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Cat Walks 190 Miles To Get Back Home

Missing Cat Walks 190 Miles

A lost cat has reportedly walked 190 miles in order to return to its owners. The trek took the missing kitty nearly two months to complete.

Jacob and Bonnie Richter said the last time they saw the cat she was running out of their motor home following a fireworks display at Daytona Speedway Park last November. According to KSLA, the couple searched desperately for the cat before packing up and heading home to West Palm Beach. They never thought they’d see their furry friend again.

Although someone had reportedly spotted the missing cat at an area restaurant known for feeding strays, the feline was long gone by the time the Richters arrived at the scene. Saddened that their missing kitty hadn’t been found, the couple returned home empty-handed once again.

However, the missing cat turned up in the garden of West Palm Beach resident Barb Mazzola. She said the wandering feline was so weak that she could barely utter a single meow. The woman took the tired animal to a local vet, who scanned the kitty’s microship. Now she’s back home where she belongs.

According to ABC News, the cat had traveled over 190 miles to return home. The Richters said the cat was only about a mile away from their house when she was discovered in Barb’s garden. The couple was understandably shocked that their pet had traveled so far for so long.

Jacob explained:

“It was quite a journey for this little girl. We just can’t believe she came home.”

Veterinarian Marty Becker said that animals have a remarkable sense of direction. However, he said it’s almost unheard of for an cat to find its way home after traveling such a great distance. Becker explained that the cat’s return home was akin to a “miracle.”

What do you think about the cat who walked 190 miles to get back home?

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8 Responses to “Cat Walks 190 Miles To Get Back Home”

  1. Denise DeRosa

    So heartwarming! I've read stories about cats finding their way home, and it shows the love they have for their hu-families. God bless them all!

  2. Anna Sue Gaukel

    I think she really loves her family! What a beautiful story!

  3. Gary Del Mastro

    This has happened a number of times before. Some animals must have a remarkable sense of "radar" in order to accomplish something that seems so amazing to us. It's kind of like in we humans. Sometimes we can sense the right direction to go and find our way when lost, other times not. So glad this kitty made it back to her loved ones.

  4. Matt Levinson

    I think this is so wonderful. I really believe God showed this kitty the way home. People think animals don't have emotions or feelings and that simply is not true. Mat they all rejoice in this wonderful reunion.

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