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Holly Madison Forced To Leave Home Over Giant Pink Dog House

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Holly Madison and her giant pink dog house are no longer welcome in the Rancho Circle neighborhood of Las Vegas.

According to People Magazine, Madison received several complaints from the homeowners association about her pink dog house.

The former Playboy Playmate said that she consulted a contractor about the “human-sized” structure that houses her three dogs and has followed the HOA’s guidelines. Still, she keeps on receiving complaints about her dog house.

Madison told the Las Vegas Weekly:

“I built this ridiculous, human-sized doghouse behind my house, and when I went over it with my contractor, he consulted the HOA on all their restrictions and whatnot … He told me it has to match the architecture of the house … They keep fining me for having it painted pink.”

Madison also said that since the dog house is a temporary structure it doesn’t even fall under the HOA’s jurisdiction.

Madison said:

“It’s a temporary structure, so it’s not even under their jurisdiction. That would be like harping on someone over their kids’ jungle gym.”

The former Playmate and mom-to-be said that she was done dealing with the HOA. Madison will be moving to a new home and yes, she’s bringing the dog house with her.

Madison said:

“I kind of knew I wasn’t going to stay in this house and I wanted something I could put on a pallet and take to the next place with me … Yes, I’m going to bring it.”

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18 Responses to “Holly Madison Forced To Leave Home Over Giant Pink Dog House”

  1. Caroline Batycki

    She has a point about it being compared to a child's jungle gym since it is not a permanent structure. HOA's are often times ridiculous. I have had trouble with them at some point and so have my parent's and brother.

  2. Tim Hoctor

    She reminds me of the character from legally blonde, but without being smart, or ever having gone to college, or having ambitions beyond being blonde.

  3. Melanie Pirozzi

    These associations have nothing else better to do. They need a life. This is why you need to be picky where you buy a house.

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