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Tebow In Arizona: Cardinals Trade Rumors Fly After Jets QB Is Seen Training In Phoenix

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Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow was spotted training in Arizona Monday, adding fuel to the fire that he could be heading to the Cardinals.

According to TMZ, Tebow reportedly worked out for 2.5 hours with a personal trainer on the track at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix.

After doing some drills and sprinting, Tebow did not act secretive at all, smiling and signing autographs for whoever approached him.

While the possibility of Tebow landing in Arizona may have many Cardinal fans licking their chops, SB Nation notes it’s best to look at the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

SB Nation writes:

“DC Ray Horton has already stated that he believes in [Kevin] Kolb leading the team, and I doubt any other potential coaching candidate, like Mike McCoy, would bring in Tebow as their debut QB. I’m guessing this will just be another rumor.”

There are also rumors that Tebow will be traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars during the off-season.

Meanwhile, Tebow’s brother has apologized for gloating about the Denver Broncos’ divisional playoff overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

After Denver’s 38-35 double-overtime loss to Baltimore on Saturday, Peter Tebow tweeted:

“Am I the only one in Denver who’s happy right now?”

Peter has since recanted his comments.

“My comment after the game was uncalled for,” he wrote Monday. “I may root for another team but I should never gloat about anyone’s misfortune. I’m truly sorry.”

Tim was traded by the Broncos to the New York Jets in the offseason, clearing the way for Denver to sign Peyton Manning.

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40 Responses to “Tebow In Arizona: Cardinals Trade Rumors Fly After Jets QB Is Seen Training In Phoenix”

  1. Edwin Johnston

    Unless Tebow changes to play like an NFL QB he will remain unused..the NFL players are bigger, faster and far better trained than the players he faced in college.

  2. Anonymous

    what exactly is an NFL QB? buddy, the times are changing…SF, SEA, WASH, (worked great in denver last year)…option QB is the new route. tebow fits right in, so stop drinking the kool-ade!

  3. Anonymous

    id stop ragging on tebow. your entire team sucks. from the coach down. especially the coach and mark sanchez.

  4. Eddy Wong

    Hey Cardinals can use him as a QB, RB, FB, TE, or even OL………….. We really just need something there…

  5. Mike Cantwell

    Many players train in south Florida but they don't all play for the Dolphins. He went to where his trainer was.. get over it.

  6. Matt Higgs

    Tebow proved himself in college took his school to the Championship two times and Denver to the playoffs, and look at Denver now with the so call one of the greatest QB and I like Manning.

  7. Anonymous

    It's just a workout. And, as for the so-called rumors of Tebow playing in Jacksonville, the correct tense is 'were'. The newly-hired GM has already been public, dismissing any thought of bringing Tim into the organization.

  8. Anonymous

    Let's stop talking about how bad he is, and give him a chance to prove whether he is NFL or not. When he did get a chance for a short period of time, he didn't do as bad as everyone said he would.

  9. Anonymous

    let's stop talking about his skill as a quarterback and see him play it out. When given a chance he was successful, but still no one would give him credit. He has won in every level he has played.

  10. Elad Rozenfeld

    difference between all those you mentioned and Tebow is, that they know how to throw! Tebow is not an accurate passer

  11. Abu Yusuf

    you must not watch that much football saying it worked great in denver last year. The only reason he had any success in denver was because of their D. Elad is right those other QBs your attempting to compare him with can accurately throw the ball and Timmy cant hit a 5 yard crossing route on the numbers. You need to stop drinking the kool ade as you put it. Let the cards sign him because i can promise you Fitz would be right out the door he is not gonna waste anymore time with sub-par QBs.

  12. Elmo Elcritico

    and with Peyton..Broncos still lost hahaha
    and…they released Tebow because he cant throw..they hired a 100m QB Peyton because he can throw better..throw an Interception hahahaha

  13. Ronald Gould

    So now its not politically correct to cheer a teams loss if you don't like that team. Elway was against Tebowfrom the start and did all in his power to get rid ofhim.

  14. Anonymous

    I don't care much for the Arizona Cardinals but if Tim Tebow comes here I will definitely pay more attention to them. I may even become an Arizona Cardinal fan!

  15. Anonymous

    I don't care much for the Arizona Cardinals but if Tim Tebow comes here I may even become an Arizona Cardinals Fan!

  16. Glen Philippe

    Over 300 yards against Pittsburgh in a playoff victory says he can throw just fine.

  17. Glen Philippe

    He's already beaten all those players he faced in college…in the pros.Next argument!

  18. Floyd Hult

    If he goes to Arizona, I will be a Cardinal fan in football also. I don't care about his playing ability, I care about WHAT a TESTIMONY he carries.

  19. RaShane DeLoach

    don't say I am sorry. Plenty of people were saying the same thing.

  20. Michael Ostrowski

    Tebow did better than Manning with essentially the same team. Any questions? Alot of geniuses such as Michael Kay were made to look like the asses they truly are.

  21. Spencer SchachŦ

    I agree Edwin. Tebow could bulldoze, sometimes even outrun players in college. Not so much in the NFL. Basically take the best player on each team that he played in college, and make a whole team of them. To say that he has "beaten all those players he faced in college…in the pros" is just ignorant, and shows your lack of football knowledge.

  22. Tim Williams

    because of their D — so why did they loose the playoff game this year – because of their D. So they had an incredible D last year but an inept one this year????? Confused.

  23. Scott Johnson

    All these people talking about the fact Tebow can't pass. He had a 66.6% accuracy while at Florida. His form is ugly but people need to quit messing with it. The kids a winner…let him play.

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