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300-Pound Romney Sign Nabbed For Free From Craigslist Ad

300-Pound Romney Sign Nabbed For Free From Craigslist Ad

A 300-pound Romney sign shaped like the state of Iowa was nabbed for free by an Iowa man. The 300-pound Romney sign was fashioned by factory workers in Dubuque, Iowa and appeared with Mitt Romney on Iowa campaign stops leading up to the caucus. The 300-pound steel slab was emblazoned with Mitt Romney’s “Believe in America” motto and the landlord was trying to get rid of it through a Craigslist ad because it was left abandoned at a former Des Moines campaign office according to Yahoo News.

With recycling companies offering 50 cents for every pound of steel scrap metal you would think that the 300-pound Romney sign would have been destined for some “change we can believe in.” (Sorry, couldn’t help it.) After all, that’s $150 for the taking if you own a truck large enough to haul the large Romney sign away.

The rather large piece of memorabilia now belongs to 27-year old Republican Don McDowell, who nabbed the 300-pound Romney sign with his brother who is a Democrat. Finally, some bipartisan efforts that are working! McDowell is an avid collector of political historical pieces and he explained to the Examiner why he wanted this particular piece:

“I’ve been going to political events since about the time I could walk so I’ve got signs, buttons and things from the caucuses and the straw poll,” he said. Among the highlights of his collection prior to the Romney sign was a ‘mini-statue of Jimmy Carter holding a peanut.'”

Interesting that a 300-pound Romney sign would garner such national attention. Perhaps with all the recent tax hikes some people are beginning to wish they’d picked another presidential candidate? Or maybe we should be gathering the remnants of these exorbitantly expensive political campaigns and donate them toward paying off the national debt?

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85 Responses to “300-Pound Romney Sign Nabbed For Free From Craigslist Ad”

  1. Anonymous

    "Left abandoned at a campaign office." This is the Republican committment to "personal responsibility," using Iowa as a trashbag for your discarded campaign crap.

  2. Michael Endsley

    Sadly Bain Capital closed the Dubuque foundry where the sign was made and shipped the jobs to China.

  3. Anonymous

    Just a reminder…nobama won with help from illegal votes in many states, just incase you haven't heard.

  4. Ken Beck

    Yea— all you libtards keep hammering Romney…. By the time OBLOWME is finished hammering all of us, your ass will be wishing Romeny would have won… Mark my words.

  5. Kevin Hill

    I thought this story was going to be about how Romney let himself go after the elections and now weighed 300lbs because all I saw of the headline was "300lbs Romney.."

  6. Colin Hu

    haha. You have to say "LIBERAL" cause there's SO many of us. Your just a republicancracker. xD LOL Can you name all the race, religions, ages, etc. that hates you? xD

  7. Colin Hu

    you know… whiteCareergirls, whiteAtheist, whiteDemocrats, whiteInpendent, whiteYoungVoters, whiteCommunist, whiteGayLesbians, whitebillionaires, etc. don't even like you. LOL And that's only the white part. The whole world hates you. When you secede. Russia, China, and us LIBERAL Americans are gonna nuke and slit your kind. LoL

  8. Colin Hu

    pscdci; romney lost even with illegal votes. LOL Now that's freaken SAD. Which dumbass donated to the loser that lost on 10/11 battlegrounds state?? LOL

  9. Colin Hu

    probably to hit romney with it. Here's the changes left over from your millionaire compaign.

  10. Anonymous

    On one hand you have a group willing to debate and state facts on the other hand you have a group that just wants to call others names to make a point. I don't know what group you consider yourself to be in but for me I choose not to be in the latter one.

  11. James Hodge

    Just remember Colin!! Your Asian mother probably sucked fat old Kracker cocks for spare change back in the Nam. Not only is your message entirely hypocritical, your existence is too. A Fat Chinaman calling all of White America fat. Bravo sir, Bravo.

  12. Benjamin Strachan

    You people are all nuts. None of you represent this country but people like you guys keep it from moving forward. Come join us in the middle, the water is luke warm.

  13. Jack Frost

    Colin Hu Ohhh another proof of the ignorance of liberals. Why dont you google which party started the KKK and which party freed the slaves. So sad how ignorant this childish people are online who dont use any facts but rather sophomoric rhetoric filled with name calling.

  14. Jack Frost

    Colin Hu did you enjoy your taxes going up this month or do you not notice because you dont work? You can thank Obama for that present and wait until Obamacare kicks into gear and you are forced to buy healthcare. Google ANSTASFL and enjoy learning for a change

  15. Bubba Usry

    What the hell are end trails?… Typical uneducated Obama supporter….

  16. Robert Collins

    Colin, to suggest a country would "nuke" itself proves just how stupid you really are. You make us look exactly how the republicans view us with your racist comments. Grow up.

  17. Anonymous

    Bubba- Lysle is referring to shit ( end trails.) It's really not that hard to understand.

  18. Michael Denman

    If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. I direct this to both sides of the fence.

  19. Paul Elmer

    @Bubba Usry, I dont have a dog in this fight, but if you don't know what entrails are, your pretty F'ing stupid…

  20. JoAnn MacPherson

    Not too long ago, Mitt Romney said he really didn't want to be president anyway. I guess he got his wish. I feel sorry for all the poor fools who supported him in what he really didn't want to do in the first place — including these guys!

  21. Matt Lepore

    Just a reminder, no he didn't, just in case you haven't heard.

  22. Chris Simonetti

    @Paul, Well for one thing, end trails and entrails are completely two different words and meanings. If Lysle had the ability to use the English language correctly, that would have been corrected.

  23. Eric C Johnson

    The next time we see the guy who grabbed the sign will be on a future episode of "Hoarders".

  24. Daniel Fleischer

    "Nabbed for free"? More like "could barely give it away". At least with enough people, its removal is less painful than that of an unsightly tattoo.

  25. Clinton McCool

    Hey Lysle – way to respond like a typical clueless liberal. Go back to sleep.

  26. Clinton McCool

    Hey Colin Hu – Obama's win only proves that idiots now officially outnumber sensible people. You must be proud to be one of the morons who voted for this charlatan. Clueless.

  27. Leigh Cross

    LYSLE = your typical Obama voter. Cannot come up with an intelligent rebuttal so resorts to name calling. And, to top it off calls the target of his ire "end trails". I got a hoot out of that one. Lysle , for future reference the word is entrails. At least attempt to look educated :)

  28. Sheri Lynn Aragon

    mark my words….oh yea im gonna write that down! i already forgot your name at this point! instead of saying how terrible things are going to be, why don't you make them better instead of complaining!!!

  29. Rosalind Knox-Cockroft

    Never, in a million years would I ever wish Romney would have won!!!! President Obama may not have had all his ducks in a roll, but I saw no one running against that was a better candidate. Romney may have done better if he had chosen a different running mate. The GOP talked some crazy crap about abortion and rape that was sick. They did not represent the diversity and ethnicity of the country. The President won, Romney lost, that settles it. You guys can talk all the trash you want, call people names, or state your bias opinion. IT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING!!!! The President won a second term, deal with it! If we had to deal with elitism and their cocky notion, "money can buy and control any and everything" you sure as hell can deal with President Barack Obama a second term.

  30. Rosalind Knox-Cockroft

    Marshall Weavil, "Obama backers will get what they deserve and it won't be pretty",
    and what is that?

  31. Carmen Manso

    Could THAT be ONE of the MANY reasons he lost?? Just wondering.

  32. Shelley Billy

    Oh, ouch. Right, that sign pretty defines the entire party. Just whatever insults the libs can throw out. And, yes, there is a lack of "personal responsibility" that is devastating to the state of this country. But, hey, let's focus on a lump of metal.

  33. John Mercuro

    @Jerry – how original, maybe next time you can think of something on your own to say.

  34. William Romero

    Haha its funny and pathetic no one actually knows what a liberal is, and they spit it out like its some kind of insult….. The origins of the trdemarks in liberalism hark back to native american belief where everyone was valued, not just those with money…… Get your facts straight you so-called "Educated Republicans"…. Haha the oxymoron of the century as of now……..

  35. Anonymous

    End trails! LOL. Nuff said. Obama voter evidently.
    @ John- Jerry's reply was a snappy comeback-in that type of comment typically the first comment is referenced.
    Another lib—- evidently.

  36. Ryan Ferrara

    Taxes went up, healthcare coverage went down, and all everyone does is talk about guns. That's as impartial as I want to be.

  37. Anonymous

    Marty Culleton yeah end trails. Those trails that lead to your innards. lol.

  38. Robin Scalia

    I thought thet were saying Romney was one of the Big Losers now.

  39. Earl Francart

    the irony is romney did the same thing with jobs when he worked for bain. left the trash of no jobs. hmm no wonder the republicans were willing to have him be pres.

  40. David Daly

    Colin Hu – LIBERALS (I.E. LIBTARDS) =












































  41. David Daly

    Colin Hu – YOU ARE GONNA DO WHAT TO US? We own 300 MILLION firearms!!! Bring it on!!! LOL Moron!

  42. Earl Francart

    ok becks trying a bit hard to be an idiot like glen?? and james.. colin maybe one ignorant lib. but hes one of a very few. unlike the long list of idiot repubs like 99% of thier leaders. and mouth pieces, and repubs are very blatant with their extreme stupidity

  43. Earl Francart

    just like how the republicans want to leave the rest of america stranded with trash.

  44. Timothy Sexton

    Your full of Republican turds but you fit in turds just perfect. You had your chance Republican turds and you blew it with RobMe. Why oh why did RobMe have to tell the truth? Yeah us smart voters caught on quick and sent him packing just like all the jobs he out sourced.

  45. Andrey Dickinson

    Are you sure, because I'm Russian and I wish we could kill all fat Asians 😀

  46. Greg Tipton

    Lysle Dunton And this is the type of comments that are typical of liberals like you who claim to be more open-minded and tolerant towards diversity, except for diversity of thought and conscience, where you spew your vile hate towards people who disagree with you.

  47. Gino Henry

    yes, I laughed at that too!! I think the correct terminology is ''entrails" people, please check your grammar if you want to tongue-lash someone!lol!

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