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Angus T. Jones Returns To ‘Two And A Half Men,’ Gets A New Love Interest

Angus T. Jones returning to Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones will be returning to Two and a Half Men for the first time since renouncing the show and calling it “filth.”

Jones will also have a new –and older — love interest, played by Jaime Pressly, according to Deadline.

Chuck Lorre confirmed that Jones would be back on set Monday, and said that he forgave the teenager for his controversial video.

“He’s part of our show. He’s part of our family. We love him,” Lorre said. “He’s 19, man. Cut him some slack.”

Lorre also agreed with Jones about the show’s content.

“I can’t really disagree with him — the show’s kind of filthy,” Lorre said. “What he said wasn’t wrong… We hope it’s funny, as well.”

Not only is Jones returning to the show, but CBS has said that the network wants another season of the comedy.

“We’ve told Warner Bros. TV that we would like to have a 11th season,” CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said. “They’re equally interested.”

Tassler also said that the network would like Jones to come back if they show does get another season. She also said there were no hard feelings about his comments about the show.

“You know what, the kid is 19 years old, OK? I’ve got a 24-year-old. Between the ages of 19 and 24, there have been plenty of things my kid has said that I wish he hadn’t. But I think the bottom line is, cooler heads prevailed,” Tassler said. “He’s been a beloved member of that cast for years and years. He issued a public apology. At the end of the day, they want him back, he wants to come back, he’s tabling next week, and that’s it. And we move on.”

Do you think Two and a Half Men should get an eleventh season?

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7 Responses to “Angus T. Jones Returns To ‘Two And A Half Men,’ Gets A New Love Interest”

  1. Kathleen Pack

    No. I think they're done. Jake isn't remotely amusing anymore, Alan is silly and pathetic, Waldon is okay but not funny, either, and the last epidose referring to people as douches and vaginal cleansers did it for me. I'm done.

  2. Penny Wallingford

    I'm gonna have to agree with your Kathleen. I don't watch, but it was on and someone else was watching, and I could hear the commentary and little song, and if the word douche was said once, it was said 100 times, and really…is it all that funny?

  3. Wally Lepage

    Sorry but I still like 2 1/2 men. Some of it is pathetic but I still find myself laughing a lot. I'd like to see more of Rose and Evelyn written into the show. I suspect another year would be the last though. Story lines/plots must be getting hard to come up with. And the musical douche routine would have been okay but they dragged it out a little too long.

  4. Theresa Carey- Ryan

    11th season………..sigh- take a note from some of the greats- Leave the show on a funny level- its NOT funny anymore- its almost- sad, in a way. I was glad Sheen left after his crap- now they condone this guys_ hes a MAN- not a kid- he has been able to lead a good life doing what he did-0 why is his outburst any different than Sheens. Cut him some slack? Haha that's funny right there. Its turned into a show about what is wrong with TV comedy today.

  5. Malinda Stuart

    I still like the show and every one that complains it, aim your complaints toward Charlie Sheen who Abandoned the show in the middle of a cliff-hanging story line instead of every one else who has had to scramble and struggle to keep the show going. Am I the only One who sees this cause all I ever read about this is how much everyone comes down on the shows producers, Sheen put them in the position to have to change the show.

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