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Linda Kozlowski G’Day Appearance: ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Star Had Some Work Done [Pics]

Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee co-stars Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan have been married for 23 years, but a recent red carpet appearance has some wondering if the actress has had a little work done.

Kozlowski made a recent appearance alongside Crocodile Dundee leading man (and husband) Paul Hogan at the G’Day USA event in Hollywood, causing the Daily Mail to opine that the age gap between the two “is starting to show.”

Indeed, Kozlowski looked so young, that her appearance had many media outlets wondering whether or not she’d undergone plastic surgery recently.

The Christian Post reports that Hogan, 73, and Kozlowski, 54, first met in 1986 while co-starring in Crocodile Dundee. After the film, Hogan left his then-wife to marry Kozlowski, and the two have been married since 1990.

“Linda Kozlowski stepped out this week looking like a new person,” the Daily Telegraph reported, remarking that Kozlowski had “a look that suggests the actress may have gone under the knife.”

Fans agreed that it seemed as though Linda Kozlowski had gotten plastic surgery, but most of them felt that she looked great during the appearance.

“Looks like a nose job as well, her face has completely changed,” a Daily Telegraph blog commenter wrote. “Sorry but thats plastic surgery gone good.”

“Well, what ever she’s doing its working – she looks fabulous,” said another.

Here are s couple of pictures of Linda Kozlowski at the G’Day USA event in Hollywood. What do you think? Did she go under the knife after all? Does she look good, or is it too much?

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45 Responses to “Linda Kozlowski G’Day Appearance: ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Star Had Some Work Done [Pics]”

  1. Anonymous

    I think she looks exactly the same as she did 25 years ago, except for a little work on the eyes…and nose…and cheeks…and forehead…and the lips…and the chin… Paul on the other hand must have had work done, those wrinkles can't all be from 25 years of retirement.

  2. Kris LeBlanc

    OMG… WHO is that, REALLY? I haven't seen her in a while, but she looks much more like FERGIE or some other 30ish plumped-up actress… Why couldn't she just AGE GRACEFULLY? What's WRONG with looking 54 when your husband is 73 and ELDERLY? I bet if you tap on her cheek or face, it sounds HOLLOW. Guess she's fishing early for her next "mate"! Pathetic!

  3. Patrick Peralta

    looks like she had some work done on her face, she looks like a new women..not how she looked 25 yrs ago..even with normal age Paul still looks the same but Linda looks different and she might have gotten a slight chest job she looks bigger in that area.

  4. Valerie Holek

    I was convinced that was not the same Linda Kozlowski that was in the movie when I glimpsed at the photo. She looks completely different! Botox and a too dark tan, but I love her hair now! She was much prettier in the movie, though, in my opinion!

  5. Anonymous

    I would never have known it was even her. A little work done? That is an understatement. The first photo is very unflattering to Paul, he looks like he forgot his teeth..

  6. Debbie Larson Newcomer

    Ursula Andres is alive & well- there is NO question she's had work done! Sad, people can't be happy with their being. Not like she's been in any movies recently either! Ego…

  7. Georgianne Gustis Miller

    A shame…I thought she looked good before the work…

  8. Sue Haskins

    They are both unregnizable. She has had a complete face restoration and he has multitudes of skins hanging on top of each other. It looks as though the bottom half of his face has disappeared.

  9. Anonymous

    She does not look like the same person…I think she was much prettier before. He looks like he is 85…

  10. Lisa Robinson

    I cannot believe it is her! I've seen those movies several times. Gees, why would you want to look so young and have your husband look so old? Sorry Paul, I am a big fan of yours…………..

  11. Denice Ford

    Seriously, WTF? If the picture hadn't said who she was, I'd have never known. I don't understand some people. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  12. Anonymous

    Any more "work" and she will look like a cartoon character. 54 years old and she's trying like heck to ward off the inevitable. Give it up, Linda. You really don't look all that great now. One thing is certain, with the plastic surgery she's had, she will never look like that pretty blonde from the 80s again….

  13. Marcia Holt

    She looks like Stiffler Mom from the American Pie movies now.. aka Jennifer Coolidge

  14. Anonymous

    A little work done? Looks like a whole new person, and very UNattractive.

  15. JD Lee

    Marcia Holt I can see that, too. Let's go for a cross between the two. In any event, I think she looks good.

  16. Wendy Maddy

    he could use the work. she has had a nice job of restylane plumping her up, a neck job and probably laser or chemical peel smoothing. he could use all of the same to improve his own appearance. olive oil can do wonders, but a neck job and jowl lift with restylane would perk him up a bit. they both still have very nice smiles and are dressed to kill.

  17. Cindy Sedaker

    of coarse she had some work done and I would too if I had the money.. who cares.. I must admit though I hope mine would have been a bit more realistic.. you can barely tell its her..

  18. Gregory Yatko

    what an idiot. She DID look good, but now looks like a caricature.

  19. Chris Howell

    To all the people ripping Linda for getting work done on herself…….SO FREAKIN` WHAT! None of your damn business what she chooses to do with her body! If she wants to get plastic surgery, that`s her thing! And what`s wrong with NOT wanting to age gracefully?

  20. Sue Ann Street

    There is nothing wrong with a little cosmetic surgery, but when it is taken to the extent that you no longer look like yourself, that is when someone needs to say "enough." She was a beautiful, fresh, natural looking looking woman thirty years ago. Now she looks like a caricature of a pitiful, aging Beverly Hills wife. This becomes painfully more obvious in light of the fact that her husband is almost 20 years her senior. Sad.

  21. Laura Keller

    She obviously had a lot of work done and it's a shame because she was so beautiful pre-surgery. I don't want to be mean spirited here but she's not recognizable anymore, she looks like a thousand other women who look fake due to too much plastic surgery and a store-bought chest. She would have been a beautiful older woman had she left herself alone.

  22. Wanda Torruella

    Well If she has had work done "More power to you Linda" and well done! Some of us wish we looked like her and had her Vavavavoom! That just age gracefully for some NOT!

  23. Anonymous

    A "little work done?" is like saying a car that has had a frame off restoration has had some maintenance. Without the caption I would not have know who it was. Should have captioned it Paul and his Plastic Fantastic Lover.

  24. Pamela Di Gesare

    Who in Hollywood hasn't had work done….who cares…it's their bodies and their lives.

  25. Dorothy Campbell Castillo

    Come on folks, do you even have to ask? She could go under a witness protection program. She does not look like the same woman. Does she look good? Yeah, but in a completely different way. I doubt she even recognizes herself when she looks in the mirror.

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