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LB Sean Fisher Going To Med School, Quitting Foootball

sean fisher

Nebraska LB Sean Fisher will be going to med school, not the football field, next fall.

According to ESPN, the Nebraska linebacker has decided to enroll in med school next fall instead of petitioning the NCAA for one more year as a Cornhusker. Fisher broke his leg during the preseason in 2010 and could have asked the NCAA to be eligible next season. Fisher has decided, however, that it’s”time to move on” so that he can put all of his efforts into medical school.

Fisher told

“The opportunity to be part of this football program the past five years has been a great experience and one that is difficult to walk away from, but I made the determination it was time to move on … I am planning to enroll in medical school in the fall and am putting all my energy toward preparing for that. I appreciate Coach (Bo) Pelini and the coaching staff leaving the door open for me to consider returning to football and giving me the time to finalize my decision.”

Fisher started 14 games during the 2012 season and had 48 tackles. He also maintained a 4.0 grade-point average, was named to the second-team Academic All-American team in 2011 and 2012, and will graduate with a double major in pre-medicine and business administration.

Are you surprised that the Nebraska LB is giving up on football to go to med school?

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3 Responses to “LB Sean Fisher Going To Med School, Quitting Foootball”

  1. Kurtis Ramsey

    He didn't quit, he just decided not to pursue a medical redshirt.

  2. Gary Rehfeldt

    Glad to see a student actually be a student and think about the longterm. I hope he becomes a great physician. Of course, if the player was from the SEC, he would be going to Meth school instead of med school.

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