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Kentucky And St. Louis School Shooting On Eve Of Obama Gun Control Speech

Kentucky And St. Louis School Shooting On Eve Of Obama Gun Control Speech

A St. Louis school shooting just happens to have occurred on the eve of the Obama gun control speech. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the St. Louis school shooting occurred at the Stevens Institute of Business Arts.

Authorities said the victim, said to be a school administrator in his 40s, was shot in the chest with a handgun by a student, 21, in a fourth-floor office. The suspected shooter then went to a stairwell between the third and fourth floors and shot himself where he was found with the hand gun. Both were rushed to the hospital. Police say they are hopeful that both men will survive the surgeries.

In addition, according to the Associated Press there was a Kentucky school shooting on the same day. Two people were fatally shot and a teen was wounded at Hazard Community and Technical College. The Kentucky school was put on lockdown after the shooting, but no mention was made of what happened to the shooter while police are still investigating the matter.

The Kentucky and St. Louis school shooting will likely play a role in President Obama’s gun control speech. Political experts at PolicyMic suspect that President Obama will likely attempt to bypass Congress by issuing an executive order.

This executive order would limit access to so-called assault weapons, which in political terms is often used to describe a diverse amount of guns. Obama will likely also call for background checks on gun buyers to be strengthened, which may even include stipulations related to mental health.

As we consider the aftermath of the Kentucky and St. Louis school shooting, what do you think about the plans likely to be proposed by today’s Obama gun control speech?

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3 Responses to “Kentucky And St. Louis School Shooting On Eve Of Obama Gun Control Speech”

  1. Anonymous

    Really? A crazy teenager with a military rilfed that also "killed himself"… Don't you realize how similar these incidents are? Did anyone survive who actually saw the Connecticut teen kill those children and teachers? Did anyone see the same thing in this incident? And the TIMING of these events… the Connecticut just before christmas and this one just before the threat of executive order?

    Does nobody suspect conspiracy in these events? Really? Look beyond the tragedy and terror and objectively at how these events are swaying people's emotions for a "quick fix"…

    I am very concerned about the liberty that is becoming unraveled in the United States.

    Banning the posession of these weapons is akin to blaming hurricane Sandy damage on the weatherman.

    I'm just sayin'…

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