Sandra Brodie Carr

    I really hope he was saved from the pound and given a loving home!

  9. Sandra Brodie Carr

    I really hope he was saved from the pound and given a loving home!

  10. Carol Weishaar

    How did the dog know he was stealing dog food and not human food? How did he choose? So many questions..

  11. Kathryn Wakeford

    Um. ya whatever those lovely accents were saying. Thanks for ultimately taking care of "Oscar".

  12. Elaine Flores

    yes, why cant he be adopted? I hope someone bring him to their home where he can be fed and taken care of regularly. Some dislike having dogs which are physically disabled.

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