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Pat Robertson Gives Questionable And Misogynistic Marriage Advice [Video]

Pat Robertson gives bad advice

Today in “WTF did Pat Robertson say?” the controversial televangelist says that the best way to save a flagging marriage is for women to make sure they’re looking their best at all times.

MSN reports that on a recent episode of The 700 Club, Robertson answered a viewer query from a well-intentioned 17-year-old who is just trying to get his dad to pay his mom a bit more attention. The teenager was seeking advice on getting his father off the computer, where he apparently plays too much World of Warcraft at the expense of giving his wife some proper marital lovin’.

Proper advice, he did not receive.

Robertson first opined that the parents should take a romantic getaway. So far, so good. Then, Pat became the televangelist we all know and love by insulting the teen’s mom (“She may not be as sweet as you think she is”) and telling an “amusing anecdote” about a woman who was so “overweight and terrible looking” that she drove her own pastor to drink.

Oh, please stop yourself now (he didn’t).

Robertson said that the very best way that a woman can keep “the spark of love alive” is by making sure they “look pretty.” In case you’re not reading the subtext, it is a woman’s responsibility to save her own marriage regardless of the cause of its failing, and she can do so by clinging to her youthful beauty. A healthy marriage is as simple as donning a little makeup, exercising to combat the wear-and-tear of childbirth, fighting good ol’ fashioned gravity, and surrendering all of your personal interests to devote your energies to making yourself the sex kitten your husband has always dreamed of.

Nevermind a Salon-highlighted report that shows socio-economic factors, sexual violence and lack of access to education as the primary factors to crumbling marriages. “Good looks” didn’t even make the list.

But here’s Pat Robertson, telling some poor 17-year-old who just wants his parents to be happy that his mom is a giant B-word who needs to trounce around the house in her lingerie once in a while:

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11 Responses to “Pat Robertson Gives Questionable And Misogynistic Marriage Advice [Video]”

  1. Dale Holmgren

    This writer just hates Robertson. If he really wanted to fault Robertson's advice, he wouldn't simutaneously say that the chief causes of marital problems are "socio-economic" (i.e. no money), "education", and sexual violence, and then say Robertson's advice to take a romantic getaway was not objectionable. He wants to drag out extreme examples to make Robertson look foolish, when Robertson was only talking about marriages where the spark is gone, not where there are beat-downs in the living room. I'm not even a fan of Robertson, but this was just nasty sucker punching.

  2. John W. Allen

    I am so disgusted with this phony evangelical and his often disturbing thoughts that he spreads across his television 700 club. I accidentally listened one day for about ten minutes a year ago and Pat Robertson had an ex Vet American on his show who had turned to Jesus to save his soul because he had admitted that he had killed innocent women and children in firefights in Afghanistan. Mind you now, the kid said innocent women and children in Fire Fights. Fights is plural and that means more fire fights than just once. Pat ends the segment with a Ladies and Gentlemen comment saying, "Surely this man is a warrior of God." He sucks. And I say he is another phony who has lived off his followers for years. J.A.

  3. Jim Krauza

    would appear Robertson doesn't need any help looking foolish……

  4. Nathan DeFalco

    Robertson is way past his time to be on TV. As a pastor, I am appalled at his advice in recent years.

    However, the fact that inqisitr is giving him grief about telling a woman she needs to sexy-it-up, yet I'm looking at three images of barely clothed women and their related "articles" being basically about sexy women, well, you not really making your point very well, now are you?

    Robertson didn't need to give that advice, but this website needs to stop promoting women as sex objects.

  5. Dale Holmgren

    Apparently you can now admit to murder of innocent children on TV, and as long as you're part of the military, there's not even an investigation.

  6. Dale Holmgren

    Actually, seeing as you are a pastor, this would be a good chance for you to say what you would have responded to the 17 year old if he had asked you the same question. Put yourself in Robertson's shoes. What is the right advice?

  7. Nathan DeFalco

    Okay, here's what I would say. I would tell that young man that he should seek the counsel of a trusted pastor or counselor that knows or can know the situation his family is in. Then I would gently remind him how bad of an idea it was to ask some tele-evangelist- ESPECIALLY Robertson of all people- his family's business and expect to get an accurate and wise response.

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