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Lady Gaga Wears Gun Bra During First Concert Since Sandy Hook [Pics]

Lady Gaga gun bra

Did she finally go too far? Lady Gaga is catching heat for wearing a gun bra, adorned with fake assault rifles, in her first concert since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

On Friday, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour stopped in Vancouver where she donned the controversial gun bra which featured two (fake) assault rifles attached to it, reports GossipCop.

Gaga did wear a similar outfit for her “Alejandro” video, but the appearance of the gun bra so soon after the Sandy Hook shooting has led many to criticize the controversial singer for her wardrobe choice.

Tom McKay of PolicyMic criticized Lady Gaga’s gun bra, arguing that it is offensive to both sides of the hotly contested issue of gun control in the US.

“In light of all this, Gaga’s decision to don a gun-toting brassiere – undoubtedly with full awareness of its disturbing implications – is tasteless and inappropriate. It rubs salt in the wounds of pro- and anti-gun advocates, and much trashier, the wounds of a despondent and horrified community that just lost 20 of its children.

“Generating controversy from a dress made of steaks is one thing. Generating controversy from the wholesale slaughter of children and teachers is quite another.”

Lady Gaga hasn’t responded to the criticism over her gun bra, and we honestly don’t expect her to. She’s a self-avowed activist for adolescents, so it’s hard to read the gun bra as intentionally offensive. However, while I disagree with McKay’s assessment of Lady Gaga’s controversial wardrobe choice as “tasteless,” I will concede that it is at least in “bad taste.”

Decide for yourself. Here are a few pictures of Lady Gaga’s gun bra, via Celebuzz. What do you think?

Here’s some not-so-good video of Lady Gaga performing with the gun bra as well:

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18 Responses to “Lady Gaga Wears Gun Bra During First Concert Since Sandy Hook [Pics]”

  1. Gail Moore

    The point is that assault rifles belong in a bra more than they do in the hands of human beings, which I suspect was her point. And I'm with her.

  2. Misty Waugh

    It's the second ammendment right, so please plea the 5th.
    This whole gun thing shouldn't be an issue so if you have a problem thenn please! leave this country! 11

  3. Rod Conatser

    When they don't have talent, all they can do is shock. But this goes too far. If this creature breeds one day, and let there be a gun scare or worse at that school, I'm sure she'd second guess her tasteless and classless actions. If she can even think that deeply.

  4. Jeff Bray

    She has been wearing the bra on tour long before the Newtown tragedy. So the implication that this is somehow trying to garner attention from the shooting is simply false. Period.

  5. Mary Miskimen

    She is a 'shock value' entertainer. Are we supposed to be shocked by her shock inspired wardrobe?

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