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Tommy Lee Jones Shows Off His Grumpy Face At Golden Globes [Photo]

Tommy Lee Jones Grumpy

Although lots of people thought Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were pretty funny at the Golden Globes last night, apparently Tommy Lee Jones wasn’t one of the people laughing at their jokes.

Ferrell and Wiig showed up to present the award for best actress in a drama. Instead of simply reading through the nominees and their respective films, the pair decided to discuss the women based solely on the name of the movie in which they appeared.

According to Cinema Blend, most of the people in the audience thought the bit was kind of funny. Unfortunately, Hope Springs and Lincoln co-star Tommy Lee Jones wasn’t amused with the duo’s shenanigans. In fact, he appeared downright angry about the bit.

It hasn’t taken very long for Tommy Lee Jones to be compared to Grumpy Cat, a feline who seems to share the actor’s disgust with the things going on around him. The Today Show went as far as to post a meme on their official Twitter account that shows the two unhappy individuals side by side.

Although many have pointed the finger of blame for Jones’ grumpiness at both Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, the actor just seemed bored with the whole affair. Macleans posted a screen capture from Ben Affleck’s Argo acceptance speech, an image which finds The Fugitive star looking particularly unimpressed with the ceremony.

Tommy Lee Jones isn’t the only individual getting some Golden Globes-related attention this morning. Actress Jodie Foster’s Lifetime Achievement acceptance speech has also captured the attention of the internet. Not only did a few people find it confusing, others seemed quite unhappy with the length of her dialogue.

“That was longer than a Tarantino movie,” one individual declared on Twitter.

You can check out the amusing GIF of Tommy Lee Jones below.

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? What do you think about Tommy Lee Jones’ grumpy face?

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31 Responses to “Tommy Lee Jones Shows Off His Grumpy Face At Golden Globes [Photo]”

  1. Robin Antjoesmom

    hes pissed of that ''the walking dead'' got snubbed…like my self.

  2. Jeffrey Stein


  3. Nancy Myers Bostick

    He did not think the bit was funny and he wasn't fake about it. The media needs to shut up and let people live. So judgmental that a celeb has to show a certain expression? Move on, next comment.

  4. Marie De Loach

    Tommy Lee Jones is wonderful and he is NO pushover to pretend something is funny when it is not (iho). That's why I like him, he doesn't have to KISS anyone's butt and he knows it.

  5. Anonymous

    You can make some of the people laugh some of the times, but you can not make all of the people laugh all of the time. Enough said. LOl….

  6. Hugh Medina

    It could have been as simple as,( I wish these people would hurry up, I have to use the restroom). Poor guy looks like he has had to many pops. As we know ever drink after this moment is followed by a bathroom visit.

  7. Anonymous

    Just because he was not laughing doesn't mean he was grumpy dumb people.

  8. John Dillie Deleruyelle

    I usually find Will Ferrell's antics not that funny Tommie Lee Jones is a consummate actor and a good person. Will Ferrell is usually a clown. He deserves no respect.

  9. Carol Mosley

    He looked like he was being forced to sit through something that was painful.. He looked miserable, unhappy and unimpressed by the whole show. He was a Debbie Downer! Why bother going…

  10. Shirley Adwell Shepherd

    I agree with him. I found it totally annoying! Will Ferrell is not that funny. While I enjoy some of this stuff, mostly he's just boring.

  11. Kelly Franett

    They weren't funny and they ran they 'joke' into the ground. Jones was just offering an honest reaction to the 3rd rate comedy routine we were all subjected to.

  12. David Herman

    He made the face we all expect when what appears funny is not. That gag was over 10 seconds after it started and he was just saying with his expression…..NEXT!

  13. Carol Mosley

    ohjoleneoh – it wasn't just the comedy skit it was the whole show… I didn't see him smile once! It was very noticable and to top it off, he was down front. Every time someone went on stage that was the first thing they saw.

  14. Anita Kulvinskas

    Tommy Lee Jones is well known around the Abilene and Marfa area in Texas, he is a old fashioned Texan. He will talk when he has something to say, otherwise not much of a talker, he is a gentleman and was brought up to treat a woman a certain way, to talk AROUND women a certain way and you do not curse around women. I have had a crush on him since I believe it was The Doctors or else Days of Our Lives, I watch everything he is in, he is a fantastic actor and he is a wonderful human being! Hollywood is the reason he still lives in Texas and on his ranch!

  15. Linda Simeone

    Awww, leave Tommy Lee Jones alone. I did not see the show, but have been re-capping on the Internet. LOL, the comparison to Jones and Grumpy the cat, but Jones is such a wonderful and talented actor, I would pay big money to watch him read the back of a Campbell Soup can listing the ingredients of Chicken soup! I hope he wins an Oscar for LINCOLN, his performance, as usual was flawless. Maybe he had some personal issues and anxieties on his mind or just did not feel well. I love you Tommy Lee Jones. Keep up the good work. You rock, Dude.

  16. Anonymous

    I waited on him a few times here in San Antonio Texas where he resides and yes he is grumpy! but overall a nice guy.
    his hat had fallen off the back of his chair and he told me don't you go steppin on my hat girl….omg. The only complaint I have was I had returned a folder with some personal family photos that was left behind to our manager who contacted Mr. Jones wife well they were returned and I never even got a damn Thank You!

  17. Mary Brummel

    Cudos to Tommy Lee for knowing crap when he hears it! Those two weren't funny on SNL and apparently they are not funny drunks either 😛

  18. Brenda Bell

    I think Tommy Lee Is an Excellent Actor,, maybe hes growing tired of The Hollywood scene and the obnoxious stars that are a part of it now,, He proabaly was thiking of the Good Ole days,, when Movies were real Movies,

  19. John Hoff

    I thought it was funny. It was a great impression of how people try to fake knowing something when they really don't. And I bet there have been a few presenters at those ceremonies who haven't really seen the movies but pretend they have. The bit was a funny commentary on "faking it until you're making it."

    Now all of you. GET OUT OF HERE.

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