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Florida Satanists Fight For … Prayer In Schools

Satanists support Rick Scott

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Governor Rick Scott of Florida has some rather unusual support behind his recently-signed “prayer in schools” bill. Though the Christian population of the state must undoubtedly support the bill, it’s the Satanists who are turning out in force to rally for the measure.

MSN reports that Governor Scott’s Senate Bill 98 allows “district school boards adopt resolutions that allow prayers by students at school events,” and Florida’s Satanists are planning a rally to celebrate the passage of the bill.

“We’ve gotten such a response, it’s just impossible for me to know what that translates into,” Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves told local ABC affiliate WPBF.

Greaves said that the Satanic Temple, formed in 2012, is “more or less an online community,” though they are planning on forming a base of operations in New York.

Greaves also said that members of The Satanic Temple “have a sense of civic responsibility” and that they’d like to share their “side of theology” the same way that Christians and Jews do.

“We feel it’s time for Satanists to come out and say exactly who we are,” Greaves said.

According the Satanic Temple’s official website, Satanists “are popularly demonized as a result of misunderstandings, intolerance and fear-mongering opportunism.” It also says that Satan “has the compassion and wisdom of an angel.”

Greaves said that Satanists view The Devil as compassionate, just like any member of any religion views their own deity. “The name Satan resonates with a lot of people,” Greaves said.

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187 Responses to “Florida Satanists Fight For … Prayer In Schools”

  1. Theresa Scott

    If prayer was allowed in every crack pot religion will want to be allowed to pray and you'd have kids bowing to the East 6 times a day. Keep prayers where they belong and that's church or at home.

  2. Teresa Bullock

    Next they will be looking for their own time in schools to pray to satan. I don't trust them. Just another group attempting to sneak their agenda in to schools

  3. Kathleen Schneider Wayward

    Satanists “are popularly demonized as a result of misunderstandings, intolerance and fear-mongering opportunism.”

    umm……this article is a joke right?? this quote says it all. Satanists are 'demonized?' LOLOLOL

  4. Kevin Nguyen Minh-Sang

    That's only assuming he's real and not just some made up crap like every other religion. Which I bet he is.

  5. Kevin Nguyen Minh-Sang

    That's right Christians! Be careful what you wish for! No one said which form of prayer!

  6. Jayson Levine

    Hahaha…. "Satanists are popularly demonized as a result of misunderstandings, intolerance and fear-mongering opportunism.”.

    Does anyone find it curious that it says that satanists are demonized? LOL

  7. Erik Coleson

    I will do not such thing. You can get on your knees for whoever/whatever you'd like.

  8. Jimmy Stull

    I think the point is to throw the Christians off guard. The Satanic Temple is a group of Atheistic Satanists who don't believe in supernatural power of any kind. Satan to them is a representation of human desire and instinct. Basically they want to show how ridiculous prayer in school actually is.

  9. Damaris Espada

    which god? there are thousands of god and goddesses worldwide. but i know you refer to the abrahimic god or sky god. sorry don't tell the only one or the true one. because the proof of its existance is the same as all other gods/goddesses: NONE!

  10. Irish Rose

    Well if the christian are forcing their agenda. You want religion in school you must allow them all!

  11. Irish Rose

    Jimmy Stull You cannot be an atheist & a satanist, it just does not work that way. Atheist do not believe in Satan. Nor do Pagans.

  12. Chad Frahm

    Never forget. Satan hates humanity. He hates us because God found favor with us. What do u think think I should not do this but I will thoughts come from.

  13. Kevin Nguyen Minh-Sang

    Irish Rose You don't know what a laveyan satanist is don't you? They don't worship, nor believe in satan, it's simply a life style.

  14. Jared Nicholas Wilson

    Actually, you can be an atheist satanist. I guarantee you have not looked into the tenants of Satanism. They are based on a set of truths, standards, and boundaries (so they believe) to live your life. Nowhere does it say prayer to any deity is required. Sure, some satanists actually believe in Satan, but many do not. Read up on them, they are actually quite interesting.

  15. Derek Harlock

    You don't know very much about Satanism. LaVeyan Satanism (and I'm sure other sects such as the one in the story) do not believe in a diety, rather they consider themselves their own diety and follow their own will. Do some research before you tell people off.

  16. Sara Sunshine Rosado

    I dunno, dudebro. According to the bible, God rejects a lot of people from heaven for a lot of different shit (including just because). Satan, on the other hand, unconditionally accepts everyone into his hell. If he hated humanity so much, why would he accept pretty much everyone to come and party with him and most rock stars, scientists, and great minds? Meanwhile, your God rejects people for simply not bowing to his every whim, but allows nearly every murderer (including Jeff Dahmer) into heaven because they "repent" and give up their freewill again to just try to be the mind-slave God has always wanted them to be.

    Satan sounds a little bit nicer than your God.

  17. Drew Johnson

    This is just an ignorant comment written by someone who reads the word Satan and gets scared. There is nothing wrong with the Satanist religion, it's simply about making yourself happy and self promotion. I hate dumbass people who simply see it as a group of "demon worshipers".

  18. Scott Jamieson

    Yes, I think that's pretty much the whole point of the article.

  19. Drew Johnson

    Yes Satanists are misunderstood by stupid people who simply assume that being a Satanist means that you worship the devil and want the world to burn. This turns into a group of people simply trying to celebrate their own personal values being turned into some sort of monster in the public's eyes.(Otherwise known as being demonized)
    Satanism is about loving yourself and doing what will make you happy in this life. What the hell is wrong with that? Why is it ok to completely throw away a religion simply because Christianity says so. It's absolute garbage that Christians think that they have the right to try and convert everyone in the world to their cult, and turn whatever they want into a bad guy.

  20. Rebecca Gardner Zimmerly

    The best thing about our prayers is they are always heard but do not always have to be said allowed. God going to have to apologize to sodom at this rate :(. Try to take prayers away

  21. Julie Driver

    People should be allowed to pray when and where they like. Prayer is not just for private use or on Sunday mornings.

  22. David de Medicis

    Why do they have some crazy looking fellow as supposedly representative of Satanists? That's bigoted.

  23. Rob Farmer

    Julie Driver Yes they are, pray on your own time, why would kids have to interrupt their education for a better future so fanatic scum can talk to their imaginary friend?

  24. Tomasz Siwiec

    He favored us? So what's with all the floods and plagues and apocalypse?! What's with all the murders and evil? We never heard the other side of the story, and unfortunately history is written by the winners, not losers.

  25. Jennifer Lauren Louise Cox

    A man being stabbed 27 times by his crazy religious ex girlfriend is a tragedy. Satanist practicing their rights as citizens is not a tragedy. They are doing the same thing Christians are doing, but they really just want to make the Christians have a taste of their own medicine. It is perfect. Thank you, Satanists!

  26. Bryan Holland

    It bothers me how someone can finish reading the Christian Bible and still say "God is good."
    He's a slaughterhouse on two legs. He's a vindictive menace that happens to also be a mass murderer. Thank goodness he's a fictional character.

  27. Carl Aron Coates

    I don't think we should stop class but if the kids out at recess want to pray to the god of their choosing, go right ahead. That is their liberty. Or if they want to take their own time that is also fine. I also think that it's the liberty of the atheist to keep on studying to pass his test rather than praying to god

  28. Jeff Kincaid

    @Julie – That is not what Jesus said:

    Mat 6:5 "And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward.
    Mat 6:6 "But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who [is] in the secret [place]; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.

  29. Choo Shoo

    Hahahaha! GO Satanists! That's right, guys. Prayer in school doesn't mean ONLY your religion's prayers…It means ALL recognized religions' prayers. I can't help snickering. Silly Christians, didn't you know that separation of church and state was there to protect you?

  30. Chad Frahm

    God gave us free will. Every angel has it. How has lucifer worked out on earth.?

  31. Carl Aron Coates

    well, Satan goes by many names and his name goes by many meanings. Not to cast you astray from your faith but I feel that you could have a much better understanding of what drives a person to be satanist if you did some studying even perhaps reading the satanic bible which is one of many forms of satanism and with this knowledge you may even see it from their prospective and maybe even save some of these people

  32. Chad Frahm

    God left humans in charge. Don't blame him for our fuckups . We choose to do of on our own. God said if u do, u will get everything that comes with it.

  33. Jamie Baker

    Jesus, Drew! You're transparent! are you perchance vegan?
    and take it easy on the idiots, they have a lot of brainwashing to clear out, yuh'know? a lot of pretenses.

  34. Usagi Gipson

    Prayer is allowed in schools. It's just not allowed to be led by the faculty in the schools. Why? Because it's a public school system, not private, and it is a place of learning, not shove someone else's crap religion down other people's throats. I'm sorry, but I don't want my daughter next to some whacked fundie, praying to Yahweh as she is trying to study Quantum Mechanics. It just doesn't work like that. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It means, you can freely practice your religion…on your own time. This is what separation of church and state means. Get it right or get out of the country.

  35. Usagi Gipson

    Prayer is allowed in schools. It's just not allowed to be led by the faculty in the schools. Why? Because it's a public school system, not private, and it is a place of learning, not shove someone else's crap religion down other people's throats. I'm sorry, but I don't want my daughter next to some whacked fundie, praying to Yahweh as she is trying to study Quantum Mechanics. It just doesn't work like that. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It means, you can freely practice your religion…on your own time. This is what separation of church and state means. Get it right or get out of the country.

  36. Arthur Groves

    THANK YOU. Oh my god, I see so many people that don't understand separation of religion and go on and on about how "oppressed" they are and how we need to "put God back in schools". If you believe in God, you're free to pray to him whenever the hell you want. It may not always be a good idea, but it's your right to make bad decisions like praying instead of studying. All that's disallowed is teacher-led prayer or mandatory class-wide prayer. I'm so glad to see someone else who understands this.

  37. Arthur Groves

    THANK YOU. Oh my god, I see so many people that don't understand separation of religion and go on and on about how "oppressed" they are and how we need to "put God back in schools". If you believe in God, you're free to pray to him whenever the hell you want. It may not always be a good idea, but it's your right to make bad decisions like praying instead of studying. All that's disallowed is teacher-led prayer or mandatory class-wide prayer. I'm so glad to see someone else who understands this.

  38. Arthur Groves

    I strongly suspect the Satanists are trolling and trying to get the Good Christians™ to object and say "YOU weren't supposed to get the right to pray, only US" or something that shows them for who they really are and ultimately keeps this ludicrous bill from passing.

  39. Arthur Groves

    I strongly suspect the Satanists are trolling and trying to get the Good Christians™ to object and say "YOU weren't supposed to get the right to pray, only US" or something that shows them for who they really are and ultimately keeps this ludicrous bill from passing.

  40. Arthur Groves


  41. Cassie Lascola

    oh yes….praying will stop everything….I pray that bigots will shut up and open their eyes…..ain't happening.

  42. Chris Kinsel

    Julie Driver To a certain extent I agree, I am a proud atheist I acknowledge that everyone has the right to pray if they feel so but not if its going to A. Disturb other peoples peace or keep them from accomplishing there tasks. B. You need to realize that not everyone in your work/school where ever you maybe will not share your beliefs, So there will be tension that may lead to an altercation.

  43. Chris Kinsel

    That's a bit of a tyrannical saying don't you think? I think I'll stick to my freedom of expression full acceptance of people regardless of race, sexual preference, gender, and religion.

  44. Shane Green

    I must sacrifice three chickens a day to appease my god. One at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope the school system doesn't try to stop me. I got my lawsuit ready.

  45. Petra Bloodgood

    never forget: satan never had a role in the religion itself until ca 1000AC, now why might that be? why is satan a mix of several deities of other religions? why did the number of the beast initially refer to some evil king, which name was not allowed to say due to the misbelief that saying the name might awaken the anger of said person? religion is fun, fanatism is not, let everyone believe what they want but religion is no friend of education… praying that I won't go to heaven, will not change that I stand up instead of praying, you can judge for yourself what is more helpful, the hand reaching out or those folded to pray…

  46. Shane Green

    I want prayer in the work place too. "Hey, go gather up those shopping carts and bring them inside." " I am sorry. I must pray for 15 minutes to my god before I step outside." Extra break time baby!

  47. Tim Logan

    Tor is good, and all shall bow to the might of his thunder!
    Or did you mean one of the other thousands of gods that sad humans invent and worship?

  48. Andrea Vanness

    That is Florida's Governor… which makes it even more hilarious

  49. Carol Scoble Cowart

    Nowhere in the Constitution does it talj about "separation of church and state". It does, however, mention freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

  50. Joshua White

    No, Carol, it doesn't say anything about "freedom OF religion". It says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; …" That part about not making any laws respecting an establishment of religion is EXACTLY the part that talks about separation of church and state. The State cannot make any laws that would give preferential treatment to any religion, that would serve to establish any religion as State-endorsed or State-supported, or that would unduly foster an excessive government entanglement with religion.

  51. E.H. Witt

    @Theresa Scott. Ah the internet. Giving voice to bigot's since 1995.

  52. John Moore

    I'm starting my own religion based on worship of me. I am going to sue if my kids aren't allowed to lead prayers to me in school daily.

  53. Usagi Gipson

    Technically, you both are correct. Though it does mean separation of church and state, it also means freedom of religion. What it doesn't say in the constitution that it has to be any sister branch of Christianity. I am Wiccan myself, but like I stated in my original post. I don't want my daughter sitting next to someone who is praying while she is trying to study. During any free time, that is fine. Just as long as it is not interfering with learning. So all these people who keep saying that Yahweh was removed from schools, they only think that because they believe they are oppressed, and honestly, I think their kids just don't give a crap about praying in school. Those free periods are their time to socialize. Prayer is the LAST thing on their minds.

  54. Charlie Kirbow

    the whole thing is ridiculous, no one can stop you from praying, pray in your head, you dont have to open your mouth, you dont need permission… just a bunch of jackasses who want to get a pat on the back for fitting in… if you get your cookie in this life you wont get one in the next… or how about instead of standing in a prayer circle jerk you actually read you holy book

  55. Benita Carruth Stanford

    Theresa God created the world therefor thats where prayer belongs in the world!

  56. Benita Carruth Stanford

    We dont wish! We let God do our lives! You better watch out we could just pray you change your religion! Isnt that wonderful! Thru Christ which strengthens me ALL things are possible!

  57. Benita Carruth Stanford

    You guys just dont get it! My God is creator and yes he has your life planned and you just might be saved thru all of this! Yes I can pray anywhere anytime I want but together praying in schools is the issue and God wants us to stand not lay down and lie!

  58. Tim Hutchings

    Why would Satanists want prayer to be banned? It seems more like a savvy publicity move to gain a little free press.

  59. Benita Carruth Stanford

    silly you There is a God if there wasnt there would be no devil! Ha ha you are so lost!

  60. Benita Carruth Stanford

    Ok so you came from monkeys? lol
    Monkey see monkey do!

  61. Paul McClure

    "God is good" Obviously you haven't read the Old Testament. Because when it comes down to it, God is the evil one who either kills or condones the killing of MILLIONS of people. Satan on the other hand only kills TEN and that was with God's permission.

  62. Benita Carruth Stanford

    Oh lost Drew God created this world and for some reason he created you?

  63. Benita Carruth Stanford

    Christians dont believe in luck or wishing! We have a living Jesus thru him we have it!

  64. Paul McClure

    Seriously! Can you see a Jew, a Catholic, and an evangelical Christian praying next to a Muslim, a Buddhist and a little Satanist, while the atheist child is sitting there drawing pictures and laughing? All the while their parents are in the principals office, each one complaining about the other. TOO Funny!

  65. Usagi Gipson

    Can't tell if you are a troll or actually serious, Benita. I'm not arguing which god created what. But I will remind you, god is a title, not a name.

  66. Shella Fronzaglio

    Well, that is what is supposed to happen & yet if a child is seen silently saying grace at lunch, they are told to stop. I would have no problem if there were 2 or so minutes of silence in the morning. Not a prayer, but silence. Those that wish to can pray to the deity of their choosing & those that don't can plan their day, daydream about whatever, or mentally compose a shopping list for all I care. If they wish to use their lunch time to say a silent grace, they should be allowed. BTW, I do not believe in god. Any god. I am married to a man that fought for the rights that folks are entitled no matter who disagrees with what a person does with those rights.

  67. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    God created sex therefor thats where prayer belongs in sex!

    In other words, your logic is faulty, to say the least.

  68. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Carol Scoble Cowart You're also ignoring the lengthy common law related to the matter. While your specific phrase may not appear in the Constitution, it is spelled out at length through years and years of court decisions. And since courts are supposed to interpret the Constitution, yes, the concept most certainly is there.

    So your attempt at going around the law of America makes me wonder if you really love America.

  69. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Benita Carruth Stanford Huh? That makes no sense at all. It's kind of like saying that without the sun, there's no moon. That logically doesn't follow.

    Are you just trolling? You can be honest with me. I won't mind.

  70. Dusten Carlson

    Technically, you're all wrong. The "separation of church and state" idea came from a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists who were complaining that their religious rights were being treated more like privileges granted by their local legislature. Basically, they were a minority religious group and were afraid of their religious rights being taken away, which caused Jefferson to attempt to guarantee that they can't be.

    I think "mandated" or "teacher-led prayer" in schools is batshit, but get your facts straight on the Constitution if you're going to troll.

  71. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Chad Frahm That doesn't answer the question. How can a god that favours us hit us with plagues, floods and eternal damnation? The cognitive dissonance required to believe this is very strong.

  72. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Benita Carruth Stanford Sure they do. They view God as a Santa for adults, and that if they wish hard enough, he'll do things for them. That's called prayer.

  73. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    "Try to take prayers away"

    NO ONE IS TAKING PRAYERS AWAY! Seriously, you think that because a teacher isn't allowed to lead a class in prayer, that's taking prayer away? You need help. Your world perspective is screwed up.

  74. Lawrence Wang

    Stop repeating what other people tell you and read it yourself. Also, read the Treaty of Tripoli.

  75. Dan Ryan

    Have you ever really watched Muslims while they pray? It really is quite a beautiful act, kind of reminds me of Tai Chi.

  76. Brent Smith

    I honestly don't see what the big deal is if any religion wants to pray in school go ahead it doesn't affect me at all.

  77. Annonimus Arkiitekt

    @ Julie Driver. You mean like the fanatic muslims are doing across Europe and even in some parts of the US? Praying in the streets and suspending traffic? Absurd foolishness. I think I may be the only here who is willing to be open; Religion is a choice not an inherent trait. You can control what ridiculous ideology you prescribe to and you most certainly can and should be judged for it, ie the content of your character. I think it's funny when the very people who have led discrimination for centuries say they're being discriminated because someone else doesn't want to be a part of their religion. I'm sorry our freedom oppresses you.

  78. Rebecca Gardner Zimmerly

    See my only point is that I do not have to ask someone when I can pray, I have the freedom to do it whenever & where ever I want! Without anyone ever knowing I prayed for them at all.

  79. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Rebecca Gardner Zimmerly "I have the freedom to do it whenever & where ever I want!"

    Not really. You do not have the right to go into someone's house and pray for them loudly. Their right to be free on their on property supersedes your right to pray in their house. You are subject to nuisance and noise laws in your praying, too.

    And if you pray quietly in schools, go for it. But do not expect to get a school official to lead a prayer session during class. You *do not* have the right to that.

  80. Linda Zahnley

    angles to not have free will. God gave humanity free will and we have gone and really screwed it up. ThWe can't blame God for our short comings. You can't put into words in a small paragraph reasons you must read the word and listen with your heart what it is telling you. It wasn't Gods will to take my beautiful 7 year old granddaughter 10 years ago but I believe that he was there for her.As he is there for all who believe. Enough.

  81. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Linda Zahnley "God gave humanity free will and we have gone and really screwed it up. We can't blame God for our short comings."

    If God created us, yes we can. It's like making a toaster that shorts out after a few weeks, then condemning the toaster. Especially since God is supposed to be perfect. He could have created us not to have shortcomings. He didn't. Then, instead of blaming himself for not doing a good job, he blames us for the shortcomings.

    In short, God's a douche.

  82. Usagi Gipson

    Shella Fronzaglio You must have been raised in New Castle, PA then because everywhere else didn't care if you said grace at lunch. They didn't even bother you if you were reading the bible during recess. Just as long as you did not let it interfere with your curriculum and did not bother others.

  83. Arthur Groves

    Tim: It depends. Satanism is divided into two major factions: Theistic Satanists who actually worship Satan, and Atheistic Satanists who use the idea of Satan as an inspiration to live for oneself. This group claims to be a Theistic Group, but the relative recent-ness of their founding with relation to this issue leaves me skeptical. Either way, I believe they are just as annoyed by the Christian crying for formalized prayer in schools as the rest of us and are doing this to try and drive down support for the law.

  84. Jack Helin

    Benita Carruth Stanford: sounds like you have delusions of grandeur. If your God responded to prayer in the way you describe, Atheism, Cancer, and Satan himself wouldn't exist.

  85. Jack Helin

    Your god is welcome to force me to bow with his infinite power, but if he's anything like the god in the Christian Bible, I won't do it willingly.

  86. Jack Helin

    Exactly.As long as the kids aren't forced to pray, let all the little theists pray their hearts out. My future kids will be the ones drawing and laughing.

  87. Darren Honey

    Wow Benita. You really need to educate yourself and perhaps put the bible to one side. Nothing you have posted on this page has even the slightest whiff of intelligence in it. Also if you bother to actually read the bible, you will find that God is the villain and Satan is the unsung hero. How many people did Satan kill in the bible? 10 (and that was a joint effort with God). How many people did God kill? The estimate is somewhere around 2.5 million. I rest my case 😉

  88. Kevin Nguyen Minh-Sang

    Benita Carruth Stanford AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH, feel free to, remember, matthew said ask in the name of the lord and you'll receive, if it doesn't work, you will see that prayer is useless and the bible, like it always have been, was wrong and most likely, god is just another fanasty.

  89. Darren Honey

    Educate yourself good sir. God is a tyrant……at least the Christian God is anyway. He wiped out nearly 2.5 million people in that horrific story. In comparison Satan killed 10 people, and even in those killings God was complicit. God punished his slaves for trying to better themselves by educating themselves from the "tree of knowledge". In contrast Satan tries to encourage people to question everything and think for themselves. The bible is nothng more than a tool designed (by the people in power at the time) to keep the masses dumb and manageable. You appear to have been duped…….which is amazing really considering how obvious it is who the real villain of the story is

  90. Darren Honey

    Oh and free will is an illusion. All anyone can do is REACT to whatever came before. Just sit back and think about…….but remember…….

    Whatever you do from the moment you stop reading this will be a reaction to what I just typed. The domino effect of life rolls ever onwards 😉

  91. Kevin Nguyen Minh-Sang

    Benita Carruth Stanford No such thing as the christian god.

  92. Darren Honey

    Actually I used to think the same as you but oddly enough it turns out that there are a number of Christians that don't believe in God. Sounds crazy and illogical right? That's what I thought until I watched this……

    Also they don't have to believe in the existence of Satan. They could simply just follow the example set by a character in a story.

  93. Darren Honey

    You're spot on Drew. I always find it both amusing and ironic when Christians tell non-believers that "they are lost". It seems to be a mantra that is drummed into them by their religious cult. The biggest irony of all is that in the bible, Satan is actually the good guy. Here is a tally of all the atrocious murders committed by God in the bible…..

    In contrast Satan killed 10 people………and God was complicit in those murders too.

    So who is "lost" exactly? God is a truly nasty piece of work. Mass murderers of that scale certainly don't love you. Anyone that prays to a creature like that is morally fucked in the head

  94. Darren Honey

    Yep totally Miguel. God is nothing more than Santa Claus for grown-ups. Be nice and you get presents at the end. Be bad and you wont get anything.

  95. Darren Honey

    Yeah there is really nothing to be confused about. Christians want their religion to be practiced in schools. Therefore it is only fair that ALL other religions get the same rights. That includes Satanism which is an official religion (and a misunderstood one). It simply highlights the fact that the whole thing is just a really stupid idea that doesn't work and that Christians can not rule over everyone else

  96. Darren Honey

    Ermmm did you not even read the article?…….and why shouldn't they? If Christians think it's ok to invoke Jesus and God then what's wrong with invoking any other myth? There are lots of religions and lots of gods

  97. Roger Capettini

    Just the point, Usagi. You call others' religion "crap religion," and yet you don't seem to grasp that's exactly what others may think of your religion. Why is yours good and others' religions are crap???

  98. Roger Capettini

    Shows what a total f*ckup Scott is —- doesn't even have the brains to realize what a can of worms he's opened. I can't wait to see how he stops Muslims from breaking out their rugs and praying to Mecca a few times a dasy. What a frking idiot! Can we please get rid of this jerk soon?

  99. Craig Fialkowski

    Pray before or after school. I'm sure GOD won't mind waiting until after you are educated. Then again, after you are educated, you won't believe in GOD and no time wasted at all.

  100. Joel Shoultz

    This is about MANDATORY prayer, kids can pray in school if they feel like it, there is no low against that. The teacher will not slap or interrupt you if you pray in class unless you are supposed to be paying attention like everyone else is/should be.

    Don't force prayer on other people. I had to go to a religious school for 6 years and I was forced to pray, it was fucking stupid.

  101. Joel Shoultz

    Carol Scoble Cowart You cannot seriously be that fucking stupid.

  102. Nick Jenkinson

    Nope – my reaction is to what Miguel wrote :) I dunno about you, but the people I know aren't toasters. Besides, the toaster didn't make a choice to do wrong, because, wait for it, it's a toaster! Now, when you've ruled out any other cause for your toaster's malfunction (like faulty wiring in your house, or misuse of said toaster) you get a replacement toaster under warranty. Now, let's say some shady dude breaks in to your home and steals this new toaster (presumably shady dude really likes toast) – would you blame him or his parents, seeing as they created him? Obviously, you hold shady dude responsible because it was HIS choice, not his parents, to steal your toaster. I don't think we should be blaming God for our mistakes, as Linda said… but in my case, it's because I'm an atheist. God doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned. Now I might be wrong about God, but I might be right too (I work in mysterious ways sometimes). What I do belive in is the probable; some of the possible; but none of the incredible… except for pizza – that stuff is pretty incredible. Just don't put it in your toaster.

  103. Nick Jenkinson

    Benita, ask yourself – WWJD? Insult the guy for having his own opinion, or would he lead by example and show compassion, forgiveness and understanding? Hypocrisy isn't a Christian virtue, yet it tends to be a very strong trait.

  104. Edward Davis

    How would prayer interrupt a child's education? They can on their on time in school like at lunch or recess or something like that.

  105. Edward Davis

    Chris Kinsel prayer does not have to be done out loud and it seems pretty pessimistic to assume kids are gunna fight because of their different beliefs.

  106. Edward Davis

    Im Christian and I don't have a problem with that, everyone has the right to chose what they want to believe in that's why we were given free will.

  107. Edward Davis

    Instead of people trying to disprove each others own personal beliefs and forcing our own beliefs on to other people we should try to understand one another and respect one another because the problem here isn't religion its the fact that we don't respect other peoples beliefs and that we would much rather have everyone think like us then take the time to be more tolerant.

  108. Megan Harvey

    Great article, E.H. Witt!! I'm sharing that! We can only hope religion's death comes sooner rather than later. I get so tired of hearing people's hard-earned achievements being attributed to [name of chosen deity]. Yeah, hallelujah, thank Yahweh that Joe dragged his sleepy butt out of bed on time each morning and worked all day, then went to school four nights a week for four years so he could have that degree so his kids could have a better life. Praise Jehovah. *eye roll* I always want to say "Thank JOE for being motivated and dedicated; your god had nothing to do with it." OFF WITH RELIGION'S HEAD!

  109. James Peeper

    if you let god lead your life, then you have never lived. anything that you have ever accomplished was not you but god leading you. its ok to pray, but its weak mind that doesnt realize that nothing will change unless you get up and do it…and atheism is not a religion its an ideology..

  110. Robert Bonchune

    @Benita. So, God told you that himself did he? show anywhere in the bible that it says you should shove Christianity down kids throats in a "public" school. Send your kid to private"whatever dumb ass invisible being you believe in" school and leave the rest of us alone. Oh can't afford it? Well then too bad, pray every second there out of class. It's your right to completely oppress all the natural things nature wants your kids to experience.

  111. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Edward Davis If they're forced to pray at the beginning of the class, that's very disruptive to their education.

  112. Miguel Martin-Garcia

    Nick Jenkinson You have completely missed the point of my analogy. When you make a toaster that can malfunction (especially when you have the ability to make a toaster that doesn't), and it malfunctions, do you curse it for all eternity with fire? No. Because that's demented.

    Yet that is God. He's perfect, incapable of making a mistake, but made imperfect beings and blamed the imperfections not on himself, but on them. Then chooses not to fix the mistakes (which is completely in his power), but punish them eternally, because he says they choose to be imperfect.

    God is messed up.

  113. Kevin Nguyen Minh-Sang

    Atheism is actual more like a disbelief then anything.

  114. Steven Uzzell

    I don't believe the in school run and lead prayers. But students shouldn't be told they can't pray.

  115. Roger Alfano

    I cannot believe all the ingnorance in this world today hardly anyone knows who God really is even most christians. They are all like the satanists they love themselves and do what ever feels good to them no matter how it affects anyone else. If anyone wants to understand the truth give me a shout. We do not have much time left!

  116. solas

    Children do pray in school– asking G-d to get them out of there, or at least to pass a test. But these are private, under the breath prayers. Once prayers are said aloud, especially under the supervision or direction of a teacher, the situation is a religious situation and does not belong in a public school where one religion (or religion at all) is supported in a government institution. I remember being in schools when prayer was said, and teachers had children bow their heads and fold their hands in the manner the teachers wished, of their own religion. When it comes to group religion, which school prayers represent, the domain is home or religious instution (or forest or field); not government institution. INdividual prayers whispered are the rights of the individual; so is the right to not have someone else's religion foisted upon one's self in public school.

  117. Pansy Baker

    This is our country we SHOULD say the LORDS PAYER in our schools maybe our children would lesson to their alders we did say our payers in school when I was young. And I still say them

  118. Jay Brown

    In todays society more people follow the satanist moral code. Especially those of Christian or Jewish religion. I rarly see Christians helping out their fellow man in need, as Jesus had tried to encourage. More turning a blind eye and helping themselves and people that benefit them to help. That is a major part of Satanism, looking out for your own interests first and only those who deserve your help. Sounds a lot like the Christian socety we live in every day. What would Jesus do? Yeah, more like, Jesus would do what?! I am going to do the opposite because that is a personal inconvenience. I am an athiest, but Satanism shouldn't be blacklisted. Why not just boycott all religion if thats the case.

  119. Ray Puckett

    There is nothing in the U.S. CONSTITUTION that says separation of church and state. The U.S. Constitution says plainly that the congress shall not establish a religion. The founders and signers were by majority Christian, they were made to worship like the King said to worship which at the time was Anglican to later become Catholic. The writers new the powerful would choose a religion just as the king had done. Simple, the writers made it possible to have all the different denominations under the Christian faith, they reject islam as a religion because Islam is also a government. The money we use has in God we Trust, the Congress has a Christian minister offer prayer before each session. Christmas is a Christian Holiday observed by all including public schools. Whenever I was attending school the teacher read a passage from the Holy Bible, then had a simple word of prayer to the true God. Before lunch we would say a prayer of thanks. There was no drug problems, no teenage epidemic pregnancies, no violence, no disrespect of teachers, no vandalism, ne theft, and no massacres. All teachers had to be concerned wit was students chewing gum or using tobacco, and the occasional rumble of two boys. The educational system was well respected back then on far less money. Kids had an education when they graduated. Rarely did anyone send their kids to a private school and home schooling was unheard of. Simple, the Government ask God to leave and He did.

  120. Alycia Ann Erickson

    Benita, you were right! You prayed that I would convert to christianity and now I'm a christian. Wait, no, it was the other thing… The thing where you're delusional and I'm still an atheist.

  121. Alycia Ann Erickson

    Usually reading the comments underneath an article makes me want to leave the planet, but in this case my faith in humanity has been at least partially restored. Secularists, you just keep doing what you do, because it's wonderful.

  122. Alicia Lingefelt Gallup

    Jesus promoted peace and love, the Bible said in isiah he would be born for us it also said he is our God along side many other things. He is all we need. Yes violence was performed in his name but not by his will. I know how he taught peace I trust in him. A demon is a fallen angel. Of course there are those who can not comprehend God and his ways. To go of into a rant on who's God is the best is not my intention however I would like to say to everyone Jesus is love, his greatest comand is to love, why we fall short so often is because we are imperfect. I hope everyone finds peace, love, joy and hope in all they do.

  123. Darren Honey

    Respect is not something that should be given out freely to everyone simply they have "an idea". Respect should only be given to ideas that are GENUINELY RESPECTED. Otherwise the value of respect itself vanishes. Besides telling someone you respect their opinion simply out of politeness when in fact you totally disagree with them and think they are wrong is what I would consider being dishonest

  124. Lance Atkinson

    Kristin I just love your baskets packed with all sorts of goodies. Such a shame they aren't for sale in Mandurah Western Australia.

  125. Corinne Cooper

    Prayer should be allowed in every school. Our country and schools were founded because of religion. If we turn back to our religion, whatever religion it may be then all children will learn respect for whichever religion they follow! While we are at it we should return the respect of our flag an being back the pledge of allegiance to our schools!

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