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Sandy Hook Truthers United By Misinformation, Suspicion As Strange Conspiracy Grows

sandy hook truthers

A movement of Sandy Hook truthers, people who believe the school shooting in Newtown either did not happen at all or did not happen in the way it was reported, has been growing on the internet since nearly the day of the shooting — but it appears the tipping point for the certifiably insane conspiracy was reached earlier this week when it was revealed that Gene Rosen, the kindly gentleman who sheltered six refugees from Sandy Hook Elementary, had been on the receiving end of extensive harassment from those who buy into the strange theories.

To understand Sandy Hook truthers, you must first look back to September 11th and a strange narrative that also reached a tipping point in that era. Given the polarized response America had to the attacks, a bizarre cognitive dissonance became somewhat of a cottage industry after that watershed incident, and conspiracy theorists like the Sandy Hook truthers reached a new level of amplification. Once dismissed as tinfoil hat wearing freaks, those who compiled a list of objections to what is generally widely considered fact found a new and cohesive way to air their paranoia — the internet.

But what seems to bind Sandy Hook truthers together is the response to the shootings in Newtown. Understandably, gun control has become a heated debate in America after the details of the shooting became known — that the first-graders killed in the attack had been shot with what is often called an “assault rifle,” sparking a national conversation about whether such weapons should be restricted among civilians.

(One aspect of some Sandy Hook truther rhetoric is the claim that a handgun or pistol was used in the massacre — but this claim has been widely debunked, even by conservative outlets.)

Salon, who broke the story on Sandy Hook truthers harassing Gene Rosen, also did a piece on how the paranoia has broken into some mainstream reporting — profiling Ben Swann, reporter with a local Fox affiliate in Cincinnati, who’s claiming to “question this whole narrative” about the Newtown shootings.

newtown truthers gene rosen

Indeed, reporting from Newtown that day and in subsequent weeks was spotty at best. However, like 9/11, if the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary could be described in a single word, “chaotic” might be that word. And if we learned anything at all from the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center, it is (in regards to news) this — we can have our information accurate, or we can have it quickly.

What Sandy Hook truthers seem to ignore is that from the moment the news hit — The Inquisitr was one of the first sites to carry the report of shots fired at a Connecticut school — the incident was nearly suppressed in the media. When the death toll was released early that afternoon, the unequivocal reason became horribly clear.

Twenty children dead. Twenty, in the first-grade, shot multiple times. Had this news broken along with the story, the effect on the families affected would have been unimaginable. Try to fathom, for a minute, pulling up Facebook on your mobile phone as you hurriedly rush back to your hometown from work because the school called and seeing a message that your child had been one of those murdered due to leaked information from the scene.

It seems all the conspiracy goes back to this single factor — that the Connecticut State Police decided firmly and early on to inform families first and press second. In this void of information, the media relied on a stream of vague reports (one early tweet indicated whatever happened it was “really bad”) as well as visual observations on the scene — like an assault rifle being removed from the trunk of Adam Lanza’s vehicle.

newtown shooting

When examined, many assumed this meant police were not telling the truth — but is it possible Lanza carried two assault rifles? This sort of Sandy Hook truther peek-a-boo (if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist) is seemingly what’s driving this insanity. But further, it seems that many Sandy Hook truthers are driven by a more selfish, crueler impetus, a narrative pushed forth by a style of reporting grown popular in recent years.

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary was incomprehensible, but the incident also seems to finger guns as an issue perhaps requiring discussion. And given this very clear take-away, many have decided simply to deny what so very clearly happened happened — choosing instead to believe a government conspiracy the likes of which could never be pulled off in actuality given the levels of complicity required by a cast of thousands is likelier than one lone, disturbed man did a horrible, horrible thing.

It defies comprehension that Sandy Hook truthers find a massive global cabal more believable than a day marked by horror relayed unevenly by a confused press — but it’s important this narrative of suspicion be halted by sane Americans with alacrity.

At the end of the day, 26 people walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and didn’t walk out. 26 families were shattered forever, and the Sandy Hook truthers aren’t just engaging in a harmless counter-narrative.

newtown school shooting

Below is a video that is apparently galvanizing the Sandy Hook truther movement — but watched with even a mildly critically eye, every single bit has a quick and reasonable explanation. We know the “second shooter” was parent Chris Manfredonia, who tried to extract his daughter from the school while it was still locked down.

We know that Adam Lanza was initially misidentified as Ryan Lanza, potentially due to carrying the wrong ID. We know that a Bushmaster was said to be found both in the trunk as well as in the school, and that Nancy Lanza had a number of firearms.

We know that sometimes grieving people laugh and cry or both, and that emotion is not a predictable thing. And we know that behind this pop-culture analysis is a town full of real, grieving people who don’t deserve to be called liars or crisis actors by half-baked investigators with no actual evidence of any deception.

If it’s about guns, it’s perfectly fine to say that despite the horror in Newtown, laws should stay the same. What’s not fine is to harass a community that has experienced unimaginable pain, which is what Sandy Hook truthers are doing when they say things like grieving families have shed “no tears” in interviews.

Here are some Sandy Hook truther videos, but literally hundreds more exist and should be condemned by thinking people. Have you encountered Newtown conspiracy theorists on Facebook or in real life?

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51 Responses to “Sandy Hook Truthers United By Misinformation, Suspicion As Strange Conspiracy Grows”

  1. Neal Wynn

    If those pages WERE created before the event, why? What weapons did he use? Police reports are now sealed for 90 days. If, in fact, he DIDN'T use an AR-15 to shoot those kids, then the anti-gun lobby is politicizing this to fuel their own agenda. The government lies to you all the time. If we really want to address the problems that are highlighted by this incident, we need to start with the truth. What is the truth here? As far as we know, a mentally disturbed person, who was not (as far as I know) receiving appropriate treatment, had access to legal firearms and did something terrible. The common link in EVERY event that harms kids, especially large scale events like this IS NOT guns, it is mental illness. If you can find me an example of a mentally stable, legal gun owner who used a firearm to cause a mass casualty event or targeted children intentionally I'm interested to see it. We need to address the real problems. There are many reasonable explanations. We invaded Iraq because of WMD, remember.

  2. Stephen Mclean

    While I do believe that the shooting did happen I also believe that there is a lot of information that is being covered up and shied away from.
    and considering how Obama is pulling the strings of many big time broadcast stations to report what he wants to be seen also plays a factor when watching this.

    Does this mean that I don't think that there was no shooting? No. I do believe that there are families hurting right now and my heart goes out to them. But watch this video and ask yourself, could there be SOME truth to this? Crazier things have happened before.

  3. Kim LaCapria

    I see no way this can be not one or the other. Either it happened or it didn't. Either 26 people were murdered or they were not.

    What ambiguity is there? It can't be a partial conspiracy. That's not how these things work. How can it be somewhere in the middle?

  4. The Watchman Report

    Okay, I'll bite. You say that these people are conspiracy theory nutcases who question the official narrative. I could agree with you EXCEPT what is with all of these webpages being created on or before the actual tragedy and before any of the victims names were known? Is that a conspiracy too?

    If the police found such damning evidence as this there would be a thorough investigation of a CONSPIRACY to commit mass murder.

    And what about the United Way page for Sandy Hook showing a creation/upload date of December 11, 2012 when the tragic even happened three days later? I check the page myself and saw the December 11 date!

    I'd like to believe your take on the matter, but there are far too many holes in this story – far too many – and by far too many bizarre timing anomalies.

    If you want to put this to rest – address the truthers open and extremely valid questions, not just call them nutcases.

  5. Kim LaCapria

    Google caching is not an exact science, and Facebook page names can be changed. Literally thousands of memorial pages were made in the days after the attack. Some were likely made on FB by people who make lots of groups for money or attention, and when Victoria Soto started trending, they changed their other page to be "RIP Victoria Soto."

    Likelier than a shadowy conspiracy, right?

  6. Jammie Peterson Bagnell

    Google caching doesn't answer anything. The webpage is specific to the shooting, and Google doesn't cache websites before they're created. So if this website was in fact created on December 14th, and cached IMMEDIATELY, it would still be cached on December 14th….not December 11th. Caching means the server takes a snapshot of that page and stores it as a back-up in case the webpage experiences congestion, goes down, is really slow, etc. So explain to me how Google can cache a website on December 11th that supposedly didn't exist until December 14th?

  7. Jammie Peterson Bagnell

    And if Google was experiencing issues with caching websites and phony dates, why is it that ONLY websites pertaining to Sandy Hook suffered from these issues? I have yet to find another website with a cached date that is prior to the creation of the site.

  8. Anonymous

    Controlled 'news' media criminals fed us Disinformation, not Misinformation,

    for twelve long years after their September 11, 2001 psychological operation.

  9. Al Herriman

    I think its interesting that mainstream media has pretty much blocked reporting on the conspiracy theory. I believe people died, and I believe the government has politicized it with as much hype and mainstream media collusion as has ever been orchestrated, with the intention of disarming the population as much as possible, under the guise of keeping us "safe", while planning to restrict and tax the middle class to extinction to fuel both big capitol and our minority heavy lower classes generation after generation of free lunch.

  10. Kim LaCapria

    Except for Anderson Cooper, who devoted a third of his show to it? What you're saying is conspiracy as well. You don't need to politicize this event, people feel this way. They want things to be different.

  11. Ryan Alexander

    changing the name of a FB page does not change the url that it was initially given such as Ms. Soto's R.I.P. page made 12/10/12 that bore the url with r.i.p.soto in the address and was consequently taken off facebook because of that fact. One person explain that single fact and maybe the other issues will start falling as well but the shady house of cards that is the "official story" is getting ripped apart because of the amount of inconsistencies in the stories. The fact that every single parent of a victim was unable to produce a real tear is unhuman. Maybe one or two but not one of the parents welled up is laughable.

  12. Donald Retrum

    Kim, i understand you're just writing articles to make your paycheck and you are paid by your news organization to express one byass or another… However, we the public are tired of one-sided political mumbo-jumbo that steers the readers/watchers to believe only what they are told. This conspiracy, like most, is derived from questions raised by the holes that are left behind by reporting only parts of stories… It is our duty as Americans to question our leaders, and since the leadership controls the media, we are calling into question the media too.

  13. Al Herriman

    That's just it, MOST people DON'T want any more restrictions. Several states aretakingtheir own legal action, seems like pretty strenuous resistance to me, not a general agreement that its "time for a change" the way most media is portraying public opinion. Let me tell you, most people I know agree more horsehockey laws won't change these events, nor do they want them. Its a small, very vocal, few clammoring for all the bans, registries, and even the "eventual handing over" of what they over define as assault weapons. I see headlines screaming "most agree its finally time", most WHO? Ill tell you, most people at a gun control rally, that's ALL. Walk down a street and ask a hundred random people, 75 will say keep your damn hands to yourself or get shot. I see "its time for compromise", the problem with that is they've been working on compromises one at a time, and they've gotten them in the past, but somewhere we have to stop "compromizing" or WE won't have any second ammendment at all, that's not going to happen. Your small percentage wants to disarm a much larger percentage, and its threatening violence at the state level, common sense says backing down is better than forcing outright revolt THEN losing all power entirely.

  14. Kim LaCapria

    Every single parent did not speak publicly. A handful have, and you saw them for 5 minutes roughly. You are making judgments based on incomplete information.

    Do you have proof the Facebook page was removed "because of that fact?" Or are you guessing? Could the family of Ms. Soto have requested unauthorized pages be removed? Is that a more likely possibility?

    Or is it just lizard people?

  15. Ryan Alexander

    I don't own any guns, so before you start writing blanket profiling journalism about people who believe certain things you should consider all walks of life male/female of all ethnicities will ask questions about what is the truth when such oddities are found in mainstream media stories, and spewed out of the mouths of our law enforcement and political leaders. Does every American who owns a gun deserve to be called a nut? Does the act of a few decide the outcome for many? The second amendment was to ensure that the citizens of this great country could protect themselves against corruption of the government that was so rampant where the forefathers hailed from. Now in retrospect our country is corrupted at every level and has already ensured we can not defend ourselves, it would be laughable to watch any normal gun toting citizen take up arms against the modern weapons of our government authorities. Take a look at even in our own country where weapon bans have failed such as D.C. where even hand gun ownership was banned, then look at the amount of murders before and after ( 2008 after the ban was lifted 186 murders, dropping steadily every year to 145 to 132 to 108 in 2011. During the assault rifle ban weapon crimes rose 4% and have lessened after it was lifted. None of the crime statistics of banning any type of weapon to make our streets safer have worked out. When shown facts like that you can scoff, fine but when shown hard evidence that maybe the media lied to you, and you refuse to believe anything other than that box in front of your face raising your children you are an idiot! You knock people down for searching the truth, maybe we were not lied to, but who are you to belittle real people who research the truths instead of sucking at the media teets like a bunch of lambs for the slaughter.

  16. Ryan Alexander

    the Ms. Soto page was removed then remade btw, and I didn't say the parents were all shown either but all that were remained dry even laughing and making themselves get into a depressed state before speaking.

  17. Kim LaCapria

    There is a big place for strong research and investigation. Accusing parents of dead kids of faking grief, mocking them and posting and reposting videos of their statements less than 24 hours after they lost a kid is NOT THAT.

    It's wonderful when someone does hard hitting work. This is not hard evidence by any stretch of the imagination. It's armchair internet trolling for dummies and it is pathetic.

    No one was lied to, we just have not yet gotten details on the investigation. These people are not searching for truth, they are sowing misinformation among the gullible.

    I have examined every conspiracy here objectively and NONE stand up to any scrutiny whatsoever.

    There is no LIBOR connection.

    Grieving people often laugh and are numb and shocked, not crying.

    It is possible to be in possession of two rifles or ARs.

    Sometimes siblings look alike.

    I can go on. Every bit of "evidence" is so laughably flimsy I'd be laughing at it if I knew these poor parents didn't have to see this horrible accusation day in and out when googling their child's name.

    This is not about guns. It is about mocking and denying someone's very real horrific grief to suit political agendas, and it's disgusting.

  18. Ryan Alexander

    So you have assessed some of the questions that are being told by garbage media yes. What of the one question Ms. Soto's RIP page made on the 10th not the 11th as one person said before BTW. Caching could not be linked with this the url is the web address given to a page upon inception and changing the name of a page does not change the url as I previously stated. Inside of the url the address read r.i.p. and her name. answer the questions I'm giving you I don't know about libor and yes it is possible to own multiple weapons. It's also possible that the police tapes called out a suspect and suspect vehicle that was not Adam's that there were people who described multiple assailants and the police even described these same people who were supposedly dressed like nuns and gave a description of a van they were in with a busted window.

  19. Ryan Alexander

    also I'd like to know the hard stats on grieving people who had their child brutally murdered found laughing and not crying that you claim is often.

  20. Kim LaCapria

    Ryan Alexander I have seen this video, numerous times. I've spoken with a psychiatrist off the record about it as well.

    Not only have I laughed and then cried within 60 seconds during a shocking loss and intense grief, but the doctor explained that it is an exceedingly normal response to intense grief. He said most people are very numb to it for days, and this was less than a day. I have not lost a child, but I have lost someone extremely important, who I loved, who died suddenly and far too young.

    Don't take my word for it. Find one psychologist, show them this video, and ask their professional opinion. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge on the subject will tell you that this sort of thing is absolutely normal in a time of shock and grief.

    Have you ever experienced it? Because I remember it vividly.

  21. Ryan Alexander

    Kim the type of language you used in your reply is exactly the type of what you would expect from a media whore (not taking a stab at your sexual exploits btw) "There is a big place for strong research and investigation. Accusing parents of dead kids of faking grief, mocking them and posting and reposting videos of their statements less than 24 hours after they lost a kid is NOT THAT." So, obviously those places of strong research and investigation are not within a drive of your house? Do not mock me for questioning the media by using the poor children defense after you attack anyone who doesn't see things your way. You have earned your rank amongst the rest of the garbage journalists of the world, BRAVO!

  22. Kim LaCapria

    I doubt there is any specific data on behavior that is typical of parents in the immediate aftermath of a child's murder. The psychiatrist with which I consulted indicated that there is a vast array of emotions and that the shock factor is known to cause behavior deemed odd.

  23. Kim LaCapria

    I am not sure what you're alleging. Do you expect me to knock on their doors and examine their behavior? Neither you nor I are qualified to do that if it were acceptable behavior, which it is not.

    There are plenty of questions that could reasonably be asked that do not involve posting and reposting a video of a man in his absolute darkest hour and mocking his grief.

    That is disgusting. Unequivocally. Ask about other things. But leave these people alone.

    I am stunned you're accusing me of an attack when people are saying far worse about these families. I say that is unseemly, and I'M attacking? What about the people harassing these grieving families? THAT is harassment. This is not attacking you.

  24. Ryan Alexander

    Keep dodging the questions asked and your role in journalism will get you far. I'm alleging that the pages made Dec. 10th had a URL address which indicates the original name of the FB page made because as said now for the third time when you change the name of your page that does not change the URL. I am stating that the police scanner recording does not line up with the official story. Never did I say that is was okay for any person to intimidate or threaten the people involved what, I am stating is that for one person to grieve in the situation without tears (of those interviewed) is understandable but for each of those that were interviewed no matter how hard they did try could not get any moisture and looked no worse for wear at all. You stated this is common. Where is it common to find a parent who lost their child to such an insane tragedy that is not emotionally unstable for months. Tell me who in fact even saw a body? None of the parents for sure and for an odd reason no one who was a witness claimed to either. I'm not saying the tragedy didn't happen, what I'm saying is the details about how it happened are flawed at best.

    Even the nurse said she knew the mom of Adam to be a teacher then that came out that was false. Are you still with me? She first said she had locked eyes with him then he inexplicably walked away. Then her next story was only of seeing his shoes as he walked by while she hid. I couldn't make up all of the differing stories that happened here. your article attacks all who question the line the media has fed to us.

  25. Kim LaCapria

    To answer your question about a parent seeing a body, you are wrong:

    How the Facebook URL for Victoria Soto's memorial page was easily changed:

    I maintain you have no idea what grief looks like, and you are guessing. Guessing is not proof.

    I did not see the nurse's contradictory story. I do know people who survived were not moving throughout the building.

    What little I do know about how brains work is that we do not process everything. We take a quick scan of info and fill it in with what we already know. That is demonstrable in the phenomenon of continually overlooking something out of place- our "cached" images don't reflect reality.

    So we have a large group of survivors, riddled with adrenaline, confined to the area in which they were when the shooting broke out for up to FOUR HOURS.

    During that time, they may have heard police and assumed it was another shooter, or the original shooter. They may have faulty or even false memories.

    I believed that I'd seen Santa in my home at the age of four until I stopped believing in Santa. Memory is not sturdy, and look this up- eyewitness testimony is NOTORIOUSLY unreliable.

    Seriously, ask a legitimate cop or detective about this. Ask a lawyer. This is a well-known bit of common knowledge.

  26. Ryan Alexander

    Wow you actually used the one person who had an account that displayed her family in such and what Noah isn't there just two curly haired kids that the boy is much older than the photo's she displayed of her supposed son Noah, which every photo shown of him is a stand alone photo. Also the authorities didn't let anyone see the victims and instead showed the families photos of their children who victims and laid at school till 10 pm with no medical personnel to even check them to see if they were in fact dead non revivable. so watch her sons pic then the one she had posted on her profile.……… I am not debating that yes sometimes eyewitness accounts are not clear but then why is it so important to have them at a trial? Are the eyewitness accounts worse than what those who were not there at all, I highly doubt that.

  27. Ryan Alexander

    Without seeing me for one second knowing one detail, you can maintain that I do not know grief is the exact type of nonsense your writing against is it not? except for from my side I get to see the individuals before the camera is on to their knowledge and I do know what event has taken place. Ask my wife sometime how emotional I got just thinking of those kids and families. Those 20 kids 6 adults affected at least a hundred people directly in their lives and have now indirectly impacted millions the country will for sure not be the same after this. In fact the entire time I have maintained that it's the "facts" that law enforcement gave is what has driven these questions. I asked you four times the same first question and you finally responded with a link that may or may not explained the Soto page you could not testify before a judge that it was not originally named that could you? It's also fascinating that the only teacher harmed was the temp. so no one really knew her there? to many odd ball coincidences to simply throw out. like I said people should not be berating these people, but think of this your page has further fueled the fire your trying to extinguish. Your blind acceptance of all these points that make eyebrows go up and as everyone of the questions come up they're never fully answered either. You maintain couldn't this of happened or that, accusing me of poking around in the dark while your power is out to. At least I have a candle!

  28. Dale Holmstrom

    Al, well said. Rumour has it that when the Illinois senate was pondering a gun consfiscation bill, Governor Quinn met with the leaders of the Il ARNG and asked for guard cooperation with law enforcement should it pass. The Generals and Colonels said that they would not comply.

  29. Abby Karhani

    You need to learn how sinister the ruling elite function to understand how things can not always be as black and white as you want them to be. The world is owned and run by sick psychopaths, this is no longer a conspiracy it is a reality and they are capable of anything if it were to suit their interests. The bankstas are not super humans they are bunch of rich bastards that think they own us. Wake the fuck up. When a webpage is trying to tell you to trust the mainstream media such as this one i would squash it as BS. Never trust the media and even though some question people may have may not make sense to us but its much healthier to question than to swallow what they tell you.

  30. Al Herriman

    That's good to know dale, I always figured the majority of the military would see its duty to the people over the government. Government does not a nation make, its the citizens that fill it. I imagine the cia and secret service, along with a few other agents that would try to serve a whole country something it doesn't want, and pay a heavy price for trying to subjugate the state. Would've been good though, to watch it fail, and a few thousand owners converge on springfield and ride ole quinn out on a rail to be locked in stocks on front of the capitol building. Woulda shut obama the hell up quick too.

  31. Anonymous

    1st responders William and Karin (daughter) get call text from Barbara (who hid in school with nurse for four hours) as soon as the shooting began, yet they fail to find their (mother/ ex wife) for four hours. 1st responders Michael, Michael Jr, and Burton get text from Shari (Wife/Mother) She is not found for four hours? FEMA Stage shooting drill at that very school, every lead leads to a questionable story. None of the facts add up.

  32. Bill Lair

    wrong, Where are the video tapes, school just installed a high tech security system, where are the pics of the doors being blown away, where arethe pics of the rooms shot up, on and on,, if you were a real reporter as they were when nvestigative work was done, you would have these, you dont, so move on Kim Kardashian look alike- thumbs down on this fake BS for Obummer agenda

  33. Bill Lair

    actors, staged killings,, who knows, if obummer and CO will blow up a church full of people with Children in Libya,, I guess he will easily do the same thing in the US to get what he wants,,

  34. Bill Lair

    Robbie on tape joking and laughing and smiling- oh what fun it is to e on camera,, then asks are we ready, coughs shrugs all hile getting into character- this guy needs to sit in a room with some not some nice people and have them play truth or dare- and see where he stands,, I would guess he would buckle and confess to the BS

  35. Bill Lair

    Kim, Get off your media bullshitz speech and do a real job,, talking in circles, gets you nowhere in todays time. People want answers and they want the truth,, if not they will find the truth one way or another and ultimately put you out of the picture,, sealedfor 90 days so they can make up another story– oh 5 guns now and 6 bushmasters with 1000 rounds when they finally come out wih video,, after massaging the story and making it larger than life,, this "hole"story smells

  36. Russell Good

    1. The media reported that there had been an altercation the day before. It didn't happen, but no retraction by media. But, and considering the huge amount of resources being plowed into readiness training, including a revamped security system WITH CAMERAS, why wasn't he reported to police?
    2. Why did the media report that Adam broke the front door, but was later disproved? The police themselves said that they had to break in. And to add to the confusion there is pic that clearly shows the door intact. What does that prove?
    3. But if so (at 9.35) why wasn't it reported to the police immediately. It's a wired re-inforced glass door, so it would make a hell of a noise now wouldn't it?
    4.Why was the nurse absolutely clear that Adams Mum worked at the school, when it is clear now that nor she or Adam had anything to do with the school.
    5.. Why is there absolutely no evidence of Adams very existence after 2009? No facebook, no bank accounts, no school or medical records.
    6. And if so where did the 'zombie' pic come from? Looks just like the sort of pic you'd get from a psychiatric
    7. How could a 120 pound weakling with no training carry out an operation only highly trained musclebound men could achieve? If, as claimed Adams life was infront of a computer in the basement, he would be in a weakened unhealthy state, incapable of carrying out such a precision operation. Simply the weight of all the gear he would of had to carry, let alone handle the power of an assault weapon in a confined area.
    8 Why the confusion over what guns were used? Why did the media drop the drop the assault weapon story yet the medical examiner was quite clear that o long gun was used? The rifle was videoed being taken from the car, and a couple of handguns can not possibly release hundreds of rounds, clearly indicated from police radio recordings, and the fact that the victims were riddled with as many as a dozen bullets.
    9. Why didn't Gene Rosen ring the police or school immediately once he found out what had happened. Now that deserves big question marks????????? Has their been any questions to him by the mainstream about the possibly that he's 'making a killing' himself, going by the numerous interviews he's had.
    10. Why was evidence removed from next to 'Adams' car? Looked like 2 jackets.
    11. Why did the media suddenly drop the multiple shooter story, when we can see with our own eyes, and hear with our own ears, that there must have been more than one? Where did the purple van story go? What happened to the 2 guys subdued next to the school, and in the woods? And why was one of them put in the front seat of the police car? And perhaps I should add in response to the reporter. I don't think a captured suspect will still be carrying a gun on him LOL.

    It's pretty clear to me that Adam was simply not capable, unless he had help. I believe that the media dropped the assault weapon story BECAUSE THEY WERE TOLD TO. This would explain the video of the gun being removed not until after dark. Why wait all day to search the shooters car? Really, that's as bad a story as the teacher holed up in a closet 4 hours after the event. I wonder how the mainstream will deal with that. They won't. Just like they won't interview any more neighbours. Only Gene. Why? But just like the Pentagon, they will never release thel video footage. If you can't believe that it's because they've got nothing to hide, then you are really truly blind!

  37. Dave Gibney

    Kim is either a government employee or suffering from denial ….then again perhaps she was kicked in the head by a mule as a child

  38. Peter van Vliet

    When I seriously mangled my hand, I was laughing in the hospital when I woke up. When I was helping my former boss clean up his destroyed business on the Jersey Shore, we laughed. Shock is a weird thing. It does that to people.

  39. Peter van Vliet

    When I seriously mangled my hand, I was laughing in the hospital when I woke up. When I was helping my former boss clean up his destroyed business on the Jersey Shore, we laughed. Shock is a weird thing. It does that to people.

  40. Michael Fedak

    @KIM YOU HAVE done no research you troll. The government was proven guilty of killing MLK JOWERS VS KING FAMILY. What about JFK?

  41. Michael Fedak

    Gulf of tonkin
    Operation North woods and operation Mockingbird where the CIA hired people within News outlets to report there agendas

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