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Heather Graham’s NYC Pad Catches On Fire

Heather Graham

Actress Heather Graham’s New York City pad reportedly caught on fire Saturday night. The culprit: unattended candles in the bathroom.

Graham apparently decided to light a few candles before having a bath her yesterday evening. Instead of extinguishing the candles before she headed out for the evening, the actress left them burning. According to TMZ, the flames ignited some of her clothes that happened to be nearby.

Authorities were soon alerted to the blaze. Reports indicate that the fire department spent roughly 45 minutes trying to get the fire under control at Heather Graham’s pad. Fortunately for all involved, no one was hurt during the incident.

The New York Post explains that Graham wasn’t at home when the fire broke out inside her Manhattan apartment. The actress is rumored to have rushed back to the scene as soon as she heard the news. However, her representatives have yet to comment on the situation as of this writing.

The website explains the building is also the home of Scrubs star Zach Braff. He reportedly lives one floor below the Boogie Nights alum’s residence. It’s currently unknown if any of the other apartments were damaged as a result of the blaze.

Although Heather Graham has appeared in a number of motion pictures over the years, she is perhaps best known for her role in director Todd Phillips’ comedy The Hangover. Graham is currently slated to reprise her role as Jade in the third installment of the series. The Hangover Part III is presently slated to arrive in theaters on May 24.

The actress is currently on-board to star in director Tim Garrick’s Behaving Badly, Angus MacLachlan’s Good to All That, and George Pelecanos’s Shoedog with Sam Shepard and Kris Kristofferson.

Are you a fan of Heather Graham? What do you think about the actress accidentally setting her NYC pad on fire?

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20 Responses to “Heather Graham’s NYC Pad Catches On Fire”

  1. John Donovan

    Pad? Is this 1967?

    I have had the biggest crush on her since the second Austin Powers movie and I hope everything works out okay.

  2. Janice Tehie

    You NEVER EVER EVER leave candles unattended. That's a cardinal rule and any dumbbell knows that…I thought!

  3. Matt Craig

    Oh NO! Does she need a place to stay while she finds another home? Don't tell my wife Dawn Bush Craig, but we have room! Heck, we'll MAKE ROOM!

  4. Madaline Cederle

    LOL. I guess it is 1967 in the mind of this cool daddy-o who wrote this piece!

  5. Madaline Cederle

    "Accidents happen." Yes when people are airheads and irresponsible.

  6. Tony Conwell

    I was curious what they meant… I thought she had a faulty tampon or something. Man I was worried for her.

  7. Clinton McCool

    I never understood all the hype about her. I don't think her looks are anything special. Highly overrated.

  8. Gregory Johnson

    Why is it when someone in Hollywood or in the news makes a mistake they are known to be an idiot, and to the rest of us it is a brain fart, we all do stupid stuff. My mom left a pot on a hot stove that would've eventually burned the whole house down.

  9. Mike Wrathell

    She just needs a good man to make sure she doesn't burn down the house.

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