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Fish Grabs Man’s Arm, Tries To Take Him For A Swim [Video]

Tarpon breaching

A fish grabbed a man’s arm after he dangles it over the water to lure the animal in.

It’s pretty funny, and it’s one of those “man bites dog” moments that journalists completely glee over (fish catches man?). It started with a January 12 report from The Sun, which told of a mystery angler who dangled his hand from the edge of a pier, trying to get the giant fish swimming below to come closer.

The gigantic fish does come closer but does one better: The fish grabs the man’s arm, causing on-lookers to scream helplessly.

The man wrestled the fish off his arm after dragging it along the jetty, and it flopped back into the water. The fish is said to be a Tarpon, and the video taken somewhere in Florida.

The Examiner reports that if the fish was indeed a Tarpon, its behavior wouldn’t have come as much of a surprise to an experienced fisher. The Tarpon is known to jump out of the water kind of like a breaching shark, especially when tempted with bait (which the man seems to have in his hand).

We’re not exactly sure what this guy was after either. Was he expecting the fish to just flop onto the pier? Was he trying to catch it? Did he wants the fish to grab his arm? Who knows.

But here it is, in all its glory: Fish grabs man’s arm. Have fun!

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25 Responses to “Fish Grabs Man’s Arm, Tries To Take Him For A Swim [Video]”

  1. Pete Mullens

    It looks like Robbies' at Islamorada, where they sell fish for you to feed the Tarpon. They will leap out of the water and take the fish right out of your hand. Looks like he tried to grab the Tarpon, which is a BIG no-no there. We did it, and it was a blast!

  2. Torri Pearson

    Her screaming scared that trophy back in water. Having it on the wall would have made a awesome "grandpa tale" 20 years from now. Damn shut up next time.

  3. Dan Mirantz

    Favorite place in the world. It is Robbies. You pay to feed Tarpon and they do this all the time. This guy was just being a moron.

  4. Anonymous

    Sounds like she said let it go. But that fish WAS about to whip that man's (_*_) big time. lol.

  5. Anonymous

    That sucked, he grabbed the fish by the gills and drugged it up to the dock. He injured the fish and if I was there I would have kicked that idiot.

  6. Pat Fox

    likely the fish died after having it's gills broken apart from the bozo sticking his arm thru the gill slits, too bad for the fish! where was peta or the spca?

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