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The Most Intrusive Nanny Application Ever

The most intrusive nanny application ever

Hiring a nanny can be a pain. You want someone who’s great with kids and has impeccable virtue, yet you also want someone who will work for free. It’s a delicate balance.

One Queens couple has a very specific idea of the kind of adult in whose care they will leave their children, if anyone can trudge their way through an intrusive 65-question survey, according to Gawker.

The survey starts out:

“Grab your umbrella! You are a magical Mary Poppins, a wizard, or a giant spiky Triceratops. You love to play, pretend, create, teach, and nurture. You are reliable, warm, and fun, but also know how to say ‘no’ when necessary.”

The questionnaire referred to from a Craigslist posting poses queries for basic and sometimes illegal info. Are you a US citizen? Would you ever go to Queens?

Then it asks for medical information:

“6. Will you be able to provide a letter from your primary care doctor stating that you are in good health and able to perform the ‘rigorous job of caring for two small children?'”

“7. Will you provide a letter from your doctor listing all your current prescription drugs?”

It questions how often you bathe. It asks about how many countries you have been to and about whether you will become homesick and leave the country to visit your family. It inguires about where you fall in the birth order of your siblings.

And then they want to know about any potential drug problem you may be having or hiding:

“28. Do you take any of the following prescription drugs or their derivatives? Choose all that apply: Ritalin, Percocet, Adderall, Vicodin, Tylox, OxyContin”

“Which recreational drugs do you do? Check all that apply.”

The list is pretty expansive and includes meth, LSD and heroin. Then the questions get even stranger:


“9. Choose the following instances when you would wash your hands with soap and water, or clean your hands with a hand sanitizer (No, we’re not expecting you to choose them all. Just answer truthfully)”

The problem is, no one in their right mind would give you an answer other than the one they assume you want to hear, says the Huffington Post.

This king of Queens obviously doesn’t want anyone unqualified after all. But the question is, does anyone really qualify?

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  1. Annie Nanny

    In today’s society, finding quality childcare is important to so many families – no matter where you live. Here are some of the most important things for you to consider when selecting a new nanny for your children.
    1. The nanny should be able to relate easily and bond well with your children while also maintaining a clear distinction from them. Nannies must be able to play with and enjoy your children (which can often be construed by the child as peer-level interaction) while also maintaining discipline. It is easy for a nanny (and a parent) to feel more comfortable in one role or the other: to be most comfortable being friends with the children, or to be most comfortable supervising the children and redirecting their errant behaviors. Parents and nannies must have a shared understanding of how to navigate both roles successfully and strike a balance between peer-level interaction and parent-level interaction with the children.
    2. The nanny must be able to relate with your family and administer discipline to your children in a manner that is appropriate and consistent with your family’s boundaries. You and your nanny should discuss, prior to hiring, the discipline style that your family would like the nanny to use.
    3. The nanny should…

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